0.11.6c Patch Notes

I love the way GGG is full of trolls. It makes me happy in ma pants.
if one wants to see the full background image...

Would love that as a wallpaper
Kin_Slayer wrote:
Would love that as a wallpaper

here you go I added the path of exile logo
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Completed 16 ChallengesBobo337 wrote:
I really like you trying to make changes to Reave to make it work, but in no regen maps I have to find another place on my bar for BASIC ATTACK because flicker, reave, and whirling blades all don't default to basic if you don't have enough mana.

I really really wish you would just let Basic Attack not disturb Reave stacks, it's not like being able to reave AND basic attack will break the game or anything close it's just another nuisence with reave, pushing people towards double strike melee splash or other melee gems instead of playing with reave because it's tedious/unfun

I must agree.

Btw, the description says that the stack resets "(...) after using another skill or (...)", so I wonder... is Basic Attack regarded a skill?
guys im getting this error for this new patch 14b6mxk
Anyone else getting amazing performance after this patch? Getting 90+ FPS at all times. This is crazy.
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Anyone else having a big problem just getting the 0.11.6c patch to even download? Is there a torrent site for this patch? I want to play this morning, not sit here waiting more than 15 minutes for "Checking Resources" ....
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AlaMiku, I'm getting the same error when trying to download the patch...

Edit: Seems that I only have that error when trying to run via Steam as a non-Steam game - running Client.exe or PathOfExile.exe directly downloads the patch just fine.
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