Have a glimpse of the market and How to make wealth in PoE.

Important update one(31/12/2013):
I will add ShadwRoca work( page 25) here: HOW TO MAKE WEALTH THROUGH RUSHING SERVICES (open spoiler)
Completed 6 ChallengesShadwRoca wrote:
Hey guys my names Shadw. Inexium asked me to make a rushing guide so I thought i'd give it a go.
When i say rushing i'm referring to when someone does the act for you and u compensate them with currency for it. In my case i do act 3 rush in merc for 4 chaos a person(atm prices will vary on league u play and how old the league is).

First thing I do is make a public party with a name along the lines of "Full act 3 merc rush 4 chaos!(3 player minimum requirement to start). From there i spam trade chats with a message along the lines of "Selling full act 3 merc rush 4 chaos a person pst if interested!". Now the reason i set 3 players as the minimum requirement to start is since rushing takes time its not worth it to just rush 1 or 2 people(unless there is no1 else wanting a rush at that time).

Once i have my group of 3+ people i tell them how i do my rush and how it goes down. For me personally i give the people every waypoint along the way and do every quest besides merc dominous(since all he gives is a rare 66 map and its not needed for anything). I also tell them when i take payments during the rush(some people require payment up front I do not), i take first half at lunaris piety before i kill her and last half at first page from archives(this is the last quest I do in the rush).

Next I will describe the path i follow when I'm rushing. First zone i do is Crematorium(it does not matter if u do this before u save clarissa). After I defeat piety and everyone has grabbed the bracelet i then go rescue clarissa from slums. From there i go to sewer grate and tp them in to open it. Sewers have many ways u can do them once u open them up; this is just my way that i prefer to do it not saying its the best method by any means. Once they open the grate i go down and get the first bust for them(Make sure u clear the room of all monsters so that there is no risk when they teleport in!), from there i go to sewer wp and tp them in for that since they will need it later on, from there i run to the 2nd bust room and full clear it then tp them in. Then i head to marketplace. At this point i dont head straight for the sewer i look around for the chest that has the decanter for the fairgraves quest. Once i find that i go into the sewer and get them the last bust.

Next step is docks,batlefront, and solaris. Now it doesn't matter which or u do it docks or battlefront first, you just need to make sure they get the spool, sulphate, and docks wp to continue on with the progression. From this point u give them the solaris wp, for me personally I place it right beside the new lab door so that they don't miss it. At this point I tell them to go to the sewer wp and destroy the growth(that's why u give them wps along the way).

Next i do general and piety. Now for general what I do is once i find his stairs i clear out a safe corner to set the tp up so when they zone it its safe(always explain to them to stay at the tp and not to come to you). So i start the fight and once i hit past his es and start damaging his life i message for the group to come in since doing this method makes him 1 player life instead of 4+. From here I just run to piety. I only kill rares and her, completely skipping blues and whites since i use leap slam as a form of travel. Once I get to piety stairs i completely clear the area to make it safe then i tp them in for the first half of the payment. Then i explain the method of killing piety, which is much like killing the general. You tell them to wait in town till you say to come in and to stay at your tp till you say shes dead. Once shes dead tell them to enter and get the key(first grab your loot though they will steal it lol!).

Next i put a tp up garden wp for them then run to the door and set a tp at the door so they can use the key. Next i run around garden to find the entrance to the hedge. Once your in hedge you find plum make the area safe then tp them in. Then you set a tp up for library wp and find archieves once in archives u tp them in for each page seperately. On the first page is when i take the other half of the payment for the rush. Once they have all 4 pages the rush is over.

A average run takes me 25-30 minutes, so in a hour if i can find a group fast i can make easily over 20 chaos, which currently in my league is over a exalt a hour, which for the time is really good money if you can do rushes!

1.In my opinion the best thing to invest in for rushing is a portal gem. Not only does it give u unlimited tps it also allows u to give the people you are rushing every waypoint along the way.
2.If possible use a skill that allows u to skip past mobs to make the run faster(ex:leap slam or whirling blades)(also if you use leap slam consider using brightbeaks for your weapon swap to travel even faster = p!).
3.If a person dc's or crashing be considerate and give them a few minutes to reconnect before your move on.
4.Remeber if somebody is going afk and really slowing down the run just kick them its not worth your time and the others you are rushing(Only do this if they havent paid up front, if they paid up front return part of thier money first dont be a dick).
5.If your party isn't full and your running to piety make it public so people who only want a piety kill can pay you for 1!

My spec is a ranger that uses Spec Throw and Double Strike as my attacks.




I spent 3-4 weeks trading intensively, step by step i started to observe and discover what people do to gather currencies and buy their shavronne's and make wealth.

i thought i might try to collect all the ways you can acquire wealth on PoE, to help players get an idea. I, personnaly, would have loved to read this in the past when i was new.

First off : You can collect wealth by droping gg items : rares and uniques.
You have to play high level maps.
The chance of getting an Auxium from a rogue exile in a low level map is high ( Anarchy league example )
And Auxium go for 8-15 ex.

A lot of players go Sporker build and farm Docks.
Sell any nice unique you find that you don't need.
Collect ?00 Alterations by selling rares and sell for 1 ex ( replace "?" with a number )
or sell your alterations for Jewelers in act 3 and buy with the jewelers Fusings.
Sell your fusings for Chaos ( 2:1 or 3:1 depending on league ) Or sell ?00 fus for 1EX.
or sell jewellers.

That's the known stuff.

Another known stuff but not from everybody, is :

Exalts drop within maps has been increased it seems!
You can do maps with your character, find uniques, exalts and rings/amys ( rare )
You sell the uniques or use. You spam chat with your rings and amys ( some of them can sell 2 ex or MORE )
You have to know what items are good!

Oh before we enter to the interesting stuff : Your weapons are http://poe.xyz.is/ and http://poetradechat.com/search.php never forget.

let's enter to the secret stuff.

You can get wealth in PoE by a lot of ways, some are impressive and surprising.

1) you have to be confident and take risks.
So what do you do now.

Go check Buying forum of any league you are in.
You can find : WTB rare item with specific stats.
WTB unique with a price
WTB unique with no price.

if you find a Buying thread of an item with a specified price, you can use that.

Go check : http://poe.xyz.is/ if you find the item and find sellers of that item. Check prices, if the price is lower than the buyer from buying forum than you can buy it and sell it back to that guy from forum.
You just won something.

If the price is not specified, you can ask the buyer what does he have in mind. And Whisper/PM sellers of that item.. to see if you can buy the item for cheap and ressel it to that guy and make profit. This behavior is called : FLIPPING ITEMS.

Example : Someone wants to buy a 6L searing Touch. You buy it from some seller for 7 ex and sell it to the buyer for 11-12 ex : 3 ex profit, enjoy ;)

Or you can gather rares on your stash or on another alt account. Whenever someone needs an item you have ( +DEX +chaos res life gloves ) you show it on buying thread and hope he likes it. ( You pm and agree for a price)

2) you have to be patient and solid.

You need to be aware of what are good rares. And spot them.
You need to be a connection between a seller that does not find a buyer and a buyer.

Examples :

A great pure phys DPS Slow bow that does not find a right buyer..


This bow had a bo of 'if i remember well 1-2ex' i offered 8-9 gcp.
I won the auction because the seller did not want to run the auction all his life.
I waited a few days and put the bow for sale.
I wanted for the good offer + Spammed it on trade chat.

it ended selling for 2-2.5 ex.

or : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/480377/page/1

which i bought 4 ex and sold 11-14 ex equivalent.

Best items to flip are, ofc, uniques : They are soo easy to flip because each unique have a known range of price.

Example : I don't know for Standard at the beginning but Rainbowstrides were worth 1 ex when i quit Standard to join Anarchy.
In anarchy, and with Kripp's and other players poular builds Rainbowstrides became in vogue.
JUST TODAY i LEARNT from a friend( wow i still have to learn about the market ) that high rainbowstrides can sell for 3ex+

Until now i knew that they were priced : 2-2.5 ex.

SO what are you supposed to do to get wealth : Try to find a seller and buy it from him 1EX to 1.75 ex.
4 link the boots to make them beautiful :D, go sell them in chat for 2-2,5 ex ( or 3 ex as my friend just showed- he bought an unidentified raibowstrides and when id he got max mana roll + high es roll ) he got several +3ex whispers offers. He wants to sell it 5 ex ( the crazy guy )

Another example is Divination Distillate that you can buy for 2-2.5 ex and sell it in chat or in forum for 3ex.


Prices may change from a league to another.

3) You must have a knowledge of known prices and UNKNOWN NEW updated prices.

People will always have an idea of what an item is priced and don't tend to think that the price may have changed between the time he saw selling and the time he got it himself.

Example : A shavronne's wrappings was selling : 20-25 ex if not linked at the beginning of Anarchy league.
25-30 for a 5 linked one
and 30-40 for a 6Linked one.

Prices have evolved this way (right now ) : Non linked 37-38ex
5L linked 38-41 ex
6L linked 60-70 ex.

So what do you do ?
You are lucky enought to find a seller of a shavronne's before others and buy it from him quickly. He might think 25 ex is a great deal.
You negociate and try to Buyout at 24 ex he agree. And you sell it for 35-37 ex. You made profit ;)

4) You have to use this new website : http://poetradechat.com/search.php

Choose you league and find any item you want to sell. You have to uncheck "Search Linked Items Only" if you want to sell.

Example : You found a Divinarius in forum for 19 chaos.
You go that website and seacrh : WTB divinarius.

Many names will pop up, copy them and try to reach them, hope they are logged. Sell for 1ex or more.

Also, if you want to buy an item.. use it ( the website ).


What is that wall, well the wall is : being poor when starting.

I am seeing you from here, telling me, it's cool and stuff to buy items like Shavronne's wrappings to sell them and gain profit, but i don't even know what the hell is an EX ( EX = Exalt )

How to overcome the being poor wall is to not get attached to your items.
If you are not using a quality gem and think you "might maybe one day" use it for a build that seems to be fun, and that "one day" is in more than 1 week. Then sell your quality gem.
Sell anything you don't need.
One of the mistakes i made on Standard was to keep items, example :

if i sold this and got 1 ex or less and used that wealth to get more wealth i would not have only 0 qualty gems on my freezepulser. ( and that answers one question on the mother thread )

To destroy the wall quickly, you must be prepared to sell items for cheap but gain gains anyway.

Example ; if you were luchy enough win an auction of Lioeney's Glre for 2 ex ( and you know they are going for 3-3.5 ex )

Well you put it at 2.5 ex

Your gains are 0.5 but you have sold it out on the same day ( and time is money )

Buy any item for cheap and sell for higher BUT CHEAP = fastest way to get small currencies.

6) One way of get getting currencies ( most boring i have ever heard of ) is flipping ?? :

i did not try this one but one person from my friend list and a strange Onslaught guy was doing it.


Example : You buy for 5 chaos 100 alterations ( 1 chaos = 20 alts )
Sell your alt to fusins in act 3. ( 12 fus and some alts left )
Sell the fus each 2 for 1 chaos ( You gain 6 chaos + some alts )
You would gain more if you bought more ..etc

( most boring one )

The guy from Onslaight, was buying ex all the day for 29 chaos and selling them for 30-31 chaos.


let's enter the fun ways of getting wealth :

7) Doing your 66-74 maps and getting a 75-76-77 maps drop. ( 77 if you run a 75 one)
1 map level 77 is worth 3-4 ex
The prices are halfen or more for lower maps.

So what do you do ?
You either run the 76-77 maps and hope for MORE 76-77 maps OR sell them and get a lot of exalts.

8) this is my favorite one.

CUTS You offer for your friend : the service of selling for him his items.

When you sell it yoo take some % and give the rest to your friend. ( you should try for 10-25% part )
( my friends were doing 50% but my friends are crazy)

Example : your friend hates to trade and find an Abyssus, you go sell it for 3 EX, take 1/3 ex or 1/2 ex and give what is left to you friend.


Sometimes when you buy an item and can't sell it, or when you FIND an item and can't sell it.

You should try to TRADE IT with someone who need that item for an item you can sell easily.

The example would be Andvarius : this item is so hard to sell that you might want to trade it for any other item of same value.

10) Have time.

Check regularily trade forum ( selling one )
What do you check on shops ? Only New threads or threads with 0 reply : You don't have time to check 3 pages of shops.
SO your best chance to find a nice item is to focus on new shop threads.

I was sending so much PMs to different sellers that i had this kind of problem :

"Rate limiting active. You must wait seconds before trying again."


11) There a lot of other ways ( like checking WTB trade chat or WTS some gg rares that only you will recognise)

12) Flipping cross trading currencies.
You have a raye from HC to Standard of 1:2 ( it means : you sell 1 ex from HC for 2 ex from Standard)
And have a rate fril Standard to HC of 1.75:1..

I am not sure some players do that.. but who knows.

13) Having friends like "ME" who would want to use YOUR CURRENCIES to buy an item and ressel it. Someone that you trust

What do you do ? Well you wait till your friend need currecnies and ask you.. he will go buy the item and sell it for higher than what he bought. he give you back what you gave to him + Some benefits.

14) Most important : and most expensive = CRAFTING.

Some players use Exalts and eternals.

I never did that only when i got all my stars/achievements. Now i can spend what is left from my money(currences ) on gambling to craft a gg item.

I chose a dagger and i tried already some attempts and got this :

I will spend what is left ( 3 eternals ) to try to get a good last AFFIX : hopefully hubrid PHYS/ACCURACy%

if i win i can sell it for almost what i spent on in or more. If i fail well i fail ( but i don't care because i got all my 8 stars and I am not interested on gathering ex's on Standard ( i played Anarchy and the 2 leagues will soon merge ))

Now let's go to teh evil ( very evil ) stuff

15)make a group of players that would control the market, you will go spam chat with new rates you desire everyone use.

Example : you want to make exalts prices drop.

Go spam chat WTS EX for chaos 1:35 ( they were 1:45-55 on anarchy before )
if someone wants to buy, answer : Too late.

Your evil friends will go buy them for 35 chaos when new rates has been established.

A while later : you make the rates raise and go sell your ex for 55 chaos or more.

You won chaos's.

I'v been always astonished to find a seller of random item accepting only chaos's. ( i think, now, that he was part of that group ) The item i wanted to buy was a crappy item but it had a cool name. 1 alch was to much but nah he wants only chaos's..

16 ) Make fake Current offers on your selling threads.

Example :


C/O: 3 chaos
B/O: 3 gcp

A buyer would abviousely offer more than 3 chaos.

OR, ask a friend ( evil as much as you ) to go bid on your item. ( i'v been asked this by a someone i knew, i refused )

17 ) See 2 gg uniques selling on server. You and your hidden evil friends put the same item to sale for a low price.

The 2 sellers if the 2 gg uniques will fear to not sell their uniques : they will lower their prices. You go buy their items. And put them with ( another account ? ) to the high price.

18 ) You want to sell an item, but can't: ask a friend to go make a buying thread about your items. Wait for the flipped that want o buy it from you to sell it back at your friend.
I will not continue.. but you got it. ( it's the weird guy from Onslaught who flip currencies all day that told me about this, i did not think it might be possible, but he said it happened )

Non evil stuff to finish :

19) Prepare for the end of a league ( in this case : Anarchy )

Some players are still buying exalts for 20-16 gcp ( 20 gcp hardly )

You can buy as much Gcps as you can, and wait till Anarchy merge into Standard. Now you can convert your gcps to standard exalt's ( i believe the rate is 1:13 ? )

20) Do other's maps ( friends) try to be a CULLING STRIKE-IIR-IIQ sporker everyone will need you.
take the high ilvl items and sell them for crafters.

ONE LAST tips :

SOme players think that the unique Anarchy/OS items will not be droping at STND and HC, as clever as they are :

- They are starting to buy all the items they can ( example: Voll's Devotion )

My advice is : GGG will make them drop, try to sell those items to any greedy person thinking he is doing a nice flip ;)

Note : All those evil deeds and actions are just suppositions from me.
I believe similar stuff happens In Real Life.

(Mother thread : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/523641)

I was 100% sure i put this reddit in this thread until i read it again ( i think i did it in the mother thread but i am not sure : http://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/1gsrvg/understanding_and_making_use_of_poes_economy/ )


Anarchy/Onslaught T-Shirt Owner.
Trading Guide : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/519890
Killing Vaal merc with (600 life) : http://is.gd/qsgV9P [Open Beta]
Let's be Crazy: http://is.gd/TxxLsS / Old Suggestion: http://is.gd/Jd09W0
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Pay attention to the currency rates, yes, and the prices on common items-in-demand, particularly maps and uniques. And while it may take a couple days to sell an Andvarius, it'll sell eventually - I flipped a pair of gloves once for 1.5ex profit, but it took several MONTHS to find a buyer.

Regarding crafting: there's a good reason why hubris, titaniums, vaals are the most in-demand craft whites. If you want to craft, craft smart. And have the currency base to ride out rough RNG patches.

I have one last method to share. Make contacts. Make friends. Friends can give you bro deals on things, but more importantly, friends can get you into maps. Anyone who regularly uses their friends-list status message to fill spots in high maps or MF runs is going to be your new best friend. Examples: "running mazed 77 6 chaos buy in", "3 spots left for 71s, 100iiq 240iir", etc. People, including myself, have made exalts off selling ilvl gear from other people's maps.
How to make a build: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/510084
Current guides: N/A
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This is one evil thread xD
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wait til you can trade through the forums or some dumb shit and the people who have no life at work, will work the forums trade market the entire day, making it where the people who actually work and cant get online at work even poorer hehe
Most of these methods require close attention to the market, knowing the value of various items, or spending a lot of time trading. In other words, spending a lot of time doing things other than fighting monsters and collecting loot. This doesn't help casual players or those who are new to the game.

Sad thing is thats basically you how make money, unless you get a really lucky drop
cavespro wrote:
wait til you can trade through the forums or some dumb shit and the people who have no life at work, will work the forums trade market the entire day, making it where the people who actually work and cant get online at work even poorer hehe

The sad part is I wouldn't even mind that state of affairs. This game being trade-based in it's economic model (some hack and slash this turned out to be...) wouldn't be SO annoying to get more wealth in quickly if the trading systems weren't so painful to really get into.
Completed 11 Challengesdlinnij wrote:
This is one evil thread xD

That's exactly what I thought!
Wish there was another way just to play and enjoy. But sometimes you gotta do what needs to be done.
Close attention yes, did you expect to reliably get rich by not paying attention? That's not how it works.

Time commitment, no. You can watch trade chat while clearing docks, Lunaris or even Trial. While the map maker is rolling a new map, that's the time to say WTB WTS in trade chat, that's the time to say "hey guys, dropping out for a moment to trade ok?"
How to make a build: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/510084
Current guides: N/A
Play > get drops > maybe craft something out of luck > profit

That was a huge wall of text to explain something that is so simple.
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Completed 11 Challengesdlinnij wrote:
This is one evil thread xD
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