Found a Fishing Rod. NO IDEA WHAT IT IS (no more rod in my stash)

EDIT : Even if it was not verified IT'S LINKED :OO
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Try sticking a Rhoa feather in the socket.
WTF is that?!
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Best troll ever, seriously. How did you do that...?

also, WTB offer 3 chaos

EDIT: I checked the HTML for the page and it doesn't look like the OP has done any clever hacking. This actually looks legit...
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GGG is trolling us
What the ....
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show me the recipe plz XD
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Look at GGG's local game content, you can find the loottable file in there.

It contains a fishingrod loot entry with droprate 10. When I first saw this I thought it's to troll people that snoop in the ggpk file. Guess it is not a troll :)

Now as to where you can use it... my guess is act3, see screenshot:


Tell me this does not look like a rhoa?
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lol? lol? lol? LOOOOOOOOOOOL? how the f did u do that.....
wow. seems legit?
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