Open VPN (Private Tunnel) for downloading patch

sigh i think everybody is using open vpn now even with new email account its 10 kb now -_-;;;;;;
should have kept it as a secret man 18kb now lol
I'm still getting 1mb/s + went from 2% to 35% in a matter of 5 minutes
maybe then doesnt work with the second account.
my first one got suspended and i guess they drop the speed of your IP or something once u get suspended and make a new account idk
oh well at least im sitting at 90% now LOL better than the 50% i was earlier
its the same guy posting
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

i made this a long time ago:
im making this:
of course its the same guy im telling u guys in real time lol
Thank you! More than quadrupled my dl speed!
ign: bdigi
Took a second to figure out what I was even doing, but downloading at least twice as fast connected to the tunnel or whatever....
It worked for me! was getting between 0 and 100 KB/s now I'm getting between 800KB/s and 2MB/s
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