Open VPN (Private Tunnel) for downloading patch

dayum this is legit im getting 2mbps thanks for the share
this is not a p2p vpn
fuck off

openvpn used to be a freeware vpn client/server
yes already at 70%!
FYI when u download open vpn and connect as UK
you dont need to restart your POE client it automatically bumps up your speed to the client!
so no refresh needed!!
just launch it and sign up for it then choose connect to united kingdom and then connect to it.
it will take probably about 20~30 seconds until it connects :)
thumbs up to the person who shared this link
over 100 MBs, still seeing increased speeds! Not seeing more than 1MB much, but much better than the 0-120kbs I was getting.
at 80% now cant wait to log in and try out my new reave build :)
85% :) this works like magic wish Id know about open vpn earlier xD
90%! :) i think im going to smoke a cig and by the time i get back i can launch the game!
I'm using private tunnel, getting over 50x the speed i was getting through GGG CDN. It "says" it caps at 100meg, but im already well above that and it has not cutoff.
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how many of you guys canadian ?
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Kindred1 wrote:
how many of you guys canadian ?

Right here eh
when I see a tag probation I wonder, what did this man to deserve this?
Then i feel envy, perhaps he has the balls to write the things that many of us can't.

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