"Map to Maker" changes in Patch 0.11.2

as someone who only made a ranger for the flavor of playing as a chick and not passive tree starting location, would you says its easier or harder to get out of the start then before

is this still a remotely viable way out of the starting location, or will i have to invest more points to get to what i have now


Same question. With a picture:
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wiggin wrote:
I dislike the M2M change very much. I think the current implementation is perfect. Or was. New players who reach endgame will once again have tougher times while we who are already there will have it easier.

Obviously feedback is weighted this way just like it was with the level scaling change before but the direction is once again wrong. The game should not favor senior players too much or the new ones will ... not play.



Catacombs are stupid zone. Sure I run them sometimes on my ranged chars that don't get shotgun cold spells in their face, but some people, however weird and unnatural it may sound, play melee.

This change does fuck all for 'senior players' as they are in a dedicated map group anyway. What it does is help newer players who are running their first few maps in public games ensure that their maps aren't taken because some dude with immense rarity and culling joined and half of his maps are now blue/yellow.

As for the Act 3 thing, once again, didn't do anything for 'senior players', helps lower rung people get more of a map pool before running them is totally required and also just generally makes it easier to reach 80.
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DLKY wrote:
Good change on the map allocation!

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wiggin wrote:
It's slightly off topic but for new players (bad gear, trouble with resists, not perfected builds) longing for maps, who play melee, there are far better choices than going to cold heavy catacombs. They could also join public maps and with a bit of luck, well, that option is gone. Nothing against little e-peen boosting but keep it in context next time you quote me.

And since I dared to go off topic slightly, here is a real one: why quote when the message is right above the answer? Hehe, just saying.

catacombs are cold ONLY (well, not much, but still) - there are few easier things to do other than get 75%(+) cold res, get 2 cold res flasks (rest with 'of heat') and rotflstomp as melee

as ranged (esp evasion based) this is a bit different story

btw that notable looks fantastic!

wiggin wrote:

Same question. With a picture:

My understanding is that the whole point of the rework is that the stuff actually in the ranger start area will no longer be so terrible that your best option is to try and escape it ASAP, so it's worth waiting to see how it works before worrying about whether there's still an escape route through the evasion start node.
M2M only. Terrible. Why would anyone ever join a low level map now?
Instead i recommend simply giving each player within the map their own individual chance to score maps. In addition to the original chance which falls into M2M.
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Great change for the m2m! Now I won't be so reluctant to let others join my map runs.

As far as getting maps to start for newbies just getting to be able to run maps. Low level white maps are dirt cheap to buy.
SkyCore wrote:
M2M only. Terrible. Why would anyone ever join a low level map now?
Instead i recommend simply giving each player within the map their own individual chance to score maps. In addition to the original chance which falls into M2M.

What you then create is even more imbalance in group v solo map cost.

That isn't a direction the game needs to go.
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So now when u joining random party u can get unique map? The chance is so low, so i think nothing will change :3
AntonChigur wrote:
7 months of playing every day. 1 vault unique map, no they do not often drop.

Game is no fun when you have a bad RNG account, like I obviously do.

I never got a unique map. My characters worth many exalted orbs. I don't see where a unique make will affect my rng and make my gameplay more fun.

Rowsol wrote:
Bobo337 wrote:
We initially only allocated normal rarity Maps because we wanted other players to be able to establish their own Map base by playing in public parties. Occasionally finding a magic/rare/unique Map would enable them to do this.

So you wanted players to be able to build their own map base by going into public groups and stealing other peoples maps?

Amazing. Maps aren't RNG enough without randoms in your party being able to steal them.

Yeah, that's fucking dumb.

To both of you, the news are about THIS changing. Yet, you just can't say a "thank you". You whine for something that will no longer exist. Also , blues/rares and unique maps are really rare in maps. It didn't hurt if in 10 maps that dropped , one of them wasn't mine. And now all of them will be mine.

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