"Map to Maker" changes in Patch 0.11.2

We initially only allocated normal rarity Maps because we wanted other players to be able to establish their own Map base by playing in public parties. Occasionally finding a magic/rare/unique Map would enable them to do this.

After reviewing feedback and play data, we are changing the system so only normal/magic/rare Maps will be allocated to the creator of the Map area that they are found in.

Unique Maps follow party-specified allocation rules for three reasons:
  • Unique item drops work differently to normal drops. Unique Maps are not factored in as part of the overall Map drop rate, so they're just bonus items on top.
  • Unique Maps are designed to be especially fun and interesting to play. We'd like as many people as possible to experience them.
  • They do not commonly drop.

This change is expected to be included in 0.11.2, which is currently scheduled for a Tuesday (NZ time) deployment.

If you were previously relying on public parties created by other people to find your Maps, we'd recommend you try doing runs of the Catacombs or Piety (Lunaris 3), as they're the best places to find Maps.

On an unrelated note, here's a teaser of very early, currently unfinished, modifications to the Ranger tree we're preparing for 0.11.2.
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Sounds interesting.
IGN: Aux
Seems like a good change, was always weird that magic/rares didn't follow the rules.

edit: Hmm, that hawk looking skill is surrounded by bow nodes, wonder if it is replacing greater impact or if greater impact is gonna be around still too.
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How is this passive tree change going to affect the Passive Allocation challenge? Will passives that are removed be removed from the list and the new passives added?
I'd love to come back, but until act 3 is finished there's really no reason to, so GET ON IT :P

Last few patches have sounded good.
love primal spirit!
Evasion Lolipower
Essence Drain Trickster Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1635168
Map to maker on or off switch please.
oh my :3
Dat keystone....

I love keystones that pack a lot into them. Personally, I think each notable keystone should have at least four things in them.

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