(Aug 4 NZT) 60 Minute Cut-throat Event!

Edit: I accidentally published the link to this thread as the August 11 one. The real August 11 event is here.

There will be a 60 minute cut-throat event at 2pm-3pm Saturday August 4, NZ time. Here is a timezone converter.

This event is not hardcore, but due to the cut-throat rules, you're obviously going to be set back a lot by deaths.

There will be no prizes for this event. It's mostly a test and we want to get feedback of how it feels without prizes biasing behaviour.

Rules are:
  • This is a separate short-duration league that has its own stash (as usual). At the end of the event, characters and stashed items will be moved to Default.
  • There's a PvP damage multiplier on levels below 15 because players start with a lot more life than they do damage. This multiplier will be adjusted substantially based on feedback from this event and others.
  • Players are hostile by default to players who are not in their party.
  • You can ctrl+click on the entrance to an area to use the Instance Management screen to manually enter any other player's instance of an area.
  • The maximum party size is still 6.
  • Cut-throat instances can hold a maximum of 12 players. This means that a full party is not safe because another party can invade them.
  • This test is not a hardcore league. When you die, you lose the normal experience penalty for your difficulty plus 30% of your current level. You also drop all inventory and equipped items. Your flasks, skill gems (even ones in your inventory) and quest items are not dropped.
  • If you were killed by another player, your lost experience is awarded to them.
  • If you attempt to abruptly leave the game in a non-town instance, you have to wait 5 seconds and are unable to move or use flasks.
  • The grace period of invulnerability upon entering an area is 10 seconds. This should start once the player is mostly done loading.
  • Non-partied players only show up on the map if they're nearby.
  • There are no notifications for players joining or leaving areas.
  • Portals cannot be used until they have been up for five seconds.
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Been waiting, I hope people are hatin' on me in this =)

EDIT: Should have checked the time, looks like I cant make it. Oh well
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Also, it's not at 7am Sunday morning for me. Even more awesome.
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Looks like fun! :D
I understand that this time is not Europe-friendly, but we'll be running more events in the future.
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I'm not a PvP guy, but this sounds like a lot of fun. I hope the players fire up their favorite video capture software and post some great videos for us to watch!
Yes! Can't wait for this! Here's to making my Friday night plans for playing PoE!
Very happy for this! :D

http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/23123 This is why.
I'll be there! Finally a taste of PvP!
4AM hmmm... might be up :) After all it's 3:16 AM right now. :P

So in roughly 24h from this post time I think

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