[1.0.6] CI Crit Dagger Shadow (30k DPS Flicker Ninja) [OB video up!]

Im too lazy to write my own guide so Im posting here from time to time.

This is probably the best you can do with this build atm going CI and not having mirrored gear.


Evasion is not reliable at all, better to convert it to armor. Using this 2 potions together I have 21k armor for few seconds.

I go with Reave with this build but you can go with Lighting Strike as well as other skill of your choice. I only use one skill at a time in a 6L Chest. For monsters killing Reave is best due to dmg and life leech. For single target Double Strike. If monsters hits so damn hard you cant even get near, you can use Lightning Strike.

My gear, so you had idea how I link my gems and how passive tree works together with my items.

IGN: BornToKill_PewPew
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