[1.0.6] CI Crit Dagger Shadow (30k DPS Flicker Ninja) [OB video up!]

zythyl wrote:
BUMP to seek guidance on viability in 1.1
IGN: ShootForTheLoot [Torment]
Can someone post, more or less, the base structure of the passive tree?

That's going down into VP (not going there personally) but I reckon you could get the shield block nodes at the top left corner instead and focus on blocking?

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Non-VP passive tree Version link is not working for me,
the tree shows empty. Can someone post another link?
I would go to something like this. Haven't decided what is better yet.

1.1.0 random player report.

I'm "still" playing and aiming lvl 100 with this build.
due Leech nerf on 1.1.0, I had to change what I previously did and jump into Witch tree sooner in order to get more mana and mana regen.

To flicker "at will", had to drop some items and get more "maximum mana" and mana regen items.
Dropped eye of chayula for more options and more DPS (crit multi nerf).

Definitely, going for more Evasion/Energy Shield hybrid instead of focus on Energy Shield only.

At lvl 79, my tree right now looks like:

goal for lvl 100

Current gear

Struggling for more dps, dagger price has been in the sky, getting one better as soon as I can.

One thing that is helping me A LOT to counter-attack desync is:
CwDT + Molten Shell + Decoy Totem + Frost Wall.

Right now I'm able to SOLO and FAST CLEAR any maps up to 72 (haven't tested any beyond 72, no drops =(.

Yes, I still die for reflect. Still studying how to avoid, but if you take care enough to not flicker inside a 30+ mob pack with Powerfull crits and reflect, its fine.

Next steps:
change armor for some EV 600+ / ES 600+
change shield for some EV 400+ / ES 400+
change belt for pdps and eDPS and more resistance.
IGN: ShadowBeholder
About auras:

Most of the time I run: Wrath + Hatred. Everything goes *puff*.

When the things goes a bit hard or maps with hard mods: Discipline + Hatred.
IGN: ShadowBeholder
please update Skill Tree 61 Points, Approx Level 49, 79 Points, Approx Level 64, 116 Points, Approx Level 98
IGN: ShadowBeholder
Breezing through maps (70-74) so far with this build progressing up the map chain, running disc + hatred and CwDT + enfeeble + enduring cry. I actually respecc'd out of some ES nodes and more into DPS with the expansion free respec and haven't had any regrets.

Eventually (dream on haha) end up with this, either speccing into OG or Aspect of the Panther, or even the 3 ES shield delay nodes.


Having a really good ES shield (500+) is really important imo especially if picking up a lot of shield nodes which is where most of my ES comes from, ill be heading in the top left and down bottom right above OG to try maximize as much block and increased shield defence as possible.

Also can't forget to give props to Invalesco for the great build advice, he deserves the most credit!
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