[1.0.6] CI Crit Dagger Shadow (30k DPS Flicker Ninja) [OB video up!]

is this gear too much low ES?
Hey there, having heaps of fun with Flicker Strike! There's just a question I would like to ask and that's how do you run all those auras together? I can just manage to run disc+hatred with 80 mana left over

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can't run all those auras now, this build is outdated! <3 invalesco btw
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bump for visibility, this is the original, most badass build for Shadows. Coming from a biased Invalesco fan :)
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"Anamaeus's Armory" : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/196617/page/1
I need help guys. Making sure i am running the right gear and if i need to respec. Pm for my character details or add me in game: Grandson
i know the new tree for 1.1 isnt out yet but id appreciate someones opinion on whether its making the build stronger or weaker. thanks
Edit: sorry i don't realy know. I don't even understand how that build works without Vaal Pact. I'm a fool.

Edit²: Invaaalescooooo we need your passive tree backs ! You are the only CI + Ghost reaver build without Vaal pact !
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BUMP to seek guidance on viability in 1.1
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i think claws are more viable since vaal pact was nerfed
zythyl wrote:
BUMP to seek guidance on viability in 1.1
IGN: ShootForTheLoot [Torment]

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