[1.0.6] CI Crit Dagger Shadow (30k DPS Flicker Ninja) [OB video up!]

Invalesco wrote:

What's your chestpiece and links?

Some comments about your tree - there's no need to grab Arcane Vision and Primal Spirit. Also, Lavianga's isn't really that great when you don't have much mana to begin with. Your mana sustain should be entirely from leech alone and not with flasks.

I think your dps is fine for your level. What's not fine though is your ES. You definitely need a much better ES shield. Aegis Aurora, although a good shield in it's own right, is not the best for this build. You'd be far better off with a 500+ ES shield.

Thank you for a very prompt response and sorry i forgot to put my chestpiece

Here it is!

I wish to had 3red, 2green and 1 blue but after 600+chroms, this is the best color i get in my chest and i run out already of currencies so for the meantime im going to use it. I'm still saving to buy a good shield. Thanks for pointing out that there's no need for arcane vision and primal spirit so that i can use the respec points to a much better node. Right now im just fine with lavianga with 1 aura running but im going to change it once i can use 2 auras and there's still more mana to use for my skills.

is this gear too much low ES?
Hey there, having heaps of fun with Flicker Strike! There's just a question I would like to ask and that's how do you run all those auras together? I can just manage to run disc+hatred with 80 mana left over

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can't run all those auras now, this build is outdated! <3 invalesco btw
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bump for visibility, this is the original, most badass build for Shadows. Coming from a biased Invalesco fan :)
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"Anamaeus's Armory" : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/196617/page/1
I need help guys. Making sure i am running the right gear and if i need to respec. Pm for my character details or add me in game: Grandson
i know the new tree for 1.1 isnt out yet but id appreciate someones opinion on whether its making the build stronger or weaker. thanks
Edit: sorry i don't realy know. I don't even understand how that build works without Vaal Pact. I'm a fool.

Edit²: Invaaalescooooo we need your passive tree backs ! You are the only CI + Ghost reaver build without Vaal pact !
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BUMP to seek guidance on viability in 1.1
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i think claws are more viable since vaal pact was nerfed

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