"kripps" CI Cyclone Claw build help for onslaught

Havent played melee before so I need a little bit help with kripps build:


I guess the main idea is first to get hp nodes and respec after CI ready but how about gems for 5-6 link setup? cyclone + melee dmg on full life + life on hit + Melee Physical Damage + ? + ?

Also for bandit rewards I guess normal skill point, cruel +18% Physical Damage, merciless skill point?

bumping that, I'm interested*.
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gogopex wrote:
bumping that, I'm interesting.

Started this build on anarchy, at lvl 28atm, no idea how to gear, what kind of armor/shield i should be using.
Maybe someone will help us out :)
Ye some more info on this would be awesome. I am using it in Anarchy and it is quite fun at the moment. Level 29, struggling with mana for cyclone but dual strike with 2 claws is doing well.
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Go Cleave for the first 50 or so levels while dumping between 10 - 13 Skill Points into Life nearby Life Nodes while making your way towards the CI/Vaal Pact ect. That's what I'm doing.
Im trying to figure this one out too. Lvling up a duelist in the new anarchy league lvl 38 atm and im trying to get to the claw passives asap while following kripps passive tree. What im trying to figure out now is how the skill setup for cyclone would be. I was thinking something like cyclone + melee phys + melee on full life + multistrike + life on hit for a 5-link?
That would be a rly high mana cost tho. On the other hand ive noticed that with my 2 rings i have 3% mana leech and with my 110dps cyclone atm i do regain a lot of mana, so maybe thats the way to do it. Besides this all i am planning to save some points up once i get to merciless and hopely find the gear to go CI. No experience with that, so any pointers would be appreciated.
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am also interested !!! need more info.
I wanted to try this build, but am confused on one thing.

How in the world do you get a GRRRRB ES chest? o_0
Completed 37 ChallengesSynicide wrote:
I wanted to try this build, but am confused on one thing.

How in the world do you get a GRRRRB ES chest? o_0

You use a Armour / ES Chest.

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