{2.6} Spectral Gods: Specgolem Summoner

Ntee wrote:
The build looks very nice by map level but I was thoroughly confused with your progression builds. How do you survive in hardcore (or in this case Nemesis) with the low health found in your 30 point and 60 point progression builds?

The point build is for a general guide line. If I were to play a hardcore league I would do the obvious thing of picking up way more health nodes first.
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has any1 tried "converts cold to fire" support gem with evan's along with haste/hatred
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I think u guys are trying to hard to make evangelist a viable dps spectre lol. I see it purely as a support/tank.

so i have 3 links i have no used yet am toying with the idea of using a fast atk spd weapon with gmp + spectral throw(lvl1) + life gain on hit.

So question what does Mortem Morsu poisonous hit do?
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- Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Item 3
LucianoM wrote:

Just to give my feedback about the new spectre "evangelists", Im using then for a couple of days now and they are my preferred spectre so far.
I did some temple maps solo and group, lvl 72 torture chambler solo (new lightning boss), lvl 74 residence new map, 2x boss mod and some other maps and they survived.

My currently sockets for then are : RS - fast cast - AOE - remote mine - minion damage - life leech

i usually summon then using 2x midnight bargain

Auras - clarity, haste, vitality, purity, discipline
i also use prism guardian shield and necroaegis passive.

im currently working on the new "guardian" gem, it is currently at lvl 17 but its looking very promising. guardian + multistrike + fast attack, attacks very fast and suvive very well.

ahh remote mine... completely forgot about that. Does minion Damage out damage added fire?

Do you need life leech on guardian??

Im working on guardian as well... I can esstenially swap out a gem from my helm and share the gems with my raise zombie after I summon them in order to save room.
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does any1 have xtra minion health pots for sell?
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Completed 19 Challengesmattc3303 wrote:
raytkh wrote:

In my case, I tank for them most of the time except for AOE dmg so I think they survive better even the buff we provided them are almost the same.
Try to get the below and invest some points on blocking so you tank for them.

When facing Piety or Dominus, you could probably just stay afk and they couldn't kill you if you have decent armor and maxed resists.

your build, for context, Passive skill tree build

Am actually liking your item setup and build. Prob the only viable way to go block summoner while maximizing aegis aurora is to go hybrid es/life or full on es. You lost the important 4% es on block attributte if your full life with EB.

My goal with EB summoner is to one day get enough mana to hold everything with just mana. Equip my saffels frame. Have a ton of AR and armor with a bunch damage of taken triggers to mitigate physical damage. Have a lvl 20 artic armor and mitagate its cost by moving around wit lightning warp.

some questions:

How are you on chaos damage? Are you using a shavs?

I assume resolute technique is for dom blow, so many points spent lol. I tried dom blow in maps its good but not necessary more of a fun skill.

What is your block chance?

For your build u could have gotten the 8% mana node instead of the 10 int node. begin of witch tree.

You could of gotten an endurance charge node 1 away. Use damage on taken + enduring cry for awesome physical mitigation.

instead of resolute how about more aura nodes and Inner force? and EE and also Shaper for the regen? And zealots oath for es regen?

also can you post your full gear? Am curious.


Overall very solid build. Inspires me to keep working on my hp and eb summoner and make it better defensively.

My stats with auras.


I dont use shavs. Shavs doesn't provide any armor and I am using:

As most of the auras now reserve % of mana rather than flat, mana is of no use to me now so I take the int node instead of mana node.

My previous build (pre 1.0.0) was learned from your life + EB build. I could run all 10 auras with lv 20 arctic armor. But I feel like using an aegis aurora is much tankier than 20k armor with lv 20 arctic armor. The 4% armor ES recovere instantly and with high block chance you could almost become invulnerable.

Dom blow with soul taker is hilarious. I remember I could have over 80 dominated monster at one point, Piety died in around 3 seconds. This is a very powerful skill when you are playing solo.

Yes I am thinking of dropping RT as well but I am not sure where should I spend those 4 points.
2 in energy shield and armor?
2 in life node and purity of flesh?
2 in aura effect and influence?
I can just take 2 of the above at this moment.

After mana reservation I cannot use any skills so curse could only be cast on trigger gems or using blood magic. In fact I prefer go straight to the mobs and dominate them instead of casting curse ;)

My 6 link is dom blow + multistrike + faster attack + melee splash + increased duration + raise spectres. Dominated monster gains melee supporting attributes so EE would not be a good match for them.

ES regen is redundant for me. With high block rate and playing a melee tanking style, ES replenish even faster than its normal regen.

My gears

Maybe you could start consider blocking as well ;)

ign: thirsty_guy
Very interesting. I think Aegis shield is the core of your build. That high block will regen your es like crazy.

Am working on being able to regen my life just as fast.

spectral throw(lvl1) + GMP + Life gain on hit + Cybil paws unique.

p.s. I think your way richer than i am your gear is quite godly. I think my build can have decent armor without that godly armor gear lol. Grace + determination + IR is amazing.

p.s. 2 So whats stopping you from going full on CI? What are u reserving on your life? I feel like u can itemize better if u go CI you picked up rare chaos resist + hp gear. You could exchange that for more armor(instant es) and max es.
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raniva wrote:

ahh remote mine... completely forgot about that. Does minion Damage out damage added fire?

Look, the way i see things, you must choose to focus on fisical damage or on elemental damage.

If you want to make your added fire work well, you will need to add fire penetration, use proper curse, use Elemental Equilibrium...
I prefer to prior things that improves fisical damage first like: remote mine, haste aura, minion damage, vulnerability,...
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The way I see it is Ray has some pretty good gear. But his build seems extremely tanky with no MF.

Matts build is much more "1st character" friendly and you can sneak in MF much more easily without sacrificing too much tankiness.

Ideal situation is super block build WITH crazy MF (but thats super costly).

I m going to play around with animate guardian since I can swap out my melee splash in +2 helm for animate guardian after I have summoned my 8 zombies to save slots. (So the guardian has faster atk / multistrike and I only need 1 gem slot).

Another thing to consider is to have animate weapon on cast on damage link lol. Sounds kinda funny but you can have more wep flying around when you get hit. Down side is you may accdiently lose RGB white items due to auto summon ;).
Finally picked up a Prism guardian, and I must say, being able to run clarity + purity off of life is pretty amazing and at a low cost.

I'm wanting to drop Burning Miscreations from my minions, and I'm looking to maximize the DPS of the undying evangelists since them and the zombies plow through everything anyways.

Right now I'm doing Raise Spectre > Increased AoE > Concentrated Effect > Added fire

My question is, which one would provide more damage for them, Added fire or Minion damage?

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