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In June, we posted that our we estimated that we'd enter Open Beta in mid-August. We proposed a schedule of three patches of approximately three weeks each to achieve the features and content we wanted before we enter Open Beta.

The first of those patches was deployed this week. It took around a month longer than intended, but we are extremely pleased with how it turned out. This additional time was spent developing the Maps system and Act Two boss fights to be much more advanced than we initially planned.

In addition to the two large patches left that we want to achieve before entering Open Beta, there are a few other minor areas that we plan to improve (such as general combat polish, our initial selection of microtransaction items, and some client stability issues) that were not properly factored into the original schedule.

At the moment we're hard at work on PvP and finishing the Act Three content. It's looking really awesome - I can't wait to show you guys.

One of the lucky things about not having a publisher is that we don't have to release the game in an unfinished state. It's extremely difficult to schedule so many complex systems accurately, and having to release prematurely can completely kill an online game.

I'm sorry that we're delaying the start of Open Beta (again), though as much as I want to see it released, I would much rather release a high quality product.

I don't want to commit to a new date estimate today. I'll update with a better estimate as soon as we have one available. It won't be too much longer - you can see based on our progress through the patches that we're getting pretty close!

Physical supporter swag (t-shirts, posters, etc.) is being finalised and produced soon. The scheduled for shipping these has been unaffected by this delay.

Thank you again for your great feedback and continued support of Path of Exile. I hope to chat to as many of you as possible during the upcoming Public Stress Test weekend!
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Hey Chris, thanks for this - now I don't feel bad about starting up a new witch. If I can level it up high enough, I'll IRON MAN it and send it in as a build of the week. Cheers!

Don't sweat the technique, Chris! I'm fine patiently waiting, as many of us are without complaints. Others, not so much.

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Thanks for the update. And don't worry, we ALL want a quality product, so no problem for taking more time. Anyone who actually pays attention to what you implement won't have a problem.
I get a warm feeling inside when I realise that our supporter purchases have allowed GGG to delay the open release of the game to get it up to their standards. That's a luxury usually reserved for big players like Valve and Blizzard.
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just continue doing like this , this game is awesome and we all like it , take your time and do the best you can do
Which one of those patches includes Ice Arrow?
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I haven't followed a developer team before, this is my first beta. But I can still say that you guys are doing an awesome job.

Always have an open hear to the community, quick problem fixes, great insight on your developing schedule, intelligent choices, an awesome vision of a game.. a game I've been waiting to play for a long time.

I'm already having a blast with the game.. release it next year for all I care :)
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At least we still have the public weekend to look forward to.

Id rather have a finished game later than a piece of #$@$ game released early/on-time...
Chris, to be completely honest? You can launch the game in Open Beta in mid-2013 for all I care. I feel just fine playing it the way it is. It's also great to witness all the changes as they take place. The more, the better. Some people just don't realize how AWESOME it is to be in something from the early stages. Well, sure, I'm new here compared to others, but I've been here some time and I highly appreciate what I got out of this time: witnessing the evolution of a product.

Forge on GGG, glory awaits! Perfection and patience pays out in the end! Besides, T2 is also delayed.

P.S.: it's great that you're launching another Stress Test weekend, so that more people can see just how awesome this game is!
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