0.9.11 Patch Notes

whiteBoy88 wrote:
Completed 24 Challengesmarquis51 wrote:
Chris wrote:
The attack speed bonus for dual wielding is now multiplicative rather than additive with other speed bonuses.

I am not sure I understand, could you give an example on this ? is this nerfing the attack speed or making it better ?
It's a greater bonus now.

Thanks for the reply, I just would like to confirm the maths behind it.
Lets take an example so I can understand it :P. I have two nodes giving 3% attack speed and I attack at speed 1/sec
If it's multiplicative (1+3%=1.03, 1.03+3%=1.061) instead of additive (3%+3%=6% 1+6%=1.06) ?
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Chris wrote:
Completed 17 ChallengesGithian wrote:
Increased item quantity prefixes have been removed from the game.

What's the reason for that?

We removed them because they were added by mistake. Too much item quantity was possible - which would have resulted in it being nerfed. We didn't want to nerf it, so we removed the unnecessary mods.

Also: First!

Finally !!!!!! Now i have some motivation to play PoE before open beta :)
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I predict "Then we doubled it!" has now become the war-cry of POE players everywhere...

Not a war-cry, just a Meme, lol
Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but did they increase the radius of Firestorm?

This skill used to be my builds "main" skill, but now it seems I had to drop the increased radius from my skill tree. Not only that, but I feel I have to also add a Concentrated Area Effect support to get it back to what it used to be.

Is it just me?
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A Singaporean gateway? Does this mean better pings for South East Asia players e.g. Malaysians? If so, I happeh...XD
No creative sound card fix yet then? :(the rest sounds awesome tho good work :P
I've been playing a couple of my characters on the new patch since last night and this post is my initial feedback on the changes I've had a chance to play with, and the builds I've had a chance to revamp in the new passives tree.

The first thing that I notice is that blood magic has been moved away from the center of the tree where it was accessible to all characters equally and is sitting along the edge in the marauder zone. This hasn't negatively effected any of my characters yet, but the node seemed well balanced where it was so I'm curious as to why it was moved.

Second the weapon swap key being X seems awkward if a player were actually going to be using two weapon sets as an integral part of his or her build. I altered this to space and changed X to be the key for X'ing out of all builds. Once I find a good shield and one handed weapon I plan to use this when my archer/marauder gets surrounded.

I've actually returned to my first character, Karrast, he was meant to be a sword specialist, duel wielding, fluid moving, machine, and now he's actually able to play the way I initially intended! So far I very much like the changes to the duelist, it will help me immensely with the current evasion mechanics. Still wondering how my Ranger will fare, but I haven't loaded her up yet.

Overall very pleased with what I see.
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nice work devs!
I love this patch.
Tough i have to say i've been gettin like 4-5 client crashes since i upgraded... b4 it didn't happen this frequently...
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