0.9.11 Patch Notes

Thanks a lot for changes.
TehHammer wrote:
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Thanks for the reply, I just would like to confirm the maths behind it.
Lets take an example so I can understand it :P. I have two nodes giving 3% attack speed and I attack at speed 1/sec
If it's multiplicative (1+3%=1.03, 1.03+3%=1.061) instead of additive (3%+3%=6% 1+6%=1.06) ?

You could do the math like this:

x * y * z

x = base attack speed (this includes any local attack speed mods your weapon may or may not have).

y = all additive attack speed bonuses (i.e. from passives, gear, support gems, etc. that specify "increased attack speed")

z = duel wielding attack speed bonus (10%?)

1.7 base attack speed

20% passives + 40% attack speed gem

10% bonus for duel wielding

1.7 * (1 + 0.2 + 0.4) * (1+ 0.1)

2.992 attacks per second, rounded up to 3.0.

Same example without the multiplicative duel wielding bonus:

1.7 * (1 + 0.2 + 0.4 + 0.1) = 2.89 attacks per second.

Hope that helps!

Excellent this is what I thought as well after some time. :) thanks a lot !
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this game gets better and better...

thank you GGG
This seems to be an excellent patch so far. Great work. I haven't tested the maps yet but they look good. Also the passive tree revision is working better with my crit bow build ;) And I like the rare drop quantity/quality changes too. Hopefully the slight lag that has been present recently will be gone with the stress test.
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came by to check about beta key for couple of seconds and ended up reading 17 full pages... i hate when that happens :D
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Confirmed that the increased item rarity bonus for Large Chests was working correctly. Then we doubled it.

I woke up my family thanks to laughing at this so hard, thanks for that.
Gott wrote:
Confirmed that the increased item rarity bonus for Large Chests was working correctly. Then we doubled it.

Is it really increased?
Sorry for my English...
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All is very good, much appreciated for your efforts as usual. But there is one thing that bugs me which is obligatory that is to be found and mess-up in each serie. I found it as a totally improper and irrelevant change;

"Made it slightly easier for players and monsters to be stunned."

Responsiveness is already lacking due to engine used in PoE, with this change fights got even more dumbed-down than it was before dramatically, i really wonder why you were in need of this change i must ask you ?

On the contrary you should had to increase stun threshold of monsters for them to be stunned much harder in order to make 'Stun' gem to be useful and worthwhile due to being a total wasted gem; but you selected a reverse way handling it.

Actually have given a detailed feedback why stun threshold should be handled by x way, but somehow it got end up being totally in the opposite way.

Edit: Also i think you have shelved tweaking values of most skills (especially auras: Haste, Rejuvenation the likes of.) But there are many stacked skills that have been waiting for a very long time over the months which haven't been balanced once they were implemented. Though they could not be on your proirity list for a while.

Edit 2: The range of archers are still WAY shorter than mine, for a while i doubt if they ever forget about firing an arrow and could draw a sword by entering melee distance.
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is there gonig to be a new zealand server?
AWESOME \m/ Time to get back in game ;)


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