Can anyone recommend a metal band?

So I love the painkiller soundtrack, but I don't know any good metal bands. Can you guys recommend some?
Anyone at all?
Depends on what one defines as 'metal'. Some of my favs:




Thank you for replying, these bands are amazing. The reason I just said metal is because I don't really know how to define specific music genres outside of EDM.

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I don't have all those fancy links for you, but here's a short list off the top of my head

Lamb of God
As I Lay Dying
Dillinger Escape Plan
Fear Factory
Poison the Well
Nine Inch Nails (not EXACTLY metal, but it's my favorite band)

Depending on what you like, I could probably recommend more.

Happy listening!
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If you like sludgy bands like Mastodon and Zoroster then I think you will really enjoy these bans if you give them a try.




Other recommendations




If you want some just strait up death metal or whatever I can give you another list depending on what stuff you like. Like fancy guitar work? Breakdowns? Just tell me because I listen to way to much different stuff for my own good.

Baroness is the shit. They're not even all that metal anymore but they're just so talented, who cares?

If you want all-out early Black Sabbath homage, The Sword is where it's at, which is sort of like Baroness' Red/Blue style condensed and simplified.

Metal is like ice cream. So many flavours, and if you take in too much too quickly it'll fuck with your head, but you keep doing it anyway, because it's delicious. At the same time, there are bound to be flavours you don't really like. I don't like Katatonia or Slayer, which is like saying you don't like pistachio and peppermint -- totally different flavours, still don't like them.

As for personal likes? I'm no musician so I go with 'hey I like that' and care not for debates over it. Your mileage may vary and all that.

I'd recommend Orphaned Land before anything, being as they're my favourite metal band in the world, period, end of story, but it might be way off your tastes. Try this anyway:

Then there's Blind Guardian, unabashed fantasy/power metal:

and if you want straight up melodeath, there's this by At The Gates:

Slightly more melodic, still death, by Archenemy:

Viking metal, from Ensiferum:

Pirate metal, from Alestorm:

Symphonic opera metal, via Epica:

Video game metal, courtesy of Powerglove:

And finally, this crazy little death gem, which is just one guy from Germany layering his own performance:

Welcome to the world of metal. :)
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Seems the appropriate thread to ask...

If anyone here has played Metal Gear Rising, what would one classify that genre of metal as that the game usually uses? For something specific, listen to a track labeled "Stains of Time." There's a good fast-pace there with some integration of what I could only guess is "dubstep" chimes.

And if anybody can nail this down, band recommendations would be good. I don't really care for lyrics, I just like to rock out.

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i like this metal band from poland

what would one classify that genre of metal as that the game usually uses?
its metalcore with clean vocals also know as melodic metalcore

Melodic metalcore
Main article: Melodic metalcore
The early-2000s included a wave of metalcore bands who placed significantly greater emphasis on melody. These bands tend to fuse melodic death metal, hardcore punk and sometimes emo.[56] Melodic metalcore bands include Trivium, All That Remains,[57] Atreyu,[56][58][59] Bullet for My Valentine,[60] Bury Tomorrow,[61] Darkest Hour,[58] Eighteen Visions,[58] Killswitch Engage[56][62] and Poison the Well.[58] These groups took major influence, cues, and writing styles from Swedish melodic death metal bands, particularly At the Gates,[58] Arch Enemy, In Flames and Soilwork.[63] Melodic metalcore frequently makes use of clean vocals.[62][64][65] Some of these groups, such as Shadows Fall, have voiced an affection for '80s glam metal.[66] Melodic metalcore groups have been described as "embrac[ing] '80s metal clichés", such as "inordinate amounts of smoke machines, rippin' solos, [and] three bass drums."[59]

the pioneers of fusing dubstep are in flames with
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