Can i expand my inventory? Not stash but inventory itself? Does it require to buy a pack or sth?
Romulus13 wrote:
Can i expand my inventory? Not stash but inventory itself? Does it require to buy a pack or sth?


but you can stash 2 things in your alt weapons set
I am struggling to figure out what all this onslaught and standard and what ever the other one is that starts with A. It would be nice if there was a clear explanation of how all that fits together with hardcore and standard and what the "parent" leagues of each are. eg at player creation if I select onslaught what happens if I die, and then what happens if I die a second time.

Oh and on the answers side. I have found, at least at lower levels, that the easiest way back to town is just to log out and log back in again.
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I love this thread of info for any player should go over and read it is very helpful answers a lot of new and old players questions.

reason i posting here is that i find that a skill gem has been under looked for some time now
i see a lot of other builds getting buffs and others getting nerfed . I would like to see some improvements to the ethereal knives gem i find that it lacks and damage really compared to other skills that are linked together to make it stronger more powerful . This cast speed or dsp (damage) ek gem does is OK not a very powerful type gem but is not randomly used a lot like most gems are in the game today . If this gem was to be fixed it would open up a lot more builds to use it in different ways for more users not to stick with the usual current cookie cutter builds that are usually way to price points to high for any player to make in game because it cost too much to make it . Which brings me to my other point there should be a auction house or say new flea market lab setup for those who wanna sell there items in game have no place to but trade channel to post them in should be a area were all can go and set a shop up for all to check out and make a bid or purchase for it but have the game decide the value of the item not the person for price gouging that happens a lot in game and is horrible for new players who try to afford anything to buy to make there player better . There's got to be a point were all players and members of this game or online community get tired of these price in game currency hogs ! currently messing with the price of each orbs , even thoe there is no shortage of any of them in game i always see people under cutting cheating people out of there hard time earning orbs to buy items or anything . There must be a standard or set of rules to follow for us at one point to follow before chaos erupts and people just get frustrated and leave the game . Checking around the see the break down of orbs to what ratio it was to be , I had a hard time finding anything i had to go to another site ? I think there should be a cheat sheet added in game for all to check what current prices are for any orb or a break down value to eliminate any further loss to the games integrity . this is one of the main reason people post in other forums or out sources about this game they like the game but hated the currency rip offs and never came back .

thank you for your time

lol what a mouthful that was of info but most is true today in game were having a problem

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If you find EK lacking in damage, you are using it wrong.

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