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" ..It was hard for me to decide, but I bought the Demon kings horn at the end. It looks amazing on Marauder, so big. I dislike it however on my main Scion toon. Looks crazy little and almost not noticable with full zoom-out.
... the difference in points. They obviously did it and I have some points left.
Never played the Spectral throw build and I was thinking about getting this superior effect aswell, but I feel like ST is the most boring build and most boring gameplay in the whole game so I'm really not sure... what do you guys think ?

Right on man, happy to hear it.

I apologize if I came off as rude in my original comment, but I personally felt the discounted price was extremely reasonable (also glad to hear you ended up deciding the same). Nice to hear about GGG's customer service regarding the stash tabs, and I do agree with the size on Scion's. If there isn't already a thread requesting it get a 20% size boost or w/e, please start one, you have my vote.

Didn't mean to derail the thread at all, if any mod wants to clean it up I would certainly not be offended.

Also I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and agree that I really dig today's discounted ST effect.

Best of luck with drops everyone
Lightning Bat pet 36% off - 160 points.

What the hell is this?
Hmm, I saw the bat in-game, it looked great, but not better than my kiwi, but still looked good, but also not better than my rhoa, but dream of owning every mtx in-game is wonderful, but it cost precious points, but the bat emits FUCKING lightning, but..
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Ew. Me no like bat. :c

No, no, I say to the bat
for I have a fat ass cat

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Completed 10 ChallengesDreggon wrote:
Lightning Bat pet 36% off - 160 points.

What the hell is this?

Cool pet; I'll buy another pet or three when we can have more than one out at a time.
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I'm weak :(
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ignar pls
Orange Portal effect 33% off - 50 points.

Completed 10 ChallengesDreggon wrote:
Seraph Spectral Throw effect 31% off - 65 points.

I really like this one!

I do too, but I held off buying it. I just like throwing 2h axes too much. I do have the golden spec throw effect though.

Still waiting for the Discipline Aura to go on sale....
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Exile's Essentials back attachment 37% off - 25 points.

Guess these are making the rounds then. Might see Infernal Skull soon.

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