[DEAD] Explode Totem Pathfinder

This build only works in 3.21

This guide will explain everything you need to know for totem explode pathfinder (mostly about my own approach, but includes some other methods too)

What is Explode Totem

Crucible Modifier allows totem to explode on death, dealing 300% of its life as physical damage.
We can use 2x 1-handed weapons or 1x 2-handed weapon and stack the mod to 600% (1200% if you are using the Redblade)

To maximize totem death toll we use traps to throw a lot of totems.
28 traps will trigger 56 totems, 55 of them will die instantly and explode.

Due to how strong the explode damage is, there is almost no way to make a build that sucks, and hence a lot of version are made if you check poe.ninja.

My version here emphasize on two things:
- Delete stuffs in 1 server tick
- Massive life recovery completely ignores all Damage over Time for maximum comfort
Scaling Explode Damage
About Explode
- Explode is an on-hit effect which is NOT an attack or a spell.
- You CANNOT scale the explode damage with spell damage modifier.

- You can however scale the damage with Global Damage and Physical Damage from your skill tree and items.
- Elemental Damage / Chaos Damage also works if you convert the explode damage to other damage types
- Minion Damage also works if you have allocated Spiritual Aid notable.

- As the explode effect is granted by your item, linking your totem gem with support gems does NOT grant any damage modifiers to the explode damage.
- This means More Multipliers does not work e.g. Brutality Support, Trap and Mine Damage Support, etc.
- This also means Less Multipliers does not work either. The modifier from Cluster Traps Support, Multiple Traps Support will not lower the explode damage of your totems.

- Totem Explodes are credited to you due to a known bug. This means the explode damage can trigger on-hit and on-kill effects.

- Explode damage cannot be reflected.
Damage Modifiers
To scale damage of the explode here are the basic components:
- Totem Life
- Generic % Increased Damage
- Gain X% Physical Damage as Extra Y Damage (and Conversion)
- More Multipliers that modifies Generic Damage, e.g. Herald of Purity (physical), Aspect of Carnage (all), Frenzy Charges (all)
- Increased Damage Taken on monsters (wither, shock)
- Curses that reduce monster defence
Various Builds on poe.ninja
I will roughly explains how each build route works, so you can decide which one to play:
The most common build path. As Pathfinder have access to wither and lots of damage over time multipliers, you can focus on defensive gear and steamroll through contents with almost no investments.
They also often uses Lightning Coil and Taste of Hate to convert all Physical damage taken from hits to elementa damage, so no investment on Armour is needed. Note that they are still vulnerable to Physical Damage over Time.

Pros: Great survivability with low budget
Pack clear: great due to poison spread
Single Target: Slow, damage capped at 35M since DoT
Fire Conversion
This is just another typical Cheiftain Physical to Fire build where you can get a lot
of synergies from fire damage themed stuffs like cover in ash and herald of ash. Damage is guaranteed as you can even obtain Aspect of Carnage via Forbidden jewels.

Pros: Tanky and strong
Pack clear: great due to Herald of Ash
Single Target: Decent, easy to scale
Cold Conversion
This build type aims to abuse the strongest budget item in the game - Heatshiver. By converting all Physical damage to Cold you also get the same amount as fire damage, meaning double damage with low effort - well not quite low actually, since the base critical strike chance of explode is 0, you will have to invest a lot on either chance to freeze or base crit chance. Also some map mods will be undoable.

Pros: Shattering stuffs sound nice
Pack clear: fine, can use Heralds for AoE if you want
Single Target: Highest
Chaos Hit-based (This Guide)
During my leveling as a pathfinder I realized how strong the hit damage this totem explode grants, and decided to completely drop the poison part and full invest on hit damage. This is basically derived from the poison build, but without any delayed damage at all. We also use a completely different approach to mitigate damage taken, where we focus on high life recovery to overheal ourselves from all damage over time in the game, and turning hits into damage loss over time. This build can also do all contents and map mods. No reading required!(spoiler: it is a lie)

Pros: I like to not read stuffs
Cons: Expensive. Not reading stuffs can kill you (Searing Altars with reduced flask effects for example)
Pack clear: Herald of Ash= good. Basically every build here requires certain spread to feel good during mapping. Check the mapping section for details.
Single Target: (still) min-maxing to delete stuff
Devouring Totem vs Rejuvenation Totem
These 2 totems share the same totem base life. The difference between them is that:
- Devouring Totem has 1% totem life per quality by default. Note that the skill itself already grants around 100% totem life so quality only makes it 120% instead.
- Rejuvenation Totem has both the "Aura" and "AoE" tag which both are a common corruption implicit on body armour. Since gem level has greater value-add on totem life comparing to increaed totem life modifiers, rejuvenation will be superior with high-end gears.
- Devouring Totem also has a higher base mana cost (44 at lv20) comparing to Rejuventation Totem (32 at lv20), so it will be harder to deal with the cost.

So simply put, if your body armour has +2 to Aura or +2 to AoE gems, Rejuvenation Totem is better. And if your armour has +1 to all gems, using Devouring Totem with Enhance Support will be also an option.
Sustaining Mana
Rejuvenation/Devouring Totem is a high cost skill. There are 5+ solutions to solve the mana issue on this build.
Slavedriver's Hand
The unique gloves grant "Skills which throw Traps Cost Life instead of Mana", which means you will not need to care about mana cost since you are a pathfinder with permanent life flasks on.
Lifetap Support
Using lifetap support grants similar effect to Slavedriver's, but you will need to drop a support gem for it. Empower if you are on a budget, multiple totems if you can get % chance to summon 2 totems on your crucible craft. Lifetap also grants 20% increased life recovery from flasks so it is really good for pathfinders.
Inspiration Support and Pathfinder
There is a flask crafted mod "25% reduced mana cost during effect“ which can be amplified by 2x with some investments on flask effects. Using this with Inspiration and the new life mastery "Skill costs life instead of 30% mana cost" it will make your skill costs 0 mana and some life.
Replica Sorrow of the Divine
This flask gives both Eldrith Battery and Life flasks applied to Energy Shield, eliminating mana issue with just 1 click.
Note that you still need some energy shield on gears, and if you have frenzy charges, the eldrith altar "less defense per frenzy charge" can totally make your energy shield disappear.
Eldritch Battery and Supreme Decadence
This combination requires 2 keystones to work.
Eldritch Battery can be found from Devouring Diadem or Skin of the Lords.
Supreme Decadence can be found from Elegant Hubris or The Burden of Truth.
The 30% extra less life recovery from flask is quite harsh to tackle with especially when Master Surgeon is used. Only choose this when you really want to use flasks other than Replica Sorrow.
Pushing DPS to its limit
Through Totem Life
To increase totem life you can use:
1. Jewels that give increased totem life
2. Pathing to Ironwood, Impossible Escape to Ancestral Bond to obtain totem life around Primal Manifestation
3. Pushing the level of the totem gem

I used Dialla's Malefaction so my totem can get to level 30+.
Level 30 totem has a base life of 5013, comparing to 1773 from level 20 that is almost a triple.

Through Increased Damage
The simplest yet most effective way is to spam Essence of Fear on your weapons:

This alone with Spiritual Aid (which allows minion damage to affect you) would give you around 180% increased damage (this is also why we preferred 1-handed weapon instead of 2-handed bows), effectively a triple damage given how inaccessible increased damage nodes are.

Depending on your budget you can obtain generic Trap and Physical Damage nodes from your skill tree (Master Sappper, Master of Blades for example), and slowly invest into cluster jewels for a bit extra increased damage.
(Edit: Trap Damage does not work, but it is still nice to get +5 trap mastery in your early game)

The best value I can find is using an Elegant Hubris and Impossible Escape on Solipsism for an astounding amount of 400% increased Damage.

The one used here is 58620, and you can use Path of Building to search for some other jewel seeds on the same spot.
Through Extra Damage

We used 2x Ming's Heart for 144% extra physical damage as chaos. This is basically a 2.5x multiplier and allows us to deal a large portion of damage as chaos damage, which are affected by Wither.

Sin's Rebirth is a cheaper solution for easy 30% extra chaos.
Through Culling Strike
The Eternal Struggle grants 15% culling strike effect when the searing exarch implicit is dominant. This is equal to a 17% more damage multiplier. When monsters including uber pinnacle bosses all die in unit of seconds, I would say culling strike is an effective way for killing them even faster. It is way better than a +1 all skill gem amulet.
Mods does not matter, but you can look for aura effect > extra damage > minion damage > etc.

You can search for exarch-dominant amulet from here Change the league if you are not on Crucible Softcore League.
Calculating Damage
Update: PoB now support calculating damage. You will need to:
1. Select On Kill Monster Explosion from Main Skill list, and select from weapon -> average of all sources
2. Find your totem life of your skill in the Calcs page
3. Enter your totem life in Enemy Corpse Life in Configuration section


Using the above example (you have to select the main skill config again), my current damage per totem is sitting at 3,590,293 pinnacle dps. If I pre-place all traps that will be a x55 multiplier, meaning my totem trap burst damage is around 197M, and considering my wither stacks are not taken into account, the actual damage should be even higher.

Life Flask as the core Defensive Strategy
This section talks about how to maximize your life recovery from flasks and be immortal against damage over time, but you will have to press your life flask every 2-3 seconds.
Good thing is you will no longer need to care about ignite, poison, corrupting blood, burning ground and whatever degens you have in your map.

New Pathfinder Ascendancy Master Surgeon allows us to spam drinking life flasks and gain (permanent) life recovery.
This build utilized low life and the "Cautious" life flask mod that synergizes with low life.
This is the best flask mod in the game that cannot be replaced by anything else.
It grants almost double the life recovery when compared to other commonly used flask mods, and with the 50% less recovery from Master Surgeon it is pretty much BiS, granting at least 10,000 life recovery per second, and possibly up to 30,000 with specific tweaks.

Soul of Ryslatha also grants 60% life recovery from flasks when low life. Must choose.
(Betrayal League) T4 Hillock on Research Wing gives you 28Q flask craft. 30Q is a random drop from rare monsters with the Archnemesis Loot System™. It is not required.

Note that some suffix mod does not allow you to drink life flasks when on full life. You can use beastcraft to slap a suffix on it, all of those works.

Using Eternal Life Flask requires a lot of flask charges gained for life flasks. For fewer investment you can use Divine Life Flask with same mod for longer flask duration, but less recovery.

Ideally you can control your flask duration to slightly longer than 3 seconds so if you spam your flask button quickly, it will drink once the "Gain X Flask Charge per 3 second" procs.
Here's a demo of using a 3-second flask to tank uber shaper. Warning: Carpal Tunnel.

For belt mod look for flask duration and flask life recovery rate (this will reduce your flask duration to below 3 seconds with Eternal, use Divine Flask instead if you cannot sustain perma life flask / not allocated Master Alchemist yet).

If you can afford better belts also look for reduced flask charges used > increased flask charges gained / flask effect

If you are into crafting look for fractured flask duration mod and spam Essence of Horror to get Alchemist Genius on your belt as well.

This is completely optional. You can still look for 1-mod Watchers (life recovery rate first, then flask recovery from flasks) if you need more life recovery.

To survive with half of our HP pool reserved Petrified Blood is used.

We use alternate quality because it prevents more damage from hits, and the downside of taking more life loss over time does not affect us much due to how much life we are recovering.

We also use the life mastery "You count as on Low Life while at 55% of maximum life or lower" so we can reserve fewer life for more hp pool.

Later in my build progression I also linked Petrified Blood with Enhance to juice even more damage prevention. It is also possible to craft +2 support gem on your weapon and put the gems there to further improve the effect.
Alternative Defense Routes
Every defense mechanics have some sort of weakness. My approach of using flask is weak if the flask uptime is bad. You are encouraged to try out other defense methods, but remember not to overstack them as too much defenses would only make your build slow.

1. The bloodnotch and immutable force jewel

This jewel combo allows you to get hit and instant recover 50-60% of damage taken as life. It can be used with Mind over Matter for insane survivability as the remaining 40% damage is taken from mana instead of life, meaning your life bar will not move at all.

You may check out more details from other youtubers.

The combo requires you to not have energy shield, or have the energy shield mastery allocated. I am using Eldritch Battery and I really do not want to path into energy shield cluster, so I skipped it (for now). If you use slavedriver it should be more preferable.

2. The Lightning Coil and Taste of Hate

The Lightning Coil grants "50% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage".
The Taste of Hate grants "(10–15)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage during Effect". This effect is scalable with flask effect, so you can get up to around 25% physical damage taken conversion.

Along with other conversion mods like the influence implicit on helmet and etc, you can turn all your physical damage taken from hit into elemental damage. That means you can completely drop armour from your build and invest on maximum resistances instead. Using elemental flasks also makes you take 40% less damage if you are pathfinder.

I haven't tried the above combo yet (as I want to maximize damage output with Dialla), but I would choose Cloak of Flames instead if I have to build one in Hardcore. Cloak of Flames grants damage taken conversion for damage over time as well, instead of just hits. And physical damage over time are something you won't be able to mitigate when you do not have access to fortification and endurance charges. Good thing is that there aren't much physical dot out there, and you can easily be immune to bleeding and corrupting blood.
= About Map Clearing =
For mapping you need 2 things:

1. Phasing

Since traps need time to arm, you will often find yourself walking ahead of monsters, so grab a Quartz Flask (if you delve), or just any "% chance to gain phasing on kill" mod will do.

2. Herald of Ash / Explode

Generally you don't need that much damage for mapping, so Herald of Purity doesn't really help here. Instead using Herald of Ash will solve the pack clearing issue and you will feel much smoother playing maps. That's simply a gem swap.

Optionally you can also use Asenath's Gentle Touch, Oriath's End, or other stuffs that can make enemies explode. These however are explosions using enemy life as spread damage instead of totem explode's damage, so they will be less effective.

For best sound effect use Obliteration (good luck with crucible).

For best visual effect pay for Herald of Ash skins. This is not a sellout, but your build will actually look much smoother with Herald skins. My top 3 is wasteland, celestial and automaton.
Getting Started
To start the build you just need:
1. Weapon with crucible explode mod crafted with an essence of fear
2. Amulet with Spiritual Aid (Silver Silver Gold)
3. A Six-linked Body Armour

This will provide you enough damage to do T16 contents, so grab yourself some defenses and farm some currency for upgrades:

Damage route
1. Physical Damage Large Cluster Jewels
2. Dialla's Malfaction
3. 2x Ming's Heart
Defense route
1. Cautious Life Flask for low life setup
2. Flasks Medium Cluster Jewels
3. Gears to cap Spell Suppression and Ailment Avoidance

Once you get the 2x Ming's Heart ready you should check your defenses to see if you have 50k+ armour, full spell suppression, stun avoidance and preferably overcapped elemental resistances (for altar runs).

When levelling before level 90, Grab Fatal Toxins and Poison Mastery "Enemies poisoned by you cannot deal critical strikes". This is really good especially when you cannot deal one shot kills yet.
Gem Links
Rejuvenation Totem or Devouring Totem
- Trap Support
- Multiple Totems Support *
- (Divergent) Cluster Traps Support **
- (Anomalous) Multiple Trap Support
- Empower Support (for budget use Lifetap Support)

*I use Charged Traps Support because my weapon has "80% chance to summon 2 totems instead" crucible mod (also totem mastery +30%), and as both gem and the mod specify summon "2" instead of "+1" it would be meaningless to use both. You can also use Lifetap Support on this slot with the same reason.

**The alt Q Clster Traps Support provides more packed trap pattern so your traps will be more likely to hit your targets. BUT if you are using Dialla's Malfaction, DO NOT use it on a green socket. 100% reduced spread is bad.
Check my profile (ign:WormyVision) for latest setup
Or check ninja, as there are people who followed my setup and became better than me. I don't have that much time to play afterall.

You need weapon with crucible explode mod. This is the basic requirement.
Additionally you can look for chance to summon 2 totems on crucible as well, so you can drop a support link and put in lifetap/charged traps/enhance(for devouring totem)/etc.

Since we are using Essence of Fear to craft it basically any weapon works.
Here's some comments for several base types:

- The Redblade: Best in slot for maximum dps potential. Too expensive to justify the need of it since a normal build already does enough damage for most contents.

- Bow: Allows you to use quiver. There are 2 versions: Widowhail for extra damage mod in quivers, rare bow for +3 totem setup so you can use any body armour. Prior one will get more damage, latter gives more defense.

- Dagger: This is most preferred by poison users. Rune Dagger can roll +1 all spell mod, normal dagger doesn't. Both can roll chance to poison so if you are looking for some dot, use this base type.

- Sceptre: This can also roll +1 all spell.

- Wand: Same as sceptre, except you are not allowed to pair it with other one-handed weapon types.

- Staff: Can roll +2 all spell mod. sort of unpopular since the bow gets all the spotlights.

- All others: All of those left are melee weapons that cannot roll any useful caster mods. However since the build doesn't really need any caster mods from weapons, so as long as the attribute requirements can be met you can use those.

- Any rares would work.
- Devouring Diadem: For auras and mana issues.
- Alpha's Howl: Even higher aura levels. Prefer corrupted +2 gem mod if you use this.
- Any rares would work.
- Slavedriver's Hand: for solving mana issues with traps. Expensive stuff.
- Asenath's Gentle Touch: for pack clear.
- Breathstealer: for pack clear, plus you can slap an extra anoint.
- Any rares would work:
- Atziri's Step: easy solution for capping spell suppression.
- Torchoak Step: Unironically the second highest dps boots for this build. Beginner's best mate.
- The Stampede: I just put it here in case you would like to anoint totem notables on it (and breathstealer) while also using Spiritual Aid for damage boost. Note that this boots is not good for pathfinder since you are gaining so much speed from quicksilver flask.
- The Annihilation's Approach: Oh this is the fun part. The adrenaline buff it gives makes mapping so much faster, and if you can sustain life flask permanently during mapping, it is the best dps boost for the boots slot. The problem is, with 75% resist plus a ruby flask you are still gonna take 1500 fire damage per second when the buff is on, so if you really need that damage, make sure that you have resist capped without flasks, and that the first thing to do while switching area is to drink your life flask.
- Forbidden Jewels: You can get Master Surgeon, Master Alchemist or Natures's Reprisal version of the jewel since you are pathfinder. If you cannot obtain a set of jewel, Drop Master Alchemist and use flasks without the -duration/+effect mod.

- Elegant Hubris: Totally optional. You only need it for offence and you can search for an ideal one from Path of Building.

- Impossible Escape: If you are not using it for Elegant Hubris look for Ancestral Bond and grab those juicy totem life nodes.

- Ancestral Vision: Used to cap ailment avoidance. You should be able to cap supression for 50% and grab 20% avoidance along the path to duelist. The remaining 30% can be found from using Essence of Loathing on a pair of boots.

- Bloodnotch and Immutable Force: This setup is great for recovery. A nice to have setup even if in a build like us that recovers 5x our ehp per second. You should prioritize increasing your ehp first though since this jewel setup does not help at all against big hits, only consecutive small hits. Also some bosses have skills that does not stun, like Shaper's bullet hell and Tul's ice barrage.

- Watcher's Eye: We are looking for Vitality mod to boost our health regeneration. Life Recovery Rate first, then Life recovery from flasks too if possible.

- Cluster Jewel: We focus on getting Alchemist's Genius first, so Spiked Concoction is the target notable. Others like Distilled Perfection and Peak Vigour are nice to haves and so you can add a physical large cluster for 2 mediums and 2 jewel slots.

- Rare Jewels: Any jewels with % life and % totem life would be great.
- Life Flask with Cautious mod. It grants high life recovery so we can ignore all damage over time.

- Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire Flask: Those can be used for general mapping or specific bosses, They have greater damage reduction due to Nature's Boon.

- Granite/Jade Flask: Use these to boost armour if you have under 30k armour.

- Bismuth Flask: Use it to cap resist if you cannot.

- Quicksilver Flask: Who doesn't want speed?

- Quartz Flask: For phasing and capping spell suppression. Remember it gives 20% suppression chance instead of 10 since you have Nature's Boon and other stuffs.

- Sin's Rebirth: Early Game's best friend #2. You can even drop a Ming's Heart for more life in your early game setup since it gives quite some damage for just a flask slot. Eventaully you will want to drop it since you want flasks to do other stuffs.

- Progenesis: This grants around 30-40% less damage on our build. A good replacement for the Trio resist flasks but not a high priority item to obtain.
Eternal Struggle for Rejuvenation Totem; Ashes of the Star for Devouring Totem.

You can search for exarch-dominant Eternal Struggle from here Change the league if you are not on Crucible Softcore League.

Early Game (0 jewels): https://pobb.in/PiW7aebXP17j

Current(MOM): https://pobb.in/SXtfl5j5pv3u
Current(Lifetap): https://pobb.in/S7VkRYCmyeWC

Download Path of Building

1. Does Rigwald's Might (80% increased Melee Physical Damage) Provides Damage to this build?

No. Explosion is not attack (nor spell), so damage specifying attack (melee is an attack type) does not work. Trap and Totem Damage also does not work.

2. I crafted "50% chance to avoid stun" on my life flask, why does it not grant full stun immunity?

Your life flask is not a utility flask, so it does not benefit from Nature's Boon's flask effect. You need to cap your stun avoidance with either an abyss jewel or Heart of Oak.

3. Why does my build deal low damage?

Check if you have 40% chance to summon 2 totems on your weapon crucible tree. If you do not have it, use Multiple Totems Support. If you recently switched to this build make sure you don't start with a level 1 totem. Also go to Question 1 if you are using Elegant Hubris.

4. Why can't I drink my flask when I am on full life?

First of all, Master of Surgeon needs to be allocated. Also, some suffix mod may not allow you to use your flask properly. Use beastcraft flask mods if you want to guarantee a working suffix. Some others like avoid stun, immune to hinder also works.

I also received feedback about not able to flask despite all of above are checked. It may or may not relate to the server network mode you are using. Try switching between lockstep and predictive mode by going to Options > Game > Network Mode when you are in character selection. Remember to try in a new instance since your hideout could be still using previous config.

If all of above does not help, in the worst case you can still use blood rage to force yourself out of full life.

5. Does X showcasing on your weapon helps?
Here's a (full) list of mods that can help with damage:

+1 to all spell skill gems
Minions deal X% increased damage
(crafted/unveiled) X% Physical Damage as extra Chaos Damage
(crafted) X% increased Trap Damage (shares same mod group with minion damage, also cannot unveil)
(Hunter/Elder) X% Physical Damage converted to Chaos Damage (actually good)

(crafted/unveiled) X% chance to deal double damage while focused
(crafted/unveiled) X% chance to deal double damage
(crafted) X% increased Trap Throwing Speed

Other useful mods: Attribute, Resistance

6. Pantheon?
Solaris + Ryslatha.
There are many approaches for defense as a pathfinder. This build features life flask on low life so Ryslatha is forced. There are no replacements unless you replace the whole defense mechanics.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
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Less Important Stuffs
Comments on gems
This is the mapping setup

This is the bossing setup

- Note that the Cluster Traps Support has different alternate quality.
- We do not need reduced trap spread when we deal with swarms of monsters.

- Again, if you have no summon 2 totem mod on your crucible weapon, you should use multiple totems as the last link, and find other ways to deal with mana issue.

- Charged Traps Support is the only support gem that gives some kind of damage boost - via frenzy charges. The Elegant Hubris I used removed the only possible Trap cluster that can also give frenzy charge, so it was preferred when I use the EB setup.
- The only problem with EB is the Blue Altar mod "reduced defense per frenzy charge" which will turn your energy shield to 0 when you have charges. You can take it off and continue the map with 5L.

- Vitality can be of any level. Tweak it so that you will always be on low life.
- In early game I used Aura Mastery "20% life reservation efficiency" to keep the life reservation at 45%. Later I found that using L4 Enlighten can also do the same job so I switched the Aura Mastery to get max resistance.

There is one issue with controlling your life reservation with Vitality: Massive Shrine. It increases your maximum life so it is possible that you are no longer on low life when you have the shrine effect. More life = More squishy lol.
Right-click on the shrine icon to dissipate the effect, or simply reserve a bit more life to prevent this.

Arctic Armour is quite good since you are stationery when throwing traps. I never find the timing to use the vaal skill though. Most dangerous stuffs can be dodged manually so I don't see any reason to face tank them.
The only modification for Simulacrum is the movement skill

You have 1 second cooldown blink almost all of the time.

I did 20 Simulacrum to level from 99 to 100. It costs 600 chaos and 10 hours of clicking to complete. I got:
- 20x Megalomaniac
- 13x Split Personality
- 7x Voices (all 7 passives)
- 600+ Stacked Deck (got Brothers Gift and Divine Beauty)
- Tons of Scarabs
- And this (identified with a scroll):

(It was later sold for 6 div)

Boss Fights
Bosses in this game usually have only 1 or 2 damage type apart from physical damage. For example, Shaper skills deals mostly cold damage.
Therefore, you can swap your flasks to a ruby/sapphire/topaz for certain situation:

This also applies to delve zones with elemental penetration. Having a resistance flask up will turn you from getting one-shot to being completely immortal if managed well.

1. Get a helmet with fractured Aura Gem mod. Helmet must have Evasion Rating to roll Spell Suppression. Pick a good Uber Lab day and run Labyrinth with friends so you can get the enchantment faster with less pain.

/// Crafting Suffixes ///

2. Use Deafening Essence of Loathing until you get a decent third suffix mod. I wanted T1 Suppression so I spammed like 150 of essences.

/// Crafting Prefixes ///

3. If your prefix is full, Use 1x Eldritch Ember (asusming there are no implicit crafted) and then Eldritch Annul (or Eldritch Chaos) to create an open prefix.

4. Beastcraft with Wild Bristle Matron. Since you have full suffixes this will yield "Suffix cannot be changed" with less than 2 divine cost.

5. Use Veiled Chaos Orb. Usually you will have 1 open prefix so you craft "+1 to maximum number of Raised Zombies" and unveil.

6. Repeat Step 3-5 until you get +2 AoE gems. Craft life mod to finish your helm mods

/// Eldritch Implicits ///

7. Use Lesser Eldritch Ichor to get T6 mana reservation efficiency mod.

8. Use 1x Greater Eldritch Ember and 1x Orb of Conflict to upgrade mod to T5.

9. Use 1x Grand Eldritch Ember and 1x Orb of Conflict to upgrade mod to T4.

10. Use 1x Exceptional Eldritch Ember and 1x Orb of Conflict to upgrade mod to T3.

11. Use 1x Exceptional Eldritch Ember and 1x Orb of Conflict and pray for T2. Repeat Step 10-11 if fail.

12. Finish your helmet craft with Eldritch Ember. Aim for curse effect or max resist.

(Dominant implicits have higher chance to downgrade so the above process shall work most of the time. Getting T1 implicit is very hard since your other implicit can only be T3 and it is very likely to get upgraded.)

1. Spam Deafening Essence of Loathing on a fractured base until good suffix mod (usually resistances and/or strength)

2. Make sure you have 1 open prefix and no open suffix. If you happen to have 1 open suffix, beastcraft with Farric Lynx Alpha to fill it in.

3. Beastcraft with Wild Bristle Matron. Again this is a cheaper way to get "Suffix cannot be changed" craft.

4. Veiled Chaos Orb. Craft "(16–18)% increased Evasion Rating while Focused" (can skip if no prefix left) and unveil for movement speed mod. Both onslaught or movement speed not hit is ok.

5. Finish off your boots with eldritch currencies.

/// Crucible ///
1. The best chance to merge a desired crucible node on a weapon is to have no nodes on the same position of the other weapon:

Weapon A with node 3-1 + Weapon B without node 3-1
===> 70% chance to success
*allocation does not matter here

Weapon A with node 3-1 allocated + Weapon B with node 3-1 unallocated
===> 63% chance to success
*using remnant with "more likely to retain" helps a bit, but not much.

And even after success there will be 10% chance for the node to downgrade/mutate, and some dice rolls on the links.

Crucible is just a gambling game.

2. Anyways, consider you have a weapon with 2 totem mods ready. Now you can split your weapon, and proceed to get +1 all spell fracture.

3. (this step can be skipped) Roll +1 mod on your weapons and use Fracturing Orb on them. If failed proceed to step 4.

4. Buy a +1 fractured mod base, unallocate all crucible nodes on it. Allocate nodes on your explode totem split base and pour them onto this fractured base.

5. You will eventually get a +1 fractured explode totem weapon.

/// Crafting weapon ///
6. Use Deafening Essence of Fear until you get a good minion damage roll.

7. Annul everything else off the weapon except the minion damage mod. You can choose to multimod here to finish your weapon. Otherwise, skip the annul
and continue step 8 if you prepared to lose 30+ divines on each weapon.

8. Craft "Prefixes cannot be changed" and use Veiled Chaos Orb. You can multimod and block prefix if you want to avoid 9A, but that's another 2 divine to spend.

9A. There are 1/4 chance to get a veiled prefix. If you unveil "Gain (9–10)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" then you remove all suffixes with "Prefixes cannot be changed" and scour, and multimod "(4–5)% chance to deal Double Damage" and "(13–15)% chance to deal Double Damage while Focused".

9B. There are 3/4 chance to get a veiled suffix. Annul all mods until minion damage and veiled suffix are left. Annuling before or after unveil doesn't matter much since you want 3 open slots and you will eventually go back to step 6 if annul failed anyways. (Told you to stop at step 7)
Craft "+(14–15)% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier" and unveil, pray for double damage. If success, multimod suffix with either "(4–5)% chance to deal Double Damage" or "(13–15)% chance to deal Double Damage while Focused"; prefix with either "Gain (7–8)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" or "+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems" (if you use enhance for petrified blood)

10. That's it! Get harvest AoE enchant on your weapon if you want, it can make mapping a little bit smoother I think.

I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
Last edited by FunRoom on May 10, 2023, 1:16:26 AM
Got a PoB to share?
ericchongws wrote:
Got a PoB to share?

Yes, I've added to the OP. I am still writing the guide so come check later for more info :)
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
looks like a good guide, ill take some inspiration from this for my ssf-charachter, even though it wont be close to as good as your POB
What you think about Slavedriver's Hand?
Ziz have video about lvling this build. Can you attach to your video section or make a leveling section and just add this video(mby with your ideas)? It should be useful info for the ppl who see this build for the first time
Would convoking wands work to add more damage with taking the spiritual aid passive?
How does ur flask work? Dont understand how to get double prefix
why we need advanced traps on gloves?

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