Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

Onslaught is not gone, just the support gem is gone.

Mana Masteries
(New) 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills

So every build now runs 1 mana mastery node KEKW. They really just removed specific 25% mana reserve nodes for certain auras just to put this into mana mastery.
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diablo 4 offer battle pass on 100$ beta with 1 act
POE offer massive content for free

Or you know, dont buy the most expensive version - and its the same easily ignored pass for all versions - if you fall for mtx FOMO (which PoE is loaded with too btw), it's PEBKAC.

Also - the beta was free and open for the second weekend.

Please troll better - but if PoE is so good, why are you even thinking of Diablo 4 at all?
I think some of these changes to levelling are the result of Ruthless, the change to Onslaught support being one example
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.
Literally Deleting Lightning Tendrils skill that was used by handful of players and removing good Lightning mastery. Thank you whoever had that great fucking idea
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3.21 Trees on website when?
Explosive Concoction big BUFF
Where are the nerfs to overpowered skills ??????!!!!

That's the most important thing to any patch notes in order to change up the meta.

Really disappointed as usual, as it's been the new normal these past 3-4 leagues.

How hard can it be to nerf skills seriously...
Removed additional arrow from bows and quivers. Rip +3 arrows from your gear now. Then you give +2 in the talent tree, so now you have to spend talent points to lose one arrow!
was planning to do a Pathfinder PC, but it seems my plans are already dead.
Am i the only one who's frustrated about the major changes for wands recipes ?
Very uninteresting patch notes.

No bad skill buffed.

Most of the good masteries were removed (mana reserved, increased damage per strength for both attack and fire) and yet life masteries still are dogshit.

Totems die when you do. No big deal but still lame.

Pathfinder can only use poison and concoctions are worthless.

Good thing Diablo 4 is coming soon. Can't wait.
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