Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

Really happy I didn’t respec my Deadeye into a Pathfinder :D

Also: sadge for +1 Arrow Synth Implicits

Higher crit chance from power charges is dope though!
xyllywyt wrote:
What is Vaal Domination

Not mentioned anywhere else

Vaal Dominating Blow?
As Sceptres are meant to be more caster-oriented than their One-Handed Mace counterparts, it didn’t make sense that many early game Sceptre bases had significantly faster Attack Speeds than One-Handed Maces. These Sceptre bases have had their base attack speed values lowered, and physical damage values buffed to compensate.
Driftwood Sceptre: Base attacks per second is now 1.20 (previously 1.55), Base Physical Damage is now 8-11 (previously 5-8).
Darkwood Sceptre: Base attacks per second is now 1.20 (previously, 1.50), Base Physical Damage is now 11-17 (previously 8-12).
Bronze Sceptre: Base attacks per second is now 1.10 (previously 1.40), Base Physical Damage is now 15-29 (previously 10-19).
Quartz Sceptre: Base attacks per second is now 1.10 (previously 1.40), Base Physical Damage is now 21-32 (previously 14-22).
Iron Sceptre: Base attacks per second is now 1.10 (previously 1.40), Base Physical Damage is now 27-40 (previously 18-27).
Ochre Sceptre: Base attacks per second is now 1.15 (previously 1.45), Base Physical Damage is now 24-45 (previously 17-31).

THIS is absurd!!

YOu say Sceptres are more like caster than melee dmg but u reduced attaack speed and increased Flat physical dmg ? its stupid

I always use caster sceptre and IAS for leap slamming and movement speed in my caster build for what i need that increased flat physical Now ?
RIP endless heist lel
Neferpitou12 wrote:
This is a complete joke, honestly. It has been over a year now with GGG making zero effort to address the fact that 10-20 skills completely dominate the game. Nothing they did addresses that. I was hoping I could get in one last league before D4, but this game is not worth my time.

EXACTLY THIS, seriously pffff

Its time to wake up exiles, as long as they keep earning money they wont put a single effort, stop buying or playing the game, play the competence. If we want this game to be good, we need to start working.
I get censored and harassed by 3 cucks now.
I like it and FINALLY beach map is back! :D
vacii wrote:
Damn, my league started sort of survived, even though chaos Masteries got gutted.
A lot of nerfs and buffs at the same time, this one is gonna be interesting.
Can't wait for PoB.

I like how people, who have never completed more than 10 challenges in a league tend to always complain about patch notes,,,


Is your opinion only respected if you farm challenges? Really? Who cares about challenges, it's just a filler. Every opinion matters, this is what makes a community.
3.15 was a joke. 3.19 was a disaster. Archnemesis/Ruthless/Crucible(Archnemesis 4.0?) - worst ideas. Ruthless is a joke, a waste of resources. PoE2(exilecon version) was super disappointing.
I would have liked to see a meta skill shake up

You know,. arbitrarily change numbers on skills in an upward direction.
This is directly correlated to fun in an upward direction.
"I didn't know we were making a pants simulator." - Chris Wilson
are you crazy again ? you broke my coc fireball build again ? oh my god
precision mana reserve removed ? wtf i gonna buy a core supporter but i think i stop play this game again, change every build, nerf, broke every build im play
ggg recipe for fun last 3 years: less player power/only few meta builds for endgame + buff monsters/content/bosses + more and more random oneshots = fun

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