Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

(New) Skills cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost

Does this mean a skill that costs 10 mana will only cost 3 life with this node, or does it just transfer 30% of cost to life, as in 3 life + 7 mana?
Removing the mana reserve masteries pretty much kills the game.

Was fun while it lasted, tho
You know you guys aren't slick right? This is a nerf league, and giving borrowed power only tricks the people not beating Brutus anyway.
I cant believe there is no skill balance rework AGAIN ... super dissappointed to be honest.
"3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest."

Yeah, i think we all knew what that meant.
Didn't tell us what MOMENTUM does.
Vyn3650 wrote:
Leave it to GGG to market the mastery reworks as buffs then go on the remove almost every %increased mana reservation efficiency mastery.

That actually smells, aurabots deadge again.
got them wings, thanks bro.

also rip pathfinder.
Inubi wrote:

No, instead of making adequate changes to overpowered trap/mine skills they basically removed Saboteur und introduced some dumpster trigger mechanic. It's lazy... just unbelievably lazy.
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