[3.22] Tornado Shot Deadeye (Or Ice Shot / Lightning Arrow) - 400% MS, League Start Viable!

Discord Server shared is ded:

TickleShitz wrote:
how would i go about implementing mageblood into this build?

I'll share with you my build. Standard Server, not crucible though. Its not cheap but Its the best I've managed so far after making a few mistakes.
In the POB, it says that the mana cost for Tornado shot is 'zero'. Its not zero, its 2. Zero will not work for max damage.

This is a glass cannon style here, but because of Mageblood, i switch evasion flasks etc max 2 flasks to move to more defensive stance if required.
I dont do pinaccle bosses with this build usually but the few times i tried, it has not disappointed.
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thesupersp wrote:
Hey I'm kind of confused on how to get berserk working?

How do I gain rage with this build? I cant find anything that would reward rage.

Hey bro,

You gain Rage by having searing exarch implicit on the gloves that give that stat. 1 rage per second implicit.

Here is a link to the Standard server trade section for gloves that you can see as an example.
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Enjoying this so much so far. Its my first attempt at a TS build, so I wasn't quite sure where to go between the mid budget mapping and the high end endgame set ups.


Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to switch to crit, but not sure what that entails. I'm about to try switching GMP with Inspration and added cold with inc crit...not sure how its going to go, though.

I'm *mostly* SSF, as I play on console.

The bow ran me broke, so, that hurts too, but i intend on doing this again next league, so any help now will absolutely help in the future as well! Thanks in advance!
Can someboduy share your POB for ele dmg TS build? I have LA build and want to try TS. Dont want to go for phys to cold heatshiver setup since the phys, +2 arrow bow is quiet pricey.


I have around 40-50 div for the upgrade.
Gear I like to keep is bow, boots, rings, belt, omni (just change anointment), quiver (?), forbidden flame/flash.

Gear I need to buy: helmet with enchant, gloves, lethal pride, thread of hope, clusters?

Just curious: You listed different skill gems in that guide than you actually have in the pobb.in. Which one is correct? Every information in the guide seems to be invalid when looking at the pobb? Please help.
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I have 10 divines and I want to improve on my build.
Can someone please help?
I love going fast so I am using Queen of the Forest but I do have Hyrri's Ire.
POB: https://pobb.in/Qj8hrpA9hBp0
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Hi this is my first character in PoE. I am finding very hard to follow the gems sugestions that you give during leveling.

Currently all my Itens are 3L. And I dont have slot for ManaForged Arrow + Ensnaring Arrow/Frenzy that you sugest at lvl 16.

What to do?
Since when Tornado Shot became league start viable? Anything short of mirror investment will feel like shit, and the good bow alone is a mirror at minimum on trade, this is not a leaguestarter lmao. If anything, LA/IS became league start viable because of the broken ass anoint which is going to get removed in the 3.22 along with the budget bow builds.
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How does this build gain frenzy charges?

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