[3.22] Tornado Shot Deadeye (Or Ice Shot / Lightning Arrow) - 400% MS, League Start Viable!

Hey there!

This guide covers leveling, progression and early endgame for Tornado Shot Deadeye,
or Ice Shot / Lightning Arrow as all 3 skills scale exactly the same way up until the very end game.

It includes a Path of Building import for reference and advanced information. (use it, trust me)

This build is effective and reliable.
I league started it multiple times and even reached level 90 in the 3.20 gauntlet with it
(HCSSF with extra mods BTW).

If you want to see the playstyle, check out the Content links section.

**Last update: Updated PoB for 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors, gems and gear, improved formatting, more color, more speed, more damage. Let's go :D

This build is a classic take on the famous Tornado Shot Deadeye.
I made a tremendous effort to optimize the leveling tree and tested all potential skills while leveling, so that you can enjoy the fastest campaign clear you have ever had, with both a low amount of pressure on gear and a manageable amount of points to respec later on.

3.22 Updates:

Tattoos: +1 projectile, 8% flask effect, flask effect duration, movement speed. So much good stuff

Vengeant cascade is dead, (big nerf to mid game Lightning arrow / Ice shot).

Returning Projectile Support now replaces Added Cold Damage Support for Lightning Arrow and Ice Shot.
Tornado Shot is the same as before.

Content links:
Showcase and guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cptqdbDwz60

Build Update and Bossing Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyKnS8dhKe8

Crafting +2 ele crit bow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZH7gTCyuwg

3.21 Blood aqueduct clear simulation with day1 gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvNI135-L-8

Progression PoB: https://pobb.in/-5kdD0wJErS-

Endgame PoB: https://pobb.in/IrGX4X0Te0El

Import this link above in Pob and play around with the different trees (at the bottom left, in the tree section) and the different item sets (at the top near the center in items section)

Download Pob + Fork: https://pathofbuilding.community/

Ascendancy, Leveling / Progression, and Playstyle:
Ascendancy: The Deadeye is unrivaled when it comes to Tornado Shot / Lightning arrow or Ice shot. We get tailwind early for a fast campaign clear

Bandits: Kill all.

*Note: refer to Pob for all gems and what level to start using them*

We level as a multi-elemental bow based ranger, I have greatly optimized the passive tree for you to enjoy a very fast leveling experience.

For our main skills, we start with Galvanic Arrow and a Galvanic Arrow Ballista setup to supplement the single target.

At level 12, we replace both Galvanic Arrows with Rain of Arrow.
At level 28, we replace the Ballista setup with Artillery Ballista.

The playstyle is straight forward; kill normal enemies with your main skill to gain onslaught or replenish quicksilver flask charges.
Drop your Ballistae on tankier enemies.

We use this setup until we get all our ascendancy points to swap our main skill with Tornado Shot/Lightning arrow/Ice shot.

In terms of gear progression, during the campaign, use whatever high elemental dps bow you find on the ground, if you get extra essences, alchemys or binding orbs, buy a high attack rate bow base from the vendor and use the currency on it until you're happy with what you get.

As soon as you can afford these uniques, absolutely buy them: Prismweave and Karui Ward. They will carry you until red maps no problem and you can equip them at level 25 / 5 respectively.

At act 5 you receive a flask reward, pick the granite flask, soon after you will grab the flask duration and flask effect node, this will tremendously improve your effective HP, make sure to press (and craft) your flasks, we get a lot of power and speed from them. Initially, you don't care too much about the rolls on your flask, as long as they don't have any of the less duration prefix modifier (except for the hybrid increased effect/less duration, which is good)

In early maps, we will want to start looking on trade for either a good elemental DPS bow, or a bow with high base attack rate and a fractured added fire, cold or lightning damage, the higher the better. Then we use an essence of wrath, hatred or anger on our fractured bow until we hit either 3 elemental modifiers or attack speed, and bench craft the one we're missing.

If done right, this bow will easily carry us into red maps.

After we have a bow with high elemental dps, we can start looking for Kaom's spirit gloves + immortal flesh belt and use start using berserk on left click.

Playstyle: Depending on our progression, we use galvanic arrow, rain of arrow or tornado shot/lightning arrow/ice shot as our main clearing skill, for tough monsters, we also use our ballista setup.
For moving around, we have high movement speed from the tree and we also use a juiced up blink arrow setup boosted by the bow mastery to give it 100% cooldown reduction.

Skill Gems and Links:

**When in doubt, refer to the PoB**

Bow 6L: Tornado shot - Mirage archer - Trinity - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Added Cold Damage - Damage On Full Life
*For Lightning arrow and Ice shot, you can replace Added Cold Damage with Returning Projectiles Support.

Body Armour 6L: Artillery Ballista - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Elemental Focus - Damage On Full Life - Added Cold Damage - Elemental Penetration

Helmet: Grace - Purity Of Elements - Sniper's Mark - Mark On Hit

Boots: Enduring Cry - Blink Arrow - Vaal Haste - Portal

Gloves: Cast When Damage Taken - SteelSkin - Increased Duration - Berserk
*Note: Berserk needs to be in his own link, otherwise it will be supported by cast when damage taken, preventing you from casting it. Also, put berserk on left click)

Major God: Arakaali with at least Armala
Minor God: Abberath with Megaera for Exarch altar farming or Yugul with Varhesh for everything else

*Refer to the Pob for different item sets

Before we remove precise technique and swap to crit, we will need a few items:
Crit bow with high edps (or phys dps if you go heatshiver instead of interrogation)
The interrogation (or heatshiver)
A bunch of crit multi from gear, can be on rings, amulet, quiver and jewels. We should at least have it on quiver and amulet before swapping.

After this, we look for life gained on hit implicit rings, this is a huge source of recovery given how many hits we do per attacks.

If you want to min max further, there are many variations of dmg scaling you can choose from, whether its the omniscience setup, the phys to cold heatshiver setup, the frenzy charge stacking with the raider node from forbidden flame/flesh or the power charge stacking with badge of the brotherhood with the raider node from forbidden flesh/flame.

So many variations! In fact too many to cover all of them in this guide. I have a PoB you can refer to for endgame, which is a power charge stacking heatshiver variant, the variant I believe to be the strongest right now.

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wow. Ty for update. i'm wait <3
I am so hyped to league start this. I am glad that there are buffs, that makes leveling easier.
Awesome, I was just thinking that I defenitely want to start with TS this league, and ha, here you are!

Reserved, cant wait for 3.21!
Lets do it.
I can't believe one day I can league-start with TS lol
I'm curious with the projectiles returning, do you think only the initial shot of TS will return and not the secondary projectiles that get fired off? I'm not super familiar with TS but I thought the majority of the damage comes from the secondary projectiles, if only the primary shot are returned it may not be as broken as I hope it is lol. Any thoughts?
No projectile on quiver and bow in next league, will this effect build?
Looking forward to trying this one. Sounds like bows gonna be fun with the extreme scaling from the weapon passive tree
With the nimis like behavior, I think using Xoph's Inception might be good, since in the patch notes they gave it: "Arrows deal 30 to 50 Added Fire Damage for each time they've Pierced" and "Projectiles Pierce all Burning Enemies". Combine that with the new Xoph's heart with "Nearby Enemies are Covered in Ash", and using fire damage just might be better than trinity
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