Build of the Week Season 11 - Episode 1 - Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer

Rorrak88 wrote:
I was so close to affording the boots. 1 or 2 divine short. Now they have jumped in price almost 35%.

Considering how much divines cost I'm somewhat demoralized. Featuring a build might seem nice but it directly influences the players market. Perhaps not a thing GGG should be involved in?

Same here. Low %str ones were at 35 div on Friday, like Rorrak88 ~3 div short. My plan was to farm the currency and buy them on Saturday. By Saturday night, they were at 66 div, even the bad %str ones. You could watch the numbers go up on an hourly rate.

This is market manipulation of its finest and should be forbidden. Or at least publish episode 2 by Monday so people get sidetracked to the new build!
slowly becoming P2W game. trade market is likely doing exactly what GGG intended
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
Looking fun.
Cool idea coming from Asia continent
Lot of frustrating moments before build going good/
Clickbait microtransaction
Clickbait if you do not play 16/24h
Definitively not for Casual/beginner players

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