Build of the Week Season 11 - Episode 1 - Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer

replica alberons stonks
very interesting build, but I hate used mtx, it feel like flashbang every time it trigger.
find build from lesser-known player
wait a year
slap expensive items + mtx on it
look ma, new build

poe builds are iterations upon iterations that's a given
but it seems pretty dogshit to just yoink the key interactions (redblade banner, str stack, divergent SS-shockwave, bm cry) and not even give a nod to the inspiration

Thats bloody lovely.
Replica alberon price goes brrr.
Ayy BOTW is back. Very nice choice
even here you try to sell mtx
im still missing the strength amulett and the two strength rings for this build.

that´s 120 divines right now and too much more for me.

im sad, this news post realy came at the wrong time for me.

any suggestions for a 60 divine slayer build (bossing and sanctum)?
This build is so awesome, Pal makes this really great!

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