3.20.1b Patch Notes Preview

Did 9 or 10 full Sanctum runs, got Death Toll only once, so I don't understand why people preemptively whine over this (as usual). You are supposed to get it SO RARELY that you won't even notice this change. Just plan your run and don't click every affliction you see on map without second thought.

And the old effect was definitely too weak to be considered Major affliction.
Thanks for the patch. I appreciate it 😊
The loot is much worse than last season
Any chance of ameliorating the same drops every map!?
Level 98 Cyclone Shockwave Slayer
I just lost my beloved char to waves but thank you for fixing visuals.
I wish it were easier to take out relics from another characters in progress sanctum. I've rerolled a few times, and it's a pita having to cancel the run, then go into another map to grab them out, especially when I forget to do so and have already stripped my character.
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Best league ever!
Too late for me, but thx.
Seems like the people still want more holidays to spend all that dem cash from support packs sales. Disappointing but expected patch notes.
Things doesn't load after patch. No textures for stuff like items, syndicate, invisible stuff on maps.
Thanks really needed to ruin my gmae
32 stored sanctum rooms, when?

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