[3.20] Shattering/Splitting Steel Champ - All Uniques, Cheap to Start/Room to Grow, Endgame Videos

Hi Guys,

Here's my offering for 3.20 and it's a good one! What you'll see below is the result of all the Boneshatter and subsequently Splitting/Shattering Steel work I've done over the last few leagues.

-::- Build Intro -::-

This setup is finally finished and it's definitely worth sharing with others, so I recorded some of my first clears, so you all can judge the build quality for yourselves.

In short, the build is a lot of fun, with very zoomy/fast Mapping and big explosions from Call of Steel.

As always, I stand by my work and would not be sharing this if I thought it sucked.

If you don't know me, I've been making builds for a very long time...

-::- Most Recent Builds -::-

3.19 Boneshatter Jugg
3.19 Splitting Steel/Spectral Helix Jugg (Very similar to this build)

For now I'm going to keep things simple and update later, as necessary.

-::- 3.20 Build Features -::-

  • 100% All Uniques (Except Magic Flasks & Rare Clusters)
  • High Attack Speed (Replica Wings of Entropy 2H Axe)
  • High Mobility (Fast Leap Slam + high MS)
  • Non-Crit DPS (Precise Technique)
  • Fast Mapping/Good Single-Target (Splitting Steel Mapping + Shattering Steel Single-Target)
  • Double Curse (Temporal Chains/Vulnerability Gloves/Rings + Poacher's Mark on Hit)
  • Perma 20 Fortification (Fortitude Ascendancy)
  • Perma Onslaught (Thrillsteel Helmet)
  • Ailment Immune (Purity of Elements)
  • 20% Life Culling Strike (Forbidden Flame/Flesh)
  • +25 Rage on Warcry/Max Rage on Berserk CD (Enduring Cry + Kaom's Spirit Gloves)
  • Adrenaline on kill (Death's Rush Ring)
  • 150% Increased Flask Charges (Overflowing Chalice Flask + The Magnate Belt)
  • 150% Increased Effect of Totem Buff (Dawnstrider Boots + Panopticon)
  • Elemental Weakness Overcapped

-::- Showcase Videos -::-

Lycia, Herald of the Scourge(Sanctum Boss)
*Click for HD GIF

Lycia, Unholy Heretic(Sanctum Boss)
*Click for HD GIF

K'Tash, the Hate Shepherd(Beyond Boss, Nimis Showcase)

Al-Hezmin (Maven Observed)
*Click for HD GIF

Veritania (Maven Observed)
*Click for HD GIF

YouTube: 3.20 Sirus

YouTube: 3.20 The Hidden

YouTube: 3.20 Searing Exarch

YouTube: 3.20 Delve Fossil/Resonator Farm

YouTube: 3.20 Sanctum Guards & First Boss

YouTube: 3.20 Delve Grand Architect (Splitting Single Target 5L DPS Showcase)

YouTube: 3.20 Nimis Juiced Mapping Showcase

YouTube: 3.20 T16 Mapping Showcase
**League Start Video! WATCH NIMIS VIDEO ABOVE for Juiced Endgame Showcase
**Important Notice***

Please note that the "T16 Mapping Showcase" video above is showing the build with league start gear and with the following debuffs:

-25% Player AoE

-25% Player Accu. (Precise Technique disabled = -40% MORE Att. Dmg)

+46% More Mob Life.

Normally, I would re-roll a map like this, but I wanted to showcase a "worst case scenario", so that you all could see clear-speed is very decent under non-optimal conditions.

You can also see quite respectable Single Target DPS on a notoriously nasty Map Boss, when buffed.

-::- Current Gear -::-

**Mapping Setup: Splitting Steel + Death Rush
**Bossing Setup: Shattering Steel + 2 x Circle of Guilt

3.20 Character: Dorosanct

-::- Corrupted Gear Budget -::-
  • Weapon: 20c-1div (Buy one with 75+ Phys/65+ AS and 30%Q Beast corrupt yourself)
  • Chest: 1div-10div (Buy non 6S/6L for ~1div and 6S/6L with Tainted Currency yourself)
  • Helmet: 10-50c
  • Gloves: 10-50c / ~2div Vulnerability Corrupted
  • Boots: 20-50c
  • Amulet: 50c-1div
  • Rings: 25c-1div (Circle of Guilt) / 25-50c Death Rush
  • Belt: 50c-5div
  • Forbidden Jewels: Flesh 1div / Flame 6div
  • Thread of Hope: 1-2div
  • Watcher's Eye: 2-4div
  • Megalomaniac: 10c-Xdiv (Search for one with Fuel The Fight + any other useful mods)

**All prices at the time of writing and subject to change depending on build popularity!

-::- Leveling Tree Notable Order -::-
  • Art of the Gladiator
  • Mana Flows
  • Bravery
  • Fury Bolts (You will drop this later)
  • Life and Mana Leech
  • Weathered Hunter
  • Precise Technique
  • Point Blank
  • Thick Skin (+50 Life)
  • Graceful Assault
  • Freedom of Movement (You will drop 2 points from here later)
  • Forceful Skewering (Call of Steel Use Speed)
  • Feller of Foes (Rage on Hit / Once you have Kaom's Gloves and Culling Strike Jewels, switch to "10% more Dmg. Low Life")
  • Ambidexterity
  • Cloth and Chain
  • Golem's Blood (10% Life)
  • Merciless Skewering (Call of Steel +4 Shards)
  • Eagle Eye (+3 Accu Rating)
  • Bannerman
  • Soul of Steel (Det 25% Mana Res)
  • Prismatic Skin (CB)
  • Kinetic Impacts (3% Triple DMG)
  • Harvester of Foes (40% Onslaught)
  • Lust for Carnage (30% DMG while Leeching)
  • Versatility
  • Heart of the Warrior
  • Iron Grip
  • Constitution
  • Sentinel
  • Jewel Slots as you get the jewels

-::- Keybindings -::-
  • 1,2,3,4,Space: Flasks
  • LMB: Enduring Cry
  • MMB: Call of Steel
  • RMB: Splitting/Shattering
  • Q: Ancestral Protector
  • W: Leap Slam
  • E: Blood Rage
  • A: Pride
  • S: Berserk
  • D: War Banner
  • Z: Call of Steel
  • Ctrl-A: Determination
  • Ctrl-S: Purity of Elements
  • Ctrl-Z: Herald of Purity
  • Mouse 4: Delve Flare
  • Mouse 5: Delve Dynamite

-::- README & FAQ -::-
  • To get started you can buy cheap non-corrupted versions of all the items.
  • If you want to reach my DPS, you will need to buy good Corrupted versions of the items.
  • Pride can only be cast after using the Amethyst Flask with Reduced Mana Cost, and will last ~15-20sec, so make sure you time its use properly; especially when Bossing.

**I will expand this section as necessary...

***Please post all questions on this thread, so my answer can benefit everyone. (Do not PM me in forum asking questions about the build!)

-::- PoB Export -::-

https://pobb.in/3H7ULmBKNv00 *Updated 1/18/2023 (Ashes + Nimis)
https://pobb.in/9w_29YL_ntpr *Updated 1/11/2023 (Large Cluster Jewel Setup)
https://pobb.in/-DU4-UD-rAaB *Updated 1/10/2023
https://pobb.in/IzOCWEQrFJjQ *First version

The PoB Config page is setup for Max-Potential DPS, and so you can see what effects are being taken advantage of.

Adjust the check-boxes according to the scenario you wish to see the numbers for!

Remember PoB is a math tool designed to let you see the numbers of temporary effects, and PoE is a game that is all about temporary effects.

In other words, I am not claiming this is ~20M sustained DPS, but I have made a best effort to make sure the effects that are ticked have a reasonably good uptime.

TLDR: I post showcase videos so you can judge the build for yourselves and not just rely on PoB numbers.

That's all for now... GL & Enjoy! ;)
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Heyyo nice build, I've wanted to do a steel skill for a couple leagues now. What are your thoughts on using a saviour + paradoxica instead? Doesn't looking like you're taking advantage of a 6L 2hander and I love the interaction of saviour + steel skills. You look into this at all?
h1ppyh83r69 wrote:
Heyyo nice build, I've wanted to do a steel skill for a couple leagues now. What are your thoughts on using a saviour + paradoxica instead? Doesn't looking like you're taking advantage of a 6L 2hander and I love the interaction of saviour + steel skills. You look into this at all?

Thanks, glad you like.

Paradoxica/Saviour is a very common and good choice, but I used that last league, so I am not doing that right now.

You're welcome to check out my 3.19 Jugg which was using them: https://pobb.in/aPl0xOBnV0Wp

Here's the STD toon link fully min-maxed with Mageblood: Coromau
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i can't find flask which increased chaos resistance and reduced mana cost during of effect.
Can you send the trade link website to me?
it's very thank you!
i can't find flask which increased chaos resistance and reduced mana cost during of effect.
Can you send the trade link website to me?
it's very thank you!

No need to buy, you just Alteration spam an Amethyst Flask until you get any roll with "25% increased effect" and an empty suffix, then Bench craft Reduced Mana Cost During Flask Effect.


EDIT: If you need the Bench Craft, iHuy's Shop can do it for free:

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3.20 Endgame Setup Update!

Hi Guys,

So, I've been min-maxing and the toon is looking pretty good, with some important changes I'd like to talk a bit about.

First, here's the latest gear:

Here's the list highlights:

  • Thrillsteel - Cannot be Blinded. Very handy for a build relying on Precise Technique, as being Blind lowers our Accuracy. I got this one for 35c, but I've seen them go as high as several div
  • Kaom's Spirit - Vulnerability on hit for more DPS, but for Sanctum Temporal Chains can be a great help against guards. 2div
  • Bottled Faith - MORE DEEPS! 3div
  • Circle of Guilt - Intimidate on Hit MORE DEEPS! 1div
  • Megalomaniac - Found a crazy good Mega for 10c... (I know)
  • The Magnate - Enchanted with 30% Accu while having Onslaught is big to help us reach the required Accuracy for Precise Technique
  • Rare Ring - This is just a generic high +Elem Res ring to put in for nasty maps when we lower our Elem. Res too much with Eldritch Altars. You can also move some DPS nodes to Diamond Skin/Cloth and Chain if you need even more Res
  • Magic Flasks - Crafted myself some nice Flagellant's
  • Item Rarity Support - The build is now strong enough to farm juiced T16s with Item Rarity for MORE LOOTS!
  • Concentrated Effect - We swap Item Rarity to this for Single Target/Sanctum
  • Precision - In order to fit in the Megalomaniac, we drop Faster Attacks from Leap Slam to fit in Precision and we level it just enough to get our Accuracy higher than life, without reserving so much that we can't cast Pride. It's a delicate balance, so be mindful of this!

I also added a couple of videos recently, which I'll re-link here:

YouTube: 3.20 Delve Fossil/Resonator Farm
YouTube: 3.20 Delve Grand Architect (Splitting Single Target 5L DPS Showcase)

The first is a really nice showcase of how zoomy and tanky the build is while farming Delve. You'll notice I spend a lot of time in the Darkness without dropping flares.

The second is a really nice showcase of Single Target DPS with Splitting Steel on a 5L setup, since I was running Item Rarity as the 6th link.

Finally, here's the latest PoB Export of my 3.20 toon: https://pobb.in/-DU4-UD-rAaB

That's all for now.


EDIT: Here's an updated PoB with Large & Medium Cluster Jewels. We trade-off Onslaught bonuses, but it's worth it; Onslaught is a cheap way to scale early on before GG gear, but we really have more than enough Movement and Attack Speeds, so buffing raw damage works out better. Both rare jewels I crafted myself with Alt/Aug/Regal/Annul/Exalt spam.

https://pobb.in/9w_29YL_ntpr *Updated 1/11/2023 (Large Cluster Setup)
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3.20 Endgame Update: Ashes + Nimis & other expensive goodies!

Hi Fellas,

So, I've taken my toon to the next level and it's been a fun ride!

Here's the latest setup:

There have been some pretty big changes/upgrades:

  • Ashes of The Stars: Everyone knows and amazing item and I've picked most alternate gems that gain benefit from it. (I still carry Carnage Heart if I need more Res in a map)
  • Nimis: The new ring feels amazing for both clear and single target. It takes a bit to get used to it, but def worth picking up.
  • Double-corrupted Replica Wings: Got very lucky. Bought a well rolled one and first double-corruption got me +phys/+fortify on hit. The fortify on hit is not much help for me, since I have the Ascendancy, but it does help my totem survive and do a bit more DPS.
  • Enchanted Thrillsteel: Turns out the Dawnstrider boots also make the 18% AS Enchant also Linger, which is very OP!
  • Enhance on 6L: Taking advantage on the 6L on Axe with Enhance to give us even more Quality bonus on top of Ashes.
  • Sniper's Mark & Anomalous Blood Rage: I mention these two together because I swapped Poacher's to Sniper's, because it's way more DPS and with Anomalous Blood Rage we no longer need a way to gain Frenzy on bosses which Poacher's gave us.
  • Phantasmal Ancestral Protector: Combined with Ashes and Enhance Support, the Phantasmal version grants us an additional 74% increased Totem Buff Effect, which with add to the 100% Inc. Effect from Boots, plus the 50% from Panopticon, for a total 224% Inc. Totem Buff Effect.
  • Sanctified Relic: With Precise Technique or Call to Arms or Iron Grip or Point Blank all work the same, so pick the cheapest IMO. (btw, PoB doesn't calculate Relics, so I have 101 points in the PoB Export below, so Precise Technique gets calculated.

Here's a short GIF of K'tash with Nimis:

And here's the full Juiced Map Showcasing Nimis:

YouTube: 3.20 Nimis Juiced Mapping Showcase

Atlas Mapping Strat:


Finally, the latest PoB:


GL & Enjoy!

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