[3.22] CheapBunny's Artillery Ballista Deadeye | Wilma's Requital

Updated to 3.22 - Trial of The Ancestors League
Added POB for 3.22, no change to the build

Previous Version Update

3.21 Crucible League- Changes to the build

1. Sanctified Relic is no longer available in 3.21, we will get the Ghost Dance keystone from passive tree instead.

2. Non-Damaging Ailment effect is removed from "Elemental Mastery" in 3.21

Removed the entire Elemental passive cluster. Because of this non-damaging ailment effect removal, "Fury of Nature" forbidden jewels has become more important in 3.21 for ubers content.

3. Spell Suppress chance apply to Critical Strike chance is removed from "Spell Suppression Mastery" in 3.21
Replaced the Spell Suppression mastery with "+1 Power Charge" notable, combined with the power charge buff in 3.21, we only lose 30% increased critical chance.

As the build become more rely on power charge to gain critical chance, "Blind Support" on Frenzy setup will be replaced by "Increase Critical Strike Support" to allow more reliable power charge generation.

4. 10% maximum life is removed from "Life Mastery" in 3.21. The mastery will be replaced with additional life nodes on passive skill tree.

Build of the Week Season 11 Episode 2

It has been while since last time I played a totem build and I think this is my first ever bow attack totem build. I make this build because I wanted to play with the new helmet "Wilma's Requital", surprisingly this build does crazy damage, has good mobility and decent defense. What's better is the budget is not too high either considering it can do all uber bosses rather easily. Overall this build feels really good, definitely recommend to try out this build if you are ok with totem playstyle.

Build Thought

This build is built around "Wilma's Requital" unique helmet.

The idea is to abuse the mod "Increase to cast speed also apply to attack speed. By using buff that increase both attack speed and cast speed, the helmet essentially double the buff effect for attack.

The buffs that increase both attack speed and cast speed I used this this build:
i) Haste Aura

I further buff the Haste aura effect by using

Since sublime vision disable all other aura, I take "Supreme Ego" keystone to buff Haste aura even more.

Ultimately the haste aura is providing 110% attack speed ((24% + 24%) x (1 + 23% + 38%) x 1.42)

ii) Frenzy Charge

Players gain more Damage and increased Attack and Cast Speed for each Frenzy Charge they have

4% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge
4% increased Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge
4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge

iii) Onslaught

Sleepless Sentries
20% increased Totem Duration
You have Onslaught if you've Summoned a Totem Recently

Onslaught Grants 20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed.

Why Deadeye instead of Raider?
We already got so many attack speed from Haste aura, attack speed bonus from Raider ascendancy will provide much less value to dps. Deadeye ascendancy on the other hand provide so much "more" multiplier to damage (extra projectiles, far shot, tailwind and mark effect).

Why Elemental Bow instead of Physical Bow?
Physical Bow needs Hatred Aura to be good, and since we can only have Haste aura in this build, Elementa Bow would be a better option.

Why Artillery Ballista?

"Wilma's Requital" has a keystone "Ancestral Bond" on it, which means I cannot deal damage myself, and need to use totem/ballista to deal damage instead. Since we got double attack speed effect, attack totem/ballista would be the way to go.

It actually can be any Ballista or Bow skill with Ballista support, I find Artillery Ballista the best after testing a few other skill. Feel free to try out other skills, and find the one that is best for you.


The Forbidden Sanctum League

T16 Estuary + Baran

T16 Minotaur

Sanctum Final Floor - Lycia

Uber Cortex

Uber Maven

Uber Uber Elder

Uber Eater of World

Simulacrum Wave 30

Skill Tree (POB)

(This POB is only for skill tree sharing purpose, make sure you read through the gears/skill gem section below as the gears/skill gem in the POB might not be complete.)

Kill all bandits.
17 Aug 2023 - [POE 3.22] 97 lvl skill tree (Latest)
(Added "Non-Forbidden Jewel" version passive skill tree in the POB, "Default" version will still be using Forbidden Jewels)

6 Apr 2023 - [POE 3.21] 97 lvl skill tree
(Added "Non-Forbidden Jewel" version passive skill tree in the POB, "Default" version will still be using Forbidden Jewels)

20 Jan 2023 - [POE 3.20] 97 lvl skill tree

30 Dec 2022 - [POE 3.20] 96 lvl skill tree

28 Dec 2022 - [POE 3.20] 96 lvl skill tree


Level with any bow skill you like together with a ballista skill, use Wrath/Anger aura before you can use "Wilma's Requital".

When you are able to use "Wilma's Requital", swap into pure ballista build (frenzy as support skill), and start using Haste aura.

My leveling tree suggestion if you need one:
33points/66points leveling tree




Gathering Winds -> Far Shot -> Endless Munitions -> Focal point



Early/Mid Game
Ele Dps rare Bow

End Game
High Ele Dps rare Bow

Critical chance is not so important on weapon, because the build will hit 100% crit chance with brittle anyway. Accuracy is more important because the build cant use precision aura.

Projectile speed and critical strike multiplier is also good on the weapon suffix.


Early/Mid Game
Life/Ele Dmg Rare Quiver or

End Game
Life/Projectile Speed/Bow damage/Crit Mult/STR & INT

(Projectile speed is important for this build, prioritize getting high proj speed on quiver)


Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Helmet

End Game

(Enchant : Artillery Ballista Fire 2 additional Arrows)

If you cannot find the enchant on POE trade, you can use tainted mythic orb on corrupted Solaris Circlet with the enchant, there is chance to turn it into "Wilma's Requital", not sure what is the odds, but I personally got it in 5 tries. Or just pay a lab runner to enchant for you.

Body Armour

Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Body Armour

End Game
Life/Spell Suppression/High EV/Resis Rare Body Armour

(Eldritch Implicit : Increase Haste Aura Effect/Critical Strike Damage Multiplier for attack)

Try to get at least 1500 evasion on the body armour, this will be the main source of Evasion because the build cannot use Grace Aura.


Early[ Game
Life/Resis Rare Gloves

Mid Game
Life/Resis/Attack Speed Rare Gloves

End Game

(Corrupted Implicit : +1 Maximum Frenzy Charge)


Early/Mid Game
Movement Speed/Life/Resis Rare Boots

End Game
Movement Speed/Spell Suppress/Life/Resis Rare Boots

(Eldritch Implicit : Increased action speed)
(Enchant : Add lightning damage if you haven't killed recently)


Early Game
Life/Resis Rare Belts

Mid/End Game
Life/Ele attack damage/Resis Rare Stygian Vise Belt


Early/Mid Game
Life/Ele Damage/Resis Rare Amulet

(Anointment : Ash, Frost and Storm)

End Game
Life/-mana cost/Str/Int/Ele Damage/Resis Rare Amulet

(Anointment : Whispers of Doom)

This build is lacking INT, you can get INT on tree early/mid game, try to get as much INT as possible on your amulet in late game to free up passive points.

(Non-Channeling skill have -mana cost on rare rings or amulet (at least 2))


Early/Mid Game
Life/Crit Mult/Ele Damage/Resis Rare Rings

End Game

(Non-Channeling skill have -mana cost on rare rings or amulet (at least 2))


Abyss Jewel (Belt)
Chance to blind/Mana Regen/Life

Unique Jewel

Cluster Jewel

Legion Jewel

(Slot in specific jewel socket, refers to POB)

Look for the following mods
i) Chance to intimidate on hit (must have)
(I got chance to intimidate on hit on my sanctified relic, so I don't have it on the jewel)

ii) Chance to do double damage
iii) % maximum life


Optional End Game Flask

Suggest to get this flask if you plan to farm high tier juiced map.

Gem Link

6L Artillery Ballista (Weapon)

6L Frenzy (Body Armour)

4L Haste/Sniper Mark

3L SteelSkin

4L Curse/Movement Skills

Build Related Info

Abhorrent Interrogation Gloves Interaction with Totems and Adjustment made to the build

As confirmed by GGG in the "Build of the Week" video (3:20), withering support from the frenzy setup does not increase the damage dealt by totem. GGG also confirmed in the same video (3:03) that the totems can inflict wither (from Abhorrent Interrogation) and have their damage output increased.

I think that implies whither inflicted by the character only increase damage dealt by character itself, and whither inflicted by the totems only increase damage dealt by totems.

If the above is true, there is no need to have "Withering Touch Support" in the frenzy setup. I have updated the 6l frenzy link to replace "Withering Touch Support" and "Barrage Support" with "Blind Support" and "Maim Support".

(Barrage support is also not needed anymore, because we no longer need to hit a single target multiple times to inflict as many wither as we can.)

Defensive Layers

I have seen quite some comments saying this build is a glass cannon which is not true. This build might not be the tankiest build I have made, but to say this build is glass cannon is a bit overkill.

Why the build's defense look bad in POB (maybe offense as well)?

I personally am not good at configuring POB, I only use POB to plan out skill tree, at best I tick some obvious buff to check what are the better nodes/support gems for DPS, I mostly ignore defense configurations in POB, so the POB I shared normally do not show the full potential of the build.

Defenses used in this build

1. Decent evasion rating
Main source of flat evasion are from Body Armour and Flask

2. 100% spell suppression cap

3. Blind on hit

4. Ghost Dance
I have Ghost Dance on my sanctified relic so I dont take it on the tree, and hence is not showing in POB. You can take the keystone on tree if you dont want to get it on sanctified relic, it is just 2 point away.

5. 20% Sap prolif
With "Fury of Nature" from forbidden jewel and Secrets of Suffering keystone, this build can apply 20% Sap to entire screen, which is equivalent to 20stack fortification.

6. CWDT Steelkin

7. Fast movement and Totem playstyle
This build has over 100% increase move speed, together Totem playstyle, make it pretty safe if play cautiously.

8. Progenesis flask and Wellspring of Creation Atlas Keystone
These two are great defenses that can be used on almost any build. This build has excessive damage, you should play with Wellspring of Creation Atlas Keystone all the time.

9. Pantheon
Soul of Lunaris/Garukhan for mapping
Soul of Araakali/Ryslatha for bossing

10. More defense
IF you need more defense, you can drop some offensive nodes on the tree and take more defense, this build has more than enough offense.

For instance, "5% of Damage from Hits is taken from your nearest Totem's Life before you" is a great alternative totem mastery if you want to have more defense.

Could this build level to 100 solo?

Yes, I see a lot comments saying I buy 5ways to get to lvl100.
Here is the video I chaining corrupted rare t16 to level 100

My other build guide
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17 Aug 2023
- Updated POB skill tree to 3.22

6 Apr 2023
- Updated POB skill tree to 3.21
- Removed Sanctified Relic
- Added "Non-Forbidden Jewel" version passive skill tree in POB
- Change the Artillery Ballista 6L to be socketed in weapon instead of body armour (swap with Frenzy setup) due to possible Crucible additional support passives
- Replaced "Blind Support" on Frenzy setup with "Increase Critical Strike Support"

20 Jan 2023
- Replaced Precursor's Emblem with a Rare Ring (the build now has 75% chaos res)
- Added new cluster jewel for Sleepless Sentries Notable
- Updated POB skill tree
- Replaced "Withering Touch Support" and "Barrage Support" with "Maim Support" and "Blind Support" for 6L frenzy

1 Jan 2023
- Updated amulet crafted mod to use -mana cost mod instead of mana regen
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Looks Fun, I'm going to give it a whirl!
was looking for a balista build as raider and found this build which looks good. i have 2 question tho. why are you using withering step in your frenzy setup and is ancestral bond really worth it?
nbd_de wrote:
was looking for a balista build as raider and found this build which looks good. i have 2 question tho. why are you using withering step in your frenzy setup and is ancestral bond really worth it?

I am using this glove, applying wither will increase my elemental damage. I use the helmet mainly because the mod "Increase and reduction to cast speed apply to attack speed", but ancestral bond is nice to have as well. If it wasn't ancestral bond on the helmet, I might not go ballista for this build.
Nice , gonna try it , you think 10 divs is enough to start with ?
raanis wrote:
Nice , gonna try it , you think 10 divs is enough to start with ?

Yes, this build can start with cheap gear.
cheapbunny wrote:
raanis wrote:
Nice , gonna try it , you think 10 divs is enough to start with ?

Yes, this build can start with cheap gear.

great build.. is the build squish?? im playing a miner with great damge, but im geting lots of HKs
andrelb1 wrote:
cheapbunny wrote:
raanis wrote:
Nice , gonna try it , you think 10 divs is enough to start with ?

Yes, this build can start with cheap gear.

great build.. is the build squish?? im playing a miner with great damge, but im geting lots of HKs

The survivability is ok, this video is me leveling 4hours to level 100 and never die once https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA32sXgCVAY.

This build does not use normal determination/grace/defiance banner combo, defense layers this build uses is more complicated and uncommon compared to other build, so I would imagine this build will be squisher for newer player with less experience if they don't fully understand the defenses this build using.

I almost play with keystone "Wellspring of Creation" atlas keystone all the time. This is the most underrated defense in POE in my opinion.
Last edited by cheapbunny on Dec 31, 2022, 6:41:32 PM
Ive been really wanting to build around Wilma’s also, cast speed turning into attack speed really intrigues me.

I decided to try to craft a bow using deafening misery essences (up to 49% cast speed). I made a very mediocre Solarine bow.

Also, for onslaught, I’m going to use the sleepless sentries cluster passive and replace the precursor’s emblem with a corrupted doedre’s damning for a lot of resist and extra curse, then take a different annoint.

The pob dps only takes into consideration if an enemy only gets hit once by each attack right? But artillery ballista has a high chance of overlapping hits? I’ve never used this skill but I’m looking forward to playing around with it.

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