[3.20 HC] Hierophant Black Cane Storm Burst Totems--Pinnacle Bosses down (Videos)

Elder and all his guardians down. On my way to the shaper and Sirius. Serious things will start now (Uber Elder after that).

This is by far the best course I did in a league, as an average player. Lvl 91 now (this is my 4th and last reroll this league!). I made a lot of currency in heist, its very easy to do Greater Heist Rewards with this build.

This is a realy cool build, with a lot of defensive layers . I have 79% all ele res + a capped 75% chaos resist. My next improvement will be a better helmet, cause mine isnt optimised I need the concentrated effect craft.
Thanks again Orion :)
This is the kind of feedback that keeps me posting these builds. Keep it up!

Any update for 3.21, I know a few things changed. I used this build for all content except Ubers last league and it was amazing, hit lvl 96 without any power levelling, by far the furthest I've ever taken a char. Going to run it again now since I started 2 chars this league and haven't enjoyed either as much.
Nothing new for us in 3.21. Very glad to hear the build went well for you. Always makes me happy. Good luck!


Edit: I am sure there are some beneficial trees for the cane and for the shield, I just havent gotten into that aspect of the league anough to have a clear idea what to shoot for. Experimentation seems worthwhile.

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