[3.22] Self Cast Discharge Assassin: One shot guardians

I am currently doing this build (I followed the 3.17 version instead cuz I didn't see the 3.22 version). This is my current gear. My question is, is it fine to use Timeclasp as the second ring also? Also, will the 3.17 version be good to use with bloodnotch + petrified blood?

Is anyone running ralakesh impatience having issues swapping between weapon sets?
dont get baited boys

made this build. getting 1 shot by 1 projectile in yellow maps at level 79, you cant take a single hit or you're dead

its legit a cast on death portal build, because if you dont press discharge while the mobs are still at the edge of your screen, you're dead to the 1 projectile

regen doesnt matter because you're getting 1 hit

love wasting my time on POS builds
I actually am LOVING this build.

You have to adjust the playstyle a little, that's true, but it's super solid and seeing screen of mobs getting OBLITERATED is great.

You have to invest a bit into it though, I'm not a power gamer but I think at least 40-50 divines must be spent to make the build really shine.

Like clockwork makes a lot of difference, and corrupted and well rolled helmet is very important too.
Hello guys,

I'm really glad i've found this topic.

I played a different version of discharge assassin, based on this guy' builds : https://www.youtube.com/@rasen_nax/videos

The big difference is that he doesnt use the unique helmet, which opens up for a +1 power charge helmet (+2 if you're lucky with corrupting it) and easier access to defences.

Discharge is socketed in body armour with a 6 links traditionnal setup.

Also you can use whatever rings you want, because you get the reduced duration from Window of Opportunity and don't use 5 or 6 curses, so no need of Anathema.

I plan on playing discharge assassin next league, but right now I just don't know what version of it. HALP PLZ.

What do you guys think of advantages/inconvenients of both builds?

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