3.18 Kami‘s Uber Tank CoC Cold Reap Inquisitor | HC viable | High Budget | good dps & clearspeed

Is it build good as leage starter?
BigRedStar wrote:
Is it build good as leage starter?

its High Budget as title says so no way its a good league starter, you can play different inquisitor build and swap if u gather enough currency

@xXx_Kamikaze_xXx are you going to update it for 3.19? Melding and mastery nerf kinda hurts. Also do you think its worth doing this build without a mageblood?
Mostly not, nerfed amulet, nerfed defences, no determistic items crafting.
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The versions of this that are running aren't too bad. The dps can get explosive, but it's slow. It's not a good league start
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Hi I am a console player which recently started playing your build, but I feel the damage is too low, can you tell me how to scale more damage in this build?

here is my POB: https://pastebin.com/M8z396Kq
Putting together this build but on lower budget (no mageblood, lower max resists). Hopefully I'll be able to farm and afford a mageblood someday for it.

These are the things I managed to put together so far:
with the legacy mods I used, nerfed crafting an no recombinators, it’s probably getting hard the build to work. Probably its better to start of as a self cast reap and if you swim in money you can craft the gear

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