3.18.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

This is still Path Of Exile: Immortal. Maybe next time don't joke about Diablo Immortal as you may end up in a worse spot than it.
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Crashing my client so it can apply the update... nice restartless patch no one cares about...

Fix the damn Monster Mods so people can actually play and enjoy the game... This shit is ridiculous.
Guys fire skeleton hit hard even with 80% fire res. pls check on them
Sentinel: fight 500 seconds vs a 5 rare mobs whats drop nothing after being finally killed. Rares now put to a shame even uber bosses, acts and map bosses not even near here. So yeah. All balance went nuts.

All you want to know about league.
And 3.18 at whole.

Seems properly tested!

Rare mods and auras are totally out of control, finally. Logical finishing of the ultimatum case.
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Please let me choose to use the guild stash as primary. So when I buy from a vendor it takes from the guild stash. Me and a friend has shared stash but annoying we has to keep currency in the normal stash so vendor kan buy gem ect.
Remove Archnemesis mods.
They've ruined every aspect of the game.
Rakie1337 wrote:
we only really care about monster mods GGG.

we hate the absolute hell out of them. This is a bigger nerf to player power than the gem gutting.

I can't believe it's humanly possible to nerf any build and have a playable game in 3.19.

To balance this they have to either restore gem power, or straight up fucking delete this nonsense that many of us hated and NEVER interacted with in the first place.

I don't care what you guys at GGG think. No rare monster should live more than 10 seconds if you have 2m DPS.

Some of these rare mobs and essences are harder than pinnacle bosses, i'm not even kidding. A very mildly juiced T10 3essence +2 mod rare takes like MINUTES to kill.

Everything has like 90% resistance and 100% spell suppression.

Problem (3.18): Rare are stronger than unique mobs.

Solution (3.19): Buff unique bosses so they have 10+ archnem mods.
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I do not understand what the developers were guided by by adding mods to mobs. You just randomly wrote these mods, and did not check what you did. I don't know what these abilities are called. When balls of poison and fire fly behind you, or when electric poles appear that teleport to the character. It's just a brain explosion. These mods need to be removed from the game. Especially when playing as a necromancer, when there are summons around you, you just don't see these skills, and you die in most cases.
When rare enemies without sentinel usage drops loot?
"This player has no Hideout in this league." bug is back after this patch.

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