3.18.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

jontrollvolta wrote:
Glad to see patches for challenges for content 90% of the players cant do.. fix your game revert back to old mods and lets have a good league

im with you.
fk archnemesis.
game too hard i am very upset
that's cool but it still feels bad... :|
No real change about archnemesis mod? so we have to play as a metaslave or leave?
cya guys and good luck!
Please stop dragging this out and revert the archnemesis changes, the game is not fun when you rip 5 times every single map because of some archnemesis stunlock shotgun bullshit :(

You know exactly that you will never be able to fix all those, absolutely never ever.
Last edited by Tymax_ on May 16, 2022, 5:32:46 AM
First, 3 people in total care about challenge fixes. WHY ARE YOU FIXING
Second, I don't know if you're aware but people can't play league mechanics. PS: While the rares are strong enough, make them stronger with sentinel?
If it continues like this, the league ends before it starts :D
You are destroying everyone's hype and enjoyment of the game.
Great changes!
Any plans on fixing mobs? Because if not, what's the point of leveling. Those mobs are simply not fun, and make absolutely no sense. Several times more time to kill rare than actual boss, no sense and not fun. And it's not hard tbh it's just not fun, i could imagine in red maps it would be dangerous, but still not hard. More ttk and more boring not equal hard, and smthng u can't dodge not equal hard. Just hire testers who actually played the game and understand what's happening.

Also who is that genius who decided to combine those changes with this league mechanic? :) Sometimes i think there is an imposter in GGG who is trying to kill the game. It's so hard to understand how it all went to actual update, literally insane monster buff with league mechanic which empowering monsters. After 3 nerfes those monsters are still absurdly tanky with absurd amount of dmg, and whole league is based around empowering those monsters. I cannot xD
Just reduce HP of rare mobs with more than 2 mods by x10 already. Thanks.

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