3.18.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

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Ppls are so flabbergasted by the harsh impact of rare mods that there is almost no talk about the league mechanic.
How could be if even without them littul empowereres its so dangerous to be around Wraeclast... I pity those trying to play hc, streamers/nolifers/1%percenters excluded.

So, i strongly think the timer on sentinels should be removed; let them be around until the charges are expended...maybe with a kill button like delirium, in case u wind up on one of those uncrackable moded rare for your particular build...and u have time to react.

With the timer in place, there is a sense of fomo which rush u around trying to get every charge count, which lead to powering too many rares/magics or whatnot, which lead to pain...to suffering..yadda yoda.

Also that remote control node "sentinel can not empower white monsters" makes no sense, since in the seconds its live a normal no zoom-zoom build cant cover entire map to empower all rares/magics around. Or u can, if its a heavily juiced map or other rare heavy mechanics employed, in which case gods have mercy on your soul.

No good in any case for the average joe player; i really wonder how t did passed QA and game testing in this stage.
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Zenshii wrote:
I pity those trying to play hc

I'm having fun in HC, actually.

Because it's not all about you.
GGG: We encourage players to try various skills
Mob: Kill! Kill all players without rewarding them
Player: Only OP's skills can be played
Boss:We don't seem to be very strong
CHRIS WOLCEN "if GGG keeps designing their game with only the 0.1% in mind, they will eventyually end up with only 0.1% of their playerbase at best. I bet player retention is already on the worst first week it has ever been. Consider on top of that the game also revolves around trading and you have the perfect storm for so much hate towards the path the game is taking.

Chris Wilson keeps refering to Diablo 1 and 2 all the time. The only difference is Diablo 1 and 2 have been the same balance-wise for roughly 20 years and the solo experience was the core of it. That is the reason why Pluggy was such a succesful "hack". If you install Diablo 2 LOD now and start playing as Sorceress to make a Frozen Orb build, you know exactly what to expect.

POE keeps changing so much in areas that render many skills and builds utterly useless, and that is simply bad design and does not have player experience in mind. For instance, POE currently does not have any satisfying melee physical attack viable builds.

Blade Flurry, Boneshatter, Cleave, Cyclone, Double Strike, Dual Strike, Heavy Strike, Lacerate, Perforate, Puncture, Reckoning, Riposte, Shield Charge, Shield Crush, Sweep and Vengeance : all trash.

You cannot league start with any of these and expect to reach late game (late game being: The Feared, +400 depth Delve, 30 waves Simulacrum) in a 3 month time frame - if ever at all - even if you play 12 hours a day.

What kind of ARPG is that that you simply cannot start by picking a sword and hitting things and end the game in the same way but with a better bigger sword? POE is currently a Hack 'n Slash with no hack and no slash, only pew-pew from a mile distance.

You have to check 99999999 boxes of defensive layers, skills and weapon requirements that result in only a handful of caster builds being beginner, league starter and SSF friendly.

So much of the late game revolves around "DPS" checks it is silly: you either insta 100 million damage burst the boss so that you avoid the utter mess of unfun mechanics (eg. Sirus, Maven, Aul, Olroth etc. invulnerable phases) or you are in a world of pain. There is no DPS - damage per second - as in a attrition fight. You either burst and run for your life or you fail.

Any physical attack melee skill in the game require multiple mirror-worth equipment to just barely match what some caster skills can do with chaos-worth equipment.

If any player wants to go and try to play a barbarian archetype character, they will simply fail. It is impossible. What kind of RPG is that that you cannot equip a two handed melee weapon, hit things and tank damage?

Why do you that to your playerbase, GGG?" _____Lagartootemido
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