3.18.0 Hotfix 3

3.18.0 Hotfix 3

These changes apply to all new areas entered after the time these notes were posted.
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Please fix joining hideouts!
This Bug report
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Any plans to change kill rare enemies with x mods type of challenges?
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Good... thank you.
But even with lowered risk, maybe the reward stil needs improvement? At least AN used to drop some guaranteed rares or whatever, now... mostly nothing.
We will probably see more hotfixes to rares within the next 24 hours as they are still insanely powerful and that is without sentinels. I have hardly had chance to use them because any melee build just gets wiped out by the rares even before we use the sentinels. I feel like you need a ranged build this league to stand back and try kill the mobs off screen.
Just revert to nemesis mods. Playing yellow maps is a shitshow of oneshots now.
My condolences to all HC players that need to beta test this disaster for this small indie company.

If this is your direction for Poe2 then you'll gonna lose a lot of players to other Hack and slash games
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this is still not enough when my lvl 93 RF gets killed in unjuced t16 maps its insane please fix
will see
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Can we just get the damage and defenses lowered already? The current implementation of these archnemesis mobs is complete trash. It's literally unplayable and we're dancing around like "oh maybe we'll give them one mod instead of 2."

If this was my first time ever playing PoE, I would never play again from this mob experience.

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