3.18.0 Hotfix 3

I just pray they get rid of the stupid yellow explodey balls that appear 20 at a time under your feet in the mess of spam all over your screen and 1 shot you. Like who the hell thought that was a fun and challenging mechanic? It is literally just annoying as hell. Its not like it does a reasonable amount of damage, it is just insane and troll. I find it hard to believe that with these new trash mods that this league will have any amount of player retention.
Bring the new AN modifiers and monsters more in line with pre-3.18 rares/blues. And tone down their abilities so they're not build disabling and beginner destroying anymore. And if you add AN, then just give out some AN loot. Heck, add Treant Horde and all that. But toned down, loot and difficulty wise.
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Bollocks, can we have 6 mods and bomb these pussies
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DÉSPAIR wrote:
Lol, really easier to do all these gymnastics than admitting that the rework is a failure and reverting it?

I actually think the idea is good -- but the implementation is.. not so great.

- They need to obviously scale things, early on to later on

- These modifiers seem to be on some bosses randomly?

- These modifiers stacking with other league stuff is absolutely NUTTTY... Just insane.

Some of these rare monsters are harder than Maven bosses. It's kind of insane what they did, and or, didn't think of.

Frankly, these mobs are harder then they were in Archnemesis...

So much went wrong -- and 3.17 was *so damn good*, was really hoping they nailed 3.18.

Still time to fix it tho
I don't see this league being alive for more than a week. New/returning players have to be getting turned off by the 1 shots and tankyness that was implemented for no reason. On top of that, they scaled the literal hell out of magic/rare monsters, and the reward to the player for fighting these are: less drops and exp penalties for deaths, literally nothing else. Archnemesis was kind of a trash league and an absolutely skippable mechanic and they had to have seen this. To force players to play that trash tier mechanic 21798 each map is kind of stupid.
Hey ggg, how do i suppose to play your league if i getting killed by rares every minute. Ur QA uses a god mode during the tests¿ this league is unplayable dude
Going through acts is dreadful and completely anti-fun with these modifiers, if I was a new player or old player coming back, I would just leave.

Game is in a worst state with these rare/magic mobs modifiers. Some modifiers nullify builds, especially since you can get multiple groups with different mods together. I look forward to doing Innocence act 5 with 2 link than doing rare mobs with modifiers with a 4 link, way easier.

Nobody is talking about certain mobs getting certain modifiers is death.
In acts you don't get the chance to invest properly in defenses - if you play witch, you go energy shield, because it's mostly natural. You go in Shavrone's tower in act 6, you are at the final floor before the final boss - you get 10 magic mobs with assassin.
Let me illustrate to you what happens, you draw their attention. Needless to say you are already dead - if you manage to live with a small fraction of your hp, you are still dead as you are 100% surrounded and cannot move.

Respawn at checkpoint, waste 5-10 minutes going back to the floor again, try to run to boss directly, dead immediately (guess what, shavrone's tower is linear, not open space, got to go through those mobs, tp insta kill assassin because you use ES, no armor or evasion)
Respawn again, mobs are at the entrance to the floor, so if you breathe you are dead.

My fault for not having tabula rasa in act 6 with leveling items yet so that everything dies if i look at if funny, need to go back and farm currency i guess (where do you even do that before act 6 I wonder? To low level for chaos recipe, got to check guides).

I know i can just reset the map. Never in my life did i think in Poe that i need to reset a map because of MAGIC mobs.
Please change Rejuvenating so it doesn't disable life and energy regen.
It would be better to just lowers it by #%.
The way it is now, it disables builds such as righteous fire.
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Waiting for "Mob's now spawn without archnemesis buffs"...

And the fix will be enough.
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Morgoth2410 wrote:
Please change Rejuvenating so it doesn't disable life and energy regen.
It would be better to just lowers it by #%.
The way it is now, it disables builds such as righteous fire.

It also disables cwdt loop builds and other builds that rely on life regen...It's ok, they "want build diversity"
Never invite Vorana, Last To Fall at a beer party.

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