3.18.0 Hotfix 3

So far I'm quite enjoying it, though I could see it being more difficult for those with subpar builds. I'm preferring the archnem mobs to the previous system - though I do agree with the sentiment of lacklustre drops on difficult mod combo rares.

With regards to sentinel-enhanced mobs, I have no issue with them aside from playstyle I guess, the Stalker forces me to run through packs and then go back on them, since I don't really have the time on the sentinel to blast through them. I would overlook this but I'm currently only dropping Stalkers, I've had like 1 of each of the other two so far. I imagine this will even out more later on.

//also, while unlikely, any chance of getting an Atlas passive notable branching off Valley of Darkness for a "Rare monsters in your maps have a X% chance to have an additional modifier"?? For those who liked the older difficulty?
Developers: "Boss, are we finally nerfing those Headhunters ?"
Chris: "Guys, you are going to get me in big trouble"
Devs: "We got a solution, Mods not stacking anymore"
Chris: "yeah but that's killing the fun of HH..."
Devs: "No worries boss, here is the thing, we make all rares and Magic monsters carry the new Archnemesis mods, they are super OP! Players will love it"
Chris: "Sounds good, do we need to test it?"
Devs: "Nah, we good."

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