Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

Oh well another DD gauntlet incoming.
zsirfoka wrote:
Lovely how low challengers(20-) cry about skipping next league. They were not doing much this league either so they won't be missed.

Some ppl are just never satisfied with improvements like map passive tree(best thing after 3.0) or more uber bosses and backcap next league before even trying. These kind of ppl are not being missed.

big guy with 40 challenges eh ? you watch everyone else on top to down like big daddy. 99% players optain theyr challenges without doing them and enyoy the game. so stop mock everyone else to your cup of mindset lmao
fk archnemesis.
Sorry GGG but when you will get that - systems every leagued that I have to learn and on top of that they are completely random ....

Casual players cannot catch up with all of that and we do not have the chance of trying 10000 times combining to get the best one (that cannot drop)

I get you want to have something for someone and with the atlas passive tree you are 110% on point , but the crafting ....

We need clear path of upgrades - not to be the only one path but let me chose if I want to spend my time (yes , that is the currency I bring ) with clear goal.
Example: All systems that are time locked - let me decide if I want to spend to clear delirium mirror for 30 min/map - it is my time. Do not take away the option to have tanky slow character. It is RPG - so please , please let me Role play as old dude that slowly but surely will conquer all that lies ahead.

I understand how hard it is as most of the people are fast one click clear wannabies but they are the one who are leaving in the first month or two and guys like me are sticking till the last days.

Again - core game mechanics are perfect for allowing me to play more like I want keep up the good work.
And please think how the crafting can be more deterministic and with clear path ahead ( the new boss influences are one of my favorite things )

Thank you for the hard work, Hope this massage if reached is understood in the good manner it was intended.

So u nerfing HH the most OG item in the game but mageblood is still there OP and boring at the same time....:(
With Vinktar Square banned how can we get Vessel of Vinktar?
Can't wait to play on Friday. :)
b0b3334 wrote:
With Vinktar Square banned how can we get Vessel of Vinktar?

the map still exists, it's not going away.
It's just going away from Atlas so you don't have to finish it in order to gain all your atlas passive points.

This and Doryani's Machinarium were league specific maps. The latter one was especially annoying, only dropping from Delve bosses at a low chance. It was going for 5 exalted orbs. This is ridiculous price for a map that doesn't drop anything good, it's just rare and comes from fringe, unpopular content.

There is no reason for this to be on atlas tree.
Hall of Grandmasters also isn't included there. Nor is Cortex or any other Synthesis Map. Well sorta... Maven Invitations do give an atlas point, but not the map itself.
Amazing. I am working and studying, but I will play this expansion if I have to sleep 5 hours per day if need be. I will play the hell out of this expansion. Just the *no nerfs* feature is enough to get me mega hyped. POG
This is the best patch note ever, thank you GGG !!

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