[3.20] Hollow Palm Cyclone Build | Slayer | Forbidden Sanctum | Path of Exile 3.20

I've got a couple of questions.

1) How do you get the accuracy rating higher than max life?
2) How to obtain the Jewel (+8 passive skills etc) which creates the branch for hollow palm.
3) In which order to allocate the ascendancy points?
4) What's the best way on managing the resistances?

Do I understand correctly that in order for this build to do dmg you need:
* Accuracy higher than life
* Hollow Palm
* As much as dex as you can

I'm currently lvl 55 and it takes so much time to kill bosses and rares. Even some of them I can't deal with. Probably the issue is that I used this as a league starter and can't even use Hollow Palm.
I picked up the weathered hunter notable in the passive tree and for the mastery i used:

Dexterity's accuracy bonus instead grants +3 accuracy per dexterity

that mastery point got me to 7000+ accuracy
Why Behead? I can't find a definitive answer on weather or not Behead, or even multistrike, work w/ Dancing Dervish.
I'm loving this build, my The Dancing is at 169% Phy Dmg, because it's a "legacy" but the Global Acc is at 40%.

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My build turned out fine. Good to play at the beginning of the league
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How do you guys deal with bleeding & corrupted blood? I just seem to die in decent amount of times due to it. Somehow it feels like Endless hunger is not working or I'm not leeching life. Although my life leech is 0.8% from any attack damage.

Any ideas what is going on?
there is a mastery that u can pick up that gives immunity to corrupted blood or i just put it on my life potion
Hello and thanks for this guide, leveling one, playing sunder for now (fan of sunder and works really well with conqueror efficiency for mana efficiency) i'll switch to cyclone later.

Is there any way to make the fortify nodes "better" ? i understand that you take the -3 max fortitude but fortify on hit to get more defense, but we then loose the +40% increased damage while at 20 fortitude. Just to be sure : no way to get fortify another way (no weapon to corrupt) or get a +3 max fortitude (the other mastery is quite far) ? Changing support gems seems a bit too much of damage loss...
So i'm asking if anyone tried another configuration for fortify, see if it'd be woth the change in tankiness/damage.

there is a unique belt that fortify on stun and gives u onslaught. perseverance is what its called but isnt a good fit for the build
Why go Rampart if you can't get +20 Fortify? Just wondering, new to building.

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