[3.19] Phemetos' Maw of Mischief Tri-Ailment / Chaos Ignite Golems | Budget Friendly Mapper/Bosser!

looks like armagedon brand is the best way to level up
according to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqmqn0gr9cM
which seems quiet similar
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Hello, Will you update this for 3.18 ?
Well with 3.18 not changing anything, I'm going to be league starting this build. Hopefully I can write more about the leveling process and I hope I can take this build further than before. Since Elden Ring and such won't get in the way.
Sounds good. Thanks

I am trying this for last build of the league.

Easy time leveling, SRS and minions. Double clayshapers at 41

Switched over at 73. Have Lords, but havent equipped yet.

Was doing t10's at level 76 pretty easy. Try red maps tomorrow.

Should be a good starter!

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Can I just go with any 6 link armour and maw of mischief? without both of the rings as they are quite pricey atm.
You don't even need a 6-link - the golem only ever gets 4-linked, the extra 2 sockets are just for other skills to share its supports.

I'm only L82 so still getting started, but I found the build great in low maps (despite the new rare mods) with just Maw and a Matua Tupuna for 3-linked golems. It was then noticeably improved by adding Berek's Respite and a couple of cheap cluster jewels. Far better than I expected to be doing for still missing so many key components.

The Blackflame is far more expensive, and optional, so I'm probably going to stick to fire damage. And planning around never being able to afford Ashes this league, so will have to think about final aura setup.

I'm trying to decide next priority to save up for right now. Offensively I'm fine, but I'd prefer a bit more defense for some of the extra content.

Overall though, this is one of the most fun, and effective, builds I've tried in ages.
Continuing to work on this guide as I work on my character. Still technically a league-start viable build, but im skeptical next league when spectre corpse is nerfed.

Need to fix some defenses before I finalize things
I plan on putting together your 3.17 build by Sat, I should be able to kragle everything but the ashes.

I was wondering how badly is our damaged gimped without it? What are our alternatives?

Also what is the prefer weapon?

I was looking at PoE Ninja and it looks like that unique claw or rare is being used the most over cold-point - now that you understand the math what is better between the 3?

- - -

Leveling was rough but the build seems quite powerful - EO feels wasted though T_T.
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Updated this for 3.18

This build has a lot of variety for how it can be built. in 3.18 I went full Spell Suppression and Elemental Ailment Immunity, trying to get tankier. Also now running Call of the Void on Blackflame Swap between mapping and bossing. Chills from Call of the Void provide SUPER slow bosses, as well as 15% less damage from the bosses.

Still need to do The Feared, but thats about it
Hey great build, your most recent POB shows your -10% mana reservation? Am I missing something here or could you help clarify.

-Thank you very much

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