[3.19] Phemetos' Maw of Mischief Tri-Ailment / Chaos Ignite Golems | Budget Friendly Mapper/Bosser!

Hey, with mirror of kalandra we can get up to 80% of increased maximum life on ring, it is better to get this or a polaric devastation ?

Edit: i just check on pob, with 2 ring (68% incr max life for minions and 67 max life for minions), my stone golem have 150k hp
But with only one ring, the stone golem have 130k but with polaric devastation i get more damage.
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How To proc Elemental Overload ?
Slightly updated for 3.19 with a new vid. Build still works, but not really budget friendly or leaguestart friendly. Aegis is a big oof these days.

I opted for a full block version w/ Mistress of Sacrifice jewels to keep the defenses high without having to dump 14 divines into an aegis.
Yup the fact that they put the golem jewel in dwelving, which is a mechanic that I hate and never did from the get go, is really hard take for me as I only play summoner golems for years.
Already I found that the change with the exalts and divines was kinda taking the piss on our years of loyalty and playing the game : basically telling you " well all your dollars now are shit currency, thanks for the years you played and bought content btw "

I am at the treshold that if they dont correct that next season, I ll just remove the game from my steam once and for all.

I tried to play EK ignite, I dont like it, I treally miss my golems ...

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