[3.19] The Orbital Striker Occultist - Hexblast Chaos Ignites leaguestarter to endgame

As of 3.20, damage of hexblast ignite was lowered by 37%, and cast time is almost doubled. This guide will sill not be updated for 3.20. If you want a 1 button igniter, just play fireball.

■ Welcome to this guide, exile! ■

You may know me from an old EDtrickster guide. However, Essence drain is currently very weak. I want to offer a similar playstyle suited for the 3.17 league and modern POE. Similar to ED, this build offers:

- Great smooth clearspeed
- Amazing tankyness
- All rounded utility
- Low singletarget

It's a hexblast ignite occultist, dealing chaos damage using the Blackflame unique ring.

■ Path of building ■

Progression PoBs

Path of building is a community tool to create and share builds.
Click Import > Import from website and paste the url of the loadout you want below.

Leaguestarter setup
Level 82 - ~2 EX budget - 1.5M dps on bosses - 6k ehp
This setup wil be able to do red maps up to tier 16 with ease, but will take about 10 seconds to kill map bosses. It is fairly squishy, but has enough defensive layers to feel comfortable despite the low raw life amount.

Endgame setup
Level 95 - ~15 EX budget - 3.5M pinnacle dps - 15k ehp
This setup is made to be comfortable doing all game content with. It is a well rounded setup between speed, damage and survivability.

Aspirational setup
Level 100 - 200+EX budget - 10-15M pinnacle dps - 25k ehp
This setup is made to be still absurdly durable and fast, while dishing out high singletarget to polish the character. Building a character like this is a wide league long goal that takes good understanding of crafting and ways to generate currency in the game. It is as strong as you can get without mirrored items or mageblood.
It sacrifices a bit of raw damage (still reaching over 10 million dps) to fit in a headhunter.

■ Videos ■

3.17 Regular T16 juiced gameplay

3.17 Wave 30 simulacrum (expensive setup)

3.17 Witnessed Uber elder

3.17 Maven

3.17 Sirus

■ Build concept and mechanics ■


Offence explanations

Offensively, the build uses Hexblast's large single hits to apply powerful ignites. With hexblast, all flat damage contribute to ignite calculation, including the base chaos damage of the skill.

Because we are an occultist, we have easy access to sources of chaos debuffs, such as Withered and negative chaos resistance.
The Blackflame unique ring allows us to make the enemy take chaos damage instead of fire to capitalize on these debuffs.

More technical information

Hexblast VS other skills

Hexblast is actually a very high damage skill for ignites, if not the best. Here is a comparison between hexblast and fireball (which is a popular choice for ignites), both linked with a level 20 added lightning gem:

Fireball is dealing : (2767+1845)/2 = 2306 average base damage
Hexblast is dealing : (2348+1565)/2 = 1956 average base damage
Added lightning (and other sources of flat damage with the same ratio) adds 188 average base damage

Since the added damage ratio on hexblast is 310% and fireball is 370%, added lightning support actually adds 582 damage on hexblast and 695 damage on fireball, puting the totals to:
Fireball : 2306 + 695 = 3001 base damage on a 2link
Hexblast : 1956 + 582 = 2538 base damage on a 2link


Hexblast deals 15% more damage per 5 doom on the detonated curse. Our maximum doom is 40, so hexblast actually deals 120% More damage. making it actually deal a total of 5584 base damage on a 2 link, which is a wooping 86% more ignite potential than fireball for the same investment!

TL/DR : Hexblast is broken for ignites.

Blackflame chaos conversion

Blackflame makes enemies take chaos damage instead of fire from ignites. We still deal fire damage (so chaos dot multiplier will NOT work), but enemies taking chaos enables many debuffs.

These debuffs are:

Withered for enemies take 90% increased damage. We have 55% increased effect of withered on the skill tree, so enemies actually take 140% increased damage!

Void beacon from the occultist ascendancy tobypass 20% of enemy chaos resistance.

Despair is a very overpowered curse compared to flamability, its fire based counterpart.

Defence explanations

In this build, we choose to build damage reductions around each damage type, rather than spell and attacks.

Physical damage mitigation
■ Mitigating physical damage is fairly straight forward using armour. We get a decent amount of armour using Determination, a Granite flask and Molten shell, as well as armour from our gear (mostly the shield Magna Eclipsis).
■ After physical damage is mitigated by armour, we take 40% less physical damage from the "while sane" buff on Doppelganger Guise.

Chaos damage mitigation
■ Chaos damage is easily mitigatd by our chaos resistance. We raise the maximum resistance to 80% using Divine flesh, a keystone created by Glorious vanity
■ Again, we take 40% less chaos damage from the "while sane" buff on Doppelganger Guise.

Elemental damage mitigation
■ Like most builds, we have the standard 75% elemental resistances.
■ We use Elemental aegis to have an extra buffer of health against elemental damage.
■ Lastly, we take 50% of elemental damage as chaos damage using Divine flesh. Since we have very good chaos damaage mitigation, this offers a great layer of defence against elemental damage too.

Generic damage mitigation
■ We double curse using enfeeble and temporal chains. This makes normal and magic enemies a non threat, as they deal 40% less damage to us while alive, and are significantly slowed.
■ We inflict malediction, making enemies deal 10% reduced damage
■ We use molten shell linked to Cast when damage taken (CWDT) to gain a large shield when it matters.
■ We have good recovery, with 30% life recoup, and decent regeneration using Vitality.

■ Gear and items ■


Finally, the core part of the build!
For each slot, multiple options are proposed, cheap to expensive and stronger, from left to right.

Main hand

Singularity is a decent starter option, that grants some damage and a defensive hinder aura. It's fairly weak, but still a well rounded option on a budget.
> League trade link

■ A good rare sceptre or wand will grant much better damage however, and should be looked after as soon as you feel damage being low.
> League trade link

Off hand

Magna eclipsis is a very good fix to our lower elemental mitigation, giving 1k elemental effective health. It also grants a good amount of life and armor, and bit of es buffer, which are exactly the stats we want on a lower budget.
> League trade link

■ For more damage (or if using Bastion of elements through forbidden jewels), it's a great idea to dual wield weapons.
On a very endgame setup with good mana reservation, you would want to craft Aspect of the spider (suffix) on one weapon.

■ On a very late and invested setup, you will lack energy shield and damage won't be a problem. It's then better to use a shield for the extra defences (life and max chaos res). They are fairly easy to make since +1 chaos gems is the only chaos prefix. Check the Aspirational PoB.
> No trade link available, craft it yourself

Body armor

Tabula rasa is, as always, a great budget option. This builds scales fairly low damage on gear, meaning a 6l is very important to reach acceptable damage numbers, especially early on.
> League trade link

■ A rare 6l body armour should be fairly cheap and beats tabula. There is nothing special to look for, just life and needed stats (resistances and attributes). Do not hesitate to buy a white base and craft it yourself using essences.
> League trade link

Doppelganger Guise is an incredibly powerful defensive body armor (sorry brass dome). It is a cornerstone of the build's tankyness, and should be aquired as soon as possible.
Do not use the unhinge skill, we want to stay sane all the time for the defensive layers it provides, we do not care about critical strike chance.
> League trade link

Doppelganger Guise can be corrupted with +2 level of EoE gems, or +1 level of socketed gems, giving respectively 20% and 10% more damage. This is a rarity and will be quite expensive.
> League trade link


Goldrim is the cheapest good value helmet you'll find. Getting elemental resistances is important and we are using a few unique items, which may make it difficult to gear. It really doesn't offer much and should be replaced as soon as possible.
> League trade link

■ An enchanted helmet with hexblast damage is a cheap decent option. Use a few essences of loathing to get mana reservation on it, as well as some life and resistances.
Try to prioritize armour and energy shield bases.
> League trade link

■ A blizzard crown is bis on most budgets, as flat damage works well on hexblast's ignite scaling. Find an enchantd version, and craft it using a few essences, looking for life, resistances and attributes.
> League trade link

■ A hunter blizzard crown with elevated -12% chaos resistance is a great damage boost, but is quite difficult to aquire. As blizzard crown only go up to ilvl 83 and hunter -chaos requires ilvl 84, you will need to use an awakener's orb to add the suffix to your item.
> No trade link available, craft it yourself


■ Anything with the vaal implicit "Curse with temporal chains/enfeeble on hit". Preferably with a bit of life and resistances, but these may get pricy.
> League trade link

Hands of the high templar offer life and resistances, as well as often being corrupted with temporal chains.
The +1 implicit corruption is mandatory for the aspirational version of the build, as it levels up enlighten offering mana reservation space.
Other good implicits include :
- Increased maximum life
- Curse with despair on hit
- +1 maximum frenzy
- Cast speed
I would recomend NOT going for enfeeble, as it's a very comfortable curse to run on blasphemy for the incredible mapping tankyness once you have enough damage. Be warned, elemental weakness on hit breaks the build, do NOT use it either.
> League trade link


■ Rare boots with life, movement speed, resistances and attributes (strength and dexterity) are very good.
> League trade link

■ The exact same with more resistances, attributes and onslaught on kill are best in slot.
The eater of worlds implcit for 5-10% faster ignites and the exarch 5% action speed are great implcits to add.
> No trade link available, craft it yourself

Ring 1

Blackflame is mandatory and build enabling.
You can get up to low yellow maps without it, but your uber lab ascendancy (which gives you 150% MORE damage) does not work without blackflame at all.

It is best in slot and NOT replacable by any mean. Getting a good corruption on it may be a potential endgame upgrade path for it.
> League trade link

Ring 2

■ If you are on the tightest of budget, Mark of submission can replace the need for a corrupted pair of gloves. Socket temporal chains or enfeeble in it.
> League trade link

Death rush gives adrenaline on kill. It's a great ring as long as you don't have a better source of onslaught from your boots to still have decent movemenspeed while clearing.
Adrenaline gives 10% physical damage reduction and 100% increased damage, which early on are very valuable stats from a single ring.
> League trade link

■ A rare ring with veiled frenzy charge on kill is a great option here. Get one with a free suffix and craft fire damage.
> League trade link

Essences of delirium can be used on a Vermillion ring to obtain up to 15% damage over time multiplier, combined with aisling for frenzy/endurance charges gain.
> No trade link available, craft it yourself


Impresence (chaos) is an almost mandatory piece of equipement on a lower budget, since it helps with reservation. It gives great damage and makes our blasphemy curse free.
It should be annointed with Divine judgement (sepia / teal / black oils) for increased damage.
> League trade link

Ashes of the stars with 17% or better reservation roll. This amulet brings a lot damage and utility wise. With a Charisma annoint, it allows us to run all our auras and adds a level to our hexblast gem, which is 10% more damage. Increased quality for all gems is also a nice quality of life bonus.
It should be annointed with Charisma (opalescent / golden / golden oils) for mana reservation efficiency.
> League trade link


■ This build makes use of crafting very early to fix attributes. You wil need a heavy belt with t1 dexterity, a mod that can usually not appear on belts.

Crafting steps:
- Buy a white (no mods) heavy belt from a vendor, level doesn't matter
- Use 4 intrisic catalysts on it
- Use a deafening essence of sorrow
- Craft life at the crafting bench in your hideout for 2 alchemy orbs. If you can't, just use another essence.
> Don't trade for this, follow crafting guide.

■ A rare belt with whatever you need, most likely attributes, life and resistances. A good hunter stygian vise could be a great way to get more life in the build.
> No trade link, depends on your setup

headhunter. Life, strength and dexterity. I'm sure it doesn't bring anything that would be extremely desirable and justify the price tag, does it?
Replica headhunter is actually of decent use for this, since we utilise all stats on the item, and the magic monsters mostly give AOE and movementspeed, which are good stats for this build.
> League trade link (Replica)

Mageblood is, like in many builds, the best belt possible. It grants consistant high movement speed and armor, which are very valuable here. When using it, you should use enkindling orbs on all flasks to increase their effect, and replace the life flask with a basalt or bismuth base.
> League trade link


Once you are happy with the belt you have and think you will keep it for a long time, you may enchant it. There are 15 belt enchants and one is particularly valuable for this build:
Enemies Withered by you have -6% to all Resistances

You get a random belt enchant each time you complete The eternal labyrinth of potential, accessible by using a Dedication to the goddess in the Aspirant's plaza.
> League trade link (dedication to the goddess)


Flasks are laid out in a different manner. There are 5, you want all 5 as good as you can. Loot the base you need and craft what you want using orbs of alterations and beastcrafting. Before you craft a flask, it is recomended to scour it an quality it up to 20% using Glassblower's baubles.
Here is the the list of flask modifiers:
Life flask mods - Utility flask mods

Divine life flask, with some form of instant recovery. Instant while on lowlife, or recover half instantly are great options.

■ A flagellent's Granite flask with the enchant "Used when Charges reach full". Since you gain charges when you get hit and the flask activates when it reaches full, it is always active.

■ A Sulfur flask to get a little more damage. You may swap this for anything you'd prefer, it's a flexible slot.

Forbidden taste with the enchant "Used when you take a savage hit" means that any thime something deals 15% health damage or more, we heal to full life. Me mitigate the harsh chaos degen with our high chaos resistance, regeneration and Doppelganger Guise.
> League trade link

■ A quicksilver flask is a nobrainer, like in the vast majority of builds.



Glorious vanity of Xibaqua converts 50% of elemental damage taken into chaos, which is a core part of our defences when combined with Doppelganger Guise.
We socket it near Mind over matter, to convert it into Divine flesh.
> League trade link
It is best with a seed that replaces Arcanist's dominion into Cult of chaos for +1 max chaos resistance. Use the list of seeds below to find one with this notable:
Glorious vanity seeds

196, 212, 221, 248, 343, 344, 385, 392, 406, 478, 546, 560, 589, 638, 639, 656, 680, 695, 698, 736, 791, 823, 863, 899, 910, 922, 981, 1051, 1071, 1077, 1085, 1129, 1200, 1229, 1243, 1269, 1298, 1332, 1405, 1481, 1529, 1556, 1559, 1645, 1711, 1747, 1830, 1853, 1888, 1904, 2063, 2096, 2154, 2163, 2170, 2241, 2242, 2477, 2480, 2482, 2496, 2517, 2522, 2633, 2640, 2669, 2686, 2751, 2815, 2816, 2847, 2850, 2867, 2880, 2894, 3007, 3027, 3119, 3161, 3468, 3477, 3563, 3567, 3599, 3651, 3706, 3747, 3866, 3940, 3974, 4011, 4078, 4105, 4122, 4158, 4207, 4208, 4277, 4310, 4461, 4535, 4602, 4635, 4724, 4739, 4821, 4858, 4904, 4934, 4986, 5037, 5064, 5084, 5173, 5185, 5205, 5244, 5301, 5338, 5383, 5410, 5550, 5657, 5682, 5717, 5741, 5758, 5803, 5820, 5901, 5930, 5939, 6063, 6073, 6079, 6125, 6130, 6134, 6188, 6214, 6222, 6256, 6265, 6314, 6384, 6451, 6463, 6555, 6615, 6645, 6662, 6663, 6722, 6785, 6835, 6868, 6873, 7032, 7081, 7097, 7115, 7124, 7157, 7210, 7246, 7281, 7492, 7721, 7755, 7922, 7946, 7952, 7959


Survival instincts is a weak jewel on paper, but offers a LOT of quality of life by making flasks last for much longer. It should be swapped out once you obtain a watcher's eye or good rare jewels.
> No trade link, act 2 quest reward.

Conqueror's efficiency is used early to fix mana reservation.
> No trade link, act 8 quest reward.


Watcher's eye, like the vast majority of builds.
> No trade link, depends on the mods you want
Good Watcher's eye mods for the build

+(18-22)% to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence
Damaging Ailments you inflict deal Damage (10-15)% faster while affected by Malevolence

(8-12)% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield while affected by Malevolence
Unaffected by Bleeding while affected by Malevolence
(8-12)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage while affected by Purity of Elements
(8-12)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage while affected by Purity of Elements
(8-12)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage while affected by Purity of Elements
(10-15)% increased Life Recovery Rate while affected by Vitality
Regenerate (1-1.5)% of Life per second while affected by Vitality
(5-8)% additional Physical Damage Reduction while affected by Determination
You take (60-40)% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes while affected by Determination
+(600-1000) to Armour while affected by Determination

■ We use two Large cluster jewels for elemental damage, whith the notables Sadist, Prismatic heart and Widespread destruction. Get a jewel with as little added nodes as possibles, the minimum being 8. If on a tight budget, get one without sadist.
> Budget League trade link
> Endgame League trade link

■ We use three Medium cluster jewels for burning damage, whith the notables Blowback and Flow of life. Get a jewel with as little added nodes as possibles, the minimum being 4 or 5. If on a tight budget, get one without Flow of life.
> Budget League trade link
> Endgame League trade link

■ On every otherwise empty socket, get a rare jewel. Prioritise life, and as much damage as you may get, with maybe strength and dexterity to ease out gearing.


Forbidden flesh and flame can bring one of two valuable ascendancies from elementalist: Bastion of elements or Heart of destruction. The former brinds good defences against elemental damage, which is much needed. The second brings 30% more damage and 60% inc AOE when it matters, which is very nice.
> League trade link

Wasting affliction is a notable that slightly outperforms blowback on cluster jewels. When pushing near level 100, a 4th medium cluster with wasting affliction can be used. It's also possible to replace blowback clusters for more damage if chance to ignite isn't an issue.
> League trade link


Corruption implicits for corrupted blood immunity, and other general immunities are valuable.
In addition, harvest can add 15% chance to avoid being stunned as a jewel implicit. Reaching 100% avoidance means immunity, and is insanely valuable.

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■ Gems and links ■

Skill gems

6l Hexblast
Socket in: Body armor

High budget variation

Divergent Hexblast is stronger, but getting a level 21 version is very difficult.
Added lightning damage support is stronger than added chaos, as it normalises ignites and raises the max ignite potential.

Awakened added chaos damage support is a significant upgrade over added lightning damage support, since it also grants +1 to level of Hexblast.
Other awakened gems (burning damage, Swift affliction and Deadly ailments) are also an important upgrade, making the build deal ~7% more damage each.

Endgame gems for hexblast should look like this:

4l Auras
Socket in: Gloves, if they have +1 socketed gems

Additional info

Divergent vitality is a very cheap gem that happens to grant some damage while on full life.

You will not have enough mana for vitality on the budget setup unless you turn off malevolence.

On higher budget (once you aquire aul's uprising), determination will be free and should be moved to another socket to make room for enlighten 4:

Socket in: Offhand, if it has +2 socketed gems from Magna eclipsis

Golem swaps

Chaos golem and stone golem are both strong picks, and can be swapped if you prefer the other.
Do not use golems as long as you are not immune to chains from soul of lunaris pantheon.

Doom enabler curse
Socket in: Helmet or boots

Added info

A self cast curse is important to build doom on bosses. It should be Temporal chains or Enfeeble, the one you do not already have on your gloves.

In a very endgame setup where damage matters less on clear, it can be wise to run Enfeeble as a blasphemy aura instead, and self cast Despair.

Culling strike support will make your doom blast instantly kill any enemy left below 10% hp by the hit. Enemies cursed by your self curse at maximum doom will be culled when hit by hexblast, as hexblast removes the curse.

Anomalous increased AoE is a cheap gem that is better than the awakened variant, as we do not try to maximise damage on doom blast.

Remaining auras
Socket in: Helmet or boots

Added info

A blasphemy curse is important to allow hexblast to deal area damage. The curse by default is despair for maximum damage, but can be replaced with enfeeble for more survivability later on.

Awakened blasphemy support should be used instead on higher budget to ease mana reservation.

Again, you will not be able to turn on defiance banner on the budget setup.

When using Aul's uprising and the aspirational aura setup, determination will be removed from gloves to make room for enlighten, and should be socketed here instead.

Utility gems
Socket in: Main hand

Added info

Flame dash is our primary movement skill.

Phase run is a great way to get more movement speed. It is best to micromanage it, but can also be bound to left click to automaticly grant a movement speed buff when off cooldown.
Withering step looks like a better alternative to phase run, but conflicts with flame dash's cooldowns and is not recommended.

Second wind should be used to support these two gems only once the suport reaches level 20 with 20 quality, to not increase the cooldown of said gems. With ashes of the stars, second wind will reduce skills cooldowns as well as grant an extra flame dash charge.

■ Passive tree ■

Detailed passive trees for the setup you are running can be found in the PoBs section at the top.

Budget tree (no clusters) <lvl 83>
PoE Skilltree viewer for 3.18

Endgame tree (with clusters) <lvl 95>
PoE Skilltree viewer for 3.18

Minmaxed tree (with clusters) <lvl 100>
PoE Skilltree viewer for 3.18

Bandits: Kill all for 2 passive points.

■ Pantheon ■

Pantheon powers

Do not forget to use divine vessels to upgrade your pantheons!

Soul of lunaris is overall a great major mantheon. The chain avoidance is very recommended if you are runing a golem.

If stuns are a problem, Soul of the brine king may be used instead, but is overall much weaker.

Soul of Raklakesh is a great minor pantheon, as it is enough to ignore bleed damage when combined with doppelganger guise.

As always with pantheons, changing them to fit specific content is recomended, especially the minor one. While we are ignite immune from purity of elements, Soul of abberath may be very useful in exarch influenced maps for the burning ground effects.

■ Leaguestarting and leveling ■

With twink gear

If you have a few chaos, some level 1 gear can take you all the way to level 72, at wich point you may equip blackflame (lvl 49), magna eclipsis (lvl 70) and lvl 21 Hexblast (lvl 72).

You may level as chaos dots, or fireball ignite. With leveling gear, we will be boosting gems level by 4, which has better scaling the earlier the gem is available. On gems available from level 1-4, you can expect a x2.5 damage boost.
Start by aquiring the gems you need, for either fireball:

or chaos dot skills:


Don't forget QoL gems, such as:

(only use arcane surge with chaos dots, it does not work with ignites)

Buy two level 2 driftwood wands and alt spam for +1 skills, either fire or chaos:

Buy the following twink gear, the most important one is the +2 tabula:

Happy leveling!

Leaguestart, 0 gear

The first levels are to be done using holy flame totem and flame wall.
This combo offers decent singletarget early on with very low investment, which allows you to rush to act 3 right out of the gate.

Summed up version by Kyronami (check notes and skill trees):

Early levels progression

> Level 1
- Fireball and arcane surge, blue-blue wand
- Kill hillock.

> Level 2
- Obtain freezing pulse from tarkleigh, replace fireball with it.

> Level 4
After the tidal island quest
- Obtain the following gems: Frostblink, Flame wall, Holy flame totem
- Link arcane surge to flame wall
- Remove freezing pulse
- Keep arcane surge as level 1
- Get the quicksilver flask quest reward

> Level 11
Level 11 tree progression:
Passive tree link
After brutus
- link combustion to holy flame totem
- Replace frostblink with flame dash
- Run clarity
- Buy efficacy, link to flame wall too

> Level 18
After killing the weaver in act 2
- Change links to maximise damage like in the linked item below, using elemental focus
link arcane surge to flame dash instead (buy a new level 1 gem if you leveled it)

> Level 20
Level 20 tree progression:
Passive tree link
After getting the baleful gem
- Use herald of ash
- Obtain Survival instincts as a quest rewards, keep for later

> Level 28
Level 20 tree progression:
(respec spell damage nodes at the bottom)
Passive tree link
Straight after killing gravicius
- Get hexblast and flamability from maramoa
- Buy purity of elemnts from clarissa and replace herald of ash with it
- Buy added lightning from nessa act1

Link hexblast with combustion and added lightning

To kill mobs, use flamability, then hexblast. On tankier targets, cast flamability once again to reduce their resistances while they burn.

After killing gravicius in act3 and reaching level 28, you are able to equip Hexblast.
Midgame hexblast progression

Before you follow this leveling section, make sure that you have the following:
- Level 28
- Hexblast, linked with Added lightning damage and combustion
- flame dash
- Self cast flamability
- purity of elements

> Level 33
Level 33 tree progression:
Passive tree link
After helping Siosa in the library
- obtain blasphemy support as a quest reward from siosa
- Link blasphemy with flamability
At this point, the build should start being very smooth. 100% chance to ignite, big explosions.

> Normal labirynth

> Level 38
Level 38 tree progression:
Passive tree link
After killing malachai in act 4
- Obtain Increased area of effect from quest rewards
- Buy Ignite proliferation from Petarus, and add it as the 4th link in your hexblast setup.
- Socket survival instinct for much longer flasks in the empty socket

> Level 45
Level 45 tree progression:
Passive tree link
After killing a5 kitava and done the lilly quest to access all skill gems
- Buy an link the following gems : CWDT - Molten shell - Stone golem
- Same for : Temporal chains - Impending doom support - Culling strike, and link them in a 4l with increased area of effect you already have from act 4
- Purchase deadly ailments, swift affliction and burning damage supports, and put them in offhand to level for later use.

> Level 55
Level 55 tree progression:
Passive tree link
- With eldritch battery obtained, you may be able to drop clarity depending on your amount of energy shield. If you can, purchase and start using Determination for more tankyness, OR Malevolence for more damage.
- Once you allocate both Whispers of doom and Doomsday, you can start using temporal chains as a Doom delivery method on bosses. Cast Temporal chains, wait 1s for the rune to explode, and cast hexblast. The resulting ignite will deal significantly more damage.
As a reminder, you should have a 4links temporal chains:
Temporal chains - Inc AoE - Impending doom - Culling strike

> Cruel labirynth

> Level 68
Level 68 tree progression:
Passive tree link
Make sure you have 22 passives from quests when you type /passives.
If you are feeling down because you die a lot in leveling processes, and your /deaths is too high, type /kills and rest assured that your K/D is positive ,and you are a real gamer.
Don't forget the movement speed recepie in karui shores, many people do.

> Merciless labirynth

> Level 75
Passive tree link
Not much more to say leveling wise, you should have done quite a few maps by now.
At level 75 you should be considering Uber labirynth for your last skill point. Damage will start to drop at this point, try to aquire a Blackflame unique ring, and follow the rest of the build guide to obtrain budget gear in every slot. Your priority should be Blackflame, aquiring a 6l armor, even if just a tabula, and a pair of corrupted gloves with curse on hit which will enable profane bloom to proliferate once you have Uber labirynth complete.

Once you have obtained these three key items, you are well and truly out of the leveling/leaguestart process, and will be able to start pushing the true endgame, red maps and pinnacle bosses.

Good luck in your maps!

■ Questions and answers ■


This section contains questions very frequently asked about the build. Before you post, you might find the answer here!

Why not elemental overload

Elemental overload does work in the build. When you crit with hexblast, you deal more ignite damage for 8 seconds. On PoB, this is 40% more damage!
However, there are 2 big issues with it:
- You need to actually crit. With our solid 4% crit chance, we cannot reliably keep up elemental overload. Note that when hitting a pack of mob, the same critical roll is used for every hit from the same cast. This means if we do not crit a mob, it's extremely unlikely we will crit with this cast, no matter how many mobs we hit.
- Ignites from crit without elemental overload deal 50% more damage. This is a little known fact about damaging ailments for crits, but... they deal more damage. In fact, more than what elemental overload would have given anyways. So, in the unlikely event that you deal a critical strike on a boss (only place where it would matter), having the critical ignite damage is just as good as elemental overload.

SSF friendly?

NO. While often cheap in trade leagues, Blackflame is a fairly rare unique ring, and you should not be looking at aquiring one in SSF if you don't have one already.
As far as I know, they only appear in ritual windows, they were not added to the core drop pool in 3.14.

Cluster jewels are attainable in ssf, but still very difficult.

Hexblast ignite is possible in ssf, but you would most likely want to play an elementalist or a trickster for it, and it's a completely different (much weaker imo) build.

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Nothing to see here.
This post is used as an item bank, listing the different items in the thread above for technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Avoid opening this if you care about data.

List of items


Shit heavy belt

Belt catalyst and essences




Magna Eclipsis

Doppelganger guise

The nomad

Aul's uprising (determination) + charisma

Impresence (chaos) + divine judgement

Blackflame + scout anoint

Tabassi rassi

6L basic chestplate

Really good double boots

Starter boots


Good midtier wand

Enchanted base helmet

Good blizzard crown

Hands of the high templar, GG triple

Death rush

Decent frenzy+life ring

Starter temporalchains gloves

Ashes of the stars - Charisma anoint

Replica heahunter with -6 wither to all

BIS blizzard crown

+2 40% doppelganger with good colors

Bis offhand ring

Bis boots with crafted implicits

Mark of sub with socketed temp chains 1/20


Hexblast 21/0

Awakened adde chaos 6/23

Ignite prolif 20/20

Burning damage 20/10

Swift affliction 20/0

Deadly ailments 20/0

Blasphemy 20/0

Despair 19/20

Vitality 19/0

Hexblast 1/0

Fireball 21/0

Added lightning 20/20

Determination 21/0

Malevolence 20/0

Purity of elements 20/0

Defiance banner 20/20

CWDT 20/0

Molten shell 20/0

Chaos golem 20/0

Flame dash 20/20

Enfeeble 20/20

Despair 21/20

anomalous inc aoe 20/20

culling strike 20/20

impending doom 20/20

divergent hexblast 21/20

ignite prolif 21/20

awakened burning damage 6/20

awakened deadly ailments 6/20

awakened swift affliction 6/20

Malevolence 21/20

Divergent vitality 20/20

Purity of elements 21/20

Enlighten 4

Awakened blasphemy 5

enfeeble 20/20

determination 21

defiance banner 20/23

anomalous cwdt 20/20

molten shell 20/20

phase run 20/23

second wind 21/20

flame dash 21/20

Jewels and misc

Forbidden flame (bastion of elements)

Forbidden flesh (bastion of elements)

Conqueror's efficiency

Glorious vanity

Large clusters

Medium clusters

Wasting affliction alt medium

Unnatural instinct

Rare jewels

Survival instinct

watcher's eye (ignite malev + phys as ele, stun avoid)


Life flask

Maso granite of pangolin

Sulfur flask

Forbidden taste with savage hit

Quicksilver of movementspeed

Leveling stuff

Level 1 wand with fireball + arcane surge

Level 1 freezing pulse

Level 4 items with gems (holy flame, frostblink and flame wall), quicksilver flask

level 11 post brutus items

post weaver triple 3link

herald of ash at 20

28 hexblast basic 3l setup

level 28 gems

lvl1 blasphemy

lvl1 ignite prolif

lvl55 lilly leveling gems

Determination and malev

TWINK gear
+1 skills wands, fire or chaos

Misc items

Generis gems and auras




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Currently doing this build (getting capped resistances is a pain, untill I realize I can drop up to 60% chaos res once I do uberlab), and I gotta say it has pretty good clear, even though my items aren't that great.

Once I reach maps, I'll be able to say more, since I'll also get clusters along the way.
not need a corrupted blood immunity?
if you get pantheon that limits corrupted blood stacks to 5, you can survive most the time with hp pot
mateusz369 wrote:
if you get pantheon that limits corrupted blood stacks to 5, you can survive most the time with hp pot

Yep, with pantheon halving the damage and Doppelganger further reducing it by 40%, corrupted blood staks still hurt, but are manageable.
I'm still running anti CB on a flask, but that's about it. If you can get immunity on a jewel, of course that's better, but that goes for any build really...
Last edited by Darkxellmc on Mar 2, 2022, 7:53:39 AM
Allright, finaly reached 1.5M dps on Sirius, took down HH and put up Dyadian Dawn, so my DPS skyrocket.

And if all 15 wither stacks ar there, the dps is 3M!

Surviving quite well even in T16 juiced maps, even if I still get one tapped by some Metamorph.
Is this a build you can only transition to after finishing the entire campaign? Am looking to get into it early, but I saw a lot of the required gears have level req of like 60+~70..

Looks amazing to play though! (which is why I want to get started early)
svarions23 wrote:
Allright, finaly reached 1.5M dps on Sirius, took down HH and put up Dyadian Dawn, so my DPS skyrocket.
Doesn't Diadian Dawn only work for attacks not spells?

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