[3.20] Shockwave Cyclone Build (League Starter) | Slayer | Forbidden Sanctum | Path of Exile 3.20

build is updted to 3.17?
Suzumori wrote:
so looking at the items the end game item is a staff? but we pick up axe nods, and there are fort nods but i cant see where we get fort from.

You get Fort from the Fort Mastery passive "Melee hits Fortify"

As for the axe nodes, they say for leveling to use an axe because staff nodes are a good distance away from the start. So you start with a 2h axe and transition to a staff later.
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Cane of Kulemak like what was in the video still a better weapon than Hegemony for this?

It says at 68 to swap to cyclone, what staff do I swap to? The staff that's shown shows required level 72, is that from a gem or is there a different staff I swap to until I can get that staff?
Hey, went with your build for my first time ever playing the Duelist, and I'm having a TON of fun. I still have to get the proper gear, it's a process lol

Thank you very much for the informative video, too!
I'm loving this build but I have some questions regarding staff vs mace. I picked up Kongor's Undying Rage as my 5-link and whatever I try in POB, I don't see any advantage to switching to a staff in terms on damage (with the proper nodes of course). Kongor gives me 100% hit chance and Onslaught, at the cost of no additional crit damage.
Is POB not calculating crit damage properly or am I missing something here?
Hi, I am new to the game and I am currently following this build. I have started off with the following armour and was wondering being at level 35 if you have any recommendations for better armour.

Armour Set;
Head - Goldrim Leather Cap
Chest - Tabula Rasa Simple Robe
Gloves - Lochtonial Caress Iron Gauntlets
Belt - Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise
Boots - Seven League Step Raw Hide Boots

Wep - I am using as per build Reaper's Pursuit

It would be highly appreciative if anyone can recommend me any other items as an upgrade at level 35. If you think I should stick with it I will but I am curious to know as I have seen gear with better stats in the trade for my level. But want to know for this build specifically.

Thanks, Have a great day.
maybe also go iron flex if you plan on using unwavering stance
Does anyone know how to craft the armour in this guide? I can pay in chaos for the ones who do as I cannot find anything in the trade.

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