[3.20] Shockwave Cyclone Build (League Starter) | Slayer | Forbidden Sanctum | Path of Exile 3.20


this gloves together with Enduring Cry (with Call to Arms passive) and Berserk gems are a nice addition to the build. Buff adds a lot of more damage, movement speed, and damage reduction.
Whats wrong with my build? My gears are not bad (I think) but the DPS is so bad, less than 100K .......

i did same build but dying Maven's invitation constantly. i can finish all tier maps but cant kill bosses. i following guide, guide must give me 3.7m dps but i have 1.1m . What am I doing wrong? i'm new to the game mates.
Will it be viable option for league starter in 3.21, after the changes to skill tree?
Looks awesome, how will this work in 3.21?
also hoping this gets an update for 3.21! I assume it will perform slightly better with instant leech, and the ability to use bronne's lithe.

Although bronne's lithe might still not be good to use even with the life mastery since its an evasion base and no crit chance.
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Would love an update to this one as I’m planning to use it as a starter for Crucible!
Sounds like a solid starter. Are you planning to update it for 3.21?
an update would be much appreciated!
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