[3.20] Shockwave Cyclone Build (League Starter) | Slayer | Forbidden Sanctum | Path of Exile 3.20

Upd. Oh nevermind.
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What is giving you culling and bleed? For that dps? I cant seem to find the tallents or gems that is giving that.
slayer gets 20% cull anyway no?
What pantheon nodes is better for this build?
how do i have pirde active with other auras? i have 776 mana
thank you for answering.
I'm new to POE, stopped to play cyclone slayer sword build when lvl86 last season.

I have follow your guide this season and reach lvl 89 but feel squishy now, barely be able to finish some T11 maps. I have tried many other guides and spent countless orb of regret to just experience different cyclone build however still feel squishy. Your build seems to be the best, but still i died alot in T11 map, maybe it is due to my build or the wrong way that I played. Can you give me some advice on my build? Budget is almost unlimited.

my POB link: https://pastebin.com/cACQaE6B

Thank you in advance.
I have problems with survive to. But at T16 maps and again strong bosses. 92lvl, it's hard to farm even 30% exp without death's

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With the help of a friend, I managed to make this feel much safer (still wouldn't call it tanky) and still have about 2.6mil Pinacle boss dps

Here is the PoB link https://pastebin.com/bDhsw7mF
With another level you can get hp close to 5k, and there is still a little room to improve (I don't have a curse on hit item, for example) but if you swap the abyssus and look for a higher pdps staff instead you can be much safer without breaking the dps too much.
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Started 3.20 with this build archetype (made a few tweaks like getting rotgut for onslaught etc.). If someone is interested just look at my profile.

I am currently farming T16 Defiled Cathedral or Mesa, first apothecary already dropped.
Since clear is better than single target, i do alch+go with an passive tree focussed on expedition, harvest, harbinger and eater of worlds altars.
Expedition and Harvest is easy money, for people struggling.

Ty for the build guide and videos. Had difficulties deciding on what to start with, but shockwave cyclone is fine (except for the league mechanic, but lets see if that gets changed of if melee builds are at another disadvantage again).
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What's the DPS you're supposed to have in level 88? Cause I feel like I'm lacking a ton of DPS with this build currently, and I can't seem to figure out why.

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