0.9.9d Patch Notes

I agree, making it toggleable would be great, you could just toggle it on and off to check your gem status (but have it on by default for new players I'd say)
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Trust me, the gem hovers will be improved. Their purpose (explaining that gems level up and how, as well as saving the state of which you never want to see again) works well and was sorely needed for the public weekend. #1 question we were asked last time was "how do I level gems?"

We will fix this feature after the public weekend so that it does not annoy high level players.
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For the 9.10 patch, will you add more video options for people with integrated graphic cards?
Chris wrote:

Version 0.9.9d

Exploding Spawn can now no longer be magic/rare.

I just ran into some "Massive" ones in Cave of Anger. Ya know purple names. Those considered "magic"?
expected to be higher in the System Requirements? in finished game.. or broaden the user palette?
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