3.13.1b Patch Notes

Well, now the game is just unplayable
is the Ryzen cpu crash fixed?
does anyone even read the forums? reddit? did you guys silence bex in our attempt to communicate with the GGG team? hello? anyone?
While I appreciate the effort, this didn't fix anything for me.

I can play 3-4 maps before my memory is full (16gb) and things start to behave exactly like before the patch.

Here are my observations (from a dev point of view):
Taking time to load as much as possible is a good compromise for low-end pcs, but there are people with high-end gaming rigs that are struggling just the same, so the problem is not there.
At some point, the "pipeline" starts to forget which items are essential and removes them from memory (happens with the skills every time) and this creates the first endless loading loop.
Then it starts doing the same with monsters' skills, and you get several new loops.
Next is bodies and ground textures... you get the point.
The further you go in a map, and the more events are in it, the more loops this creates until our machines are overwhelmed with queues and have to freeze everything.

With the fix you released today, it takes longer to stumble in the freezes, and if the map is not too "rich" you escape it completely once you load a new map.
But you tend to cap on memory usage.

I hope you get this fixed because it really is a shame.
I can see the struggle, and I understand how frustrating it must be.

Keep up the good work!
30 seconds to go from hideout to Oreat.. if this is working as intended i might just start looking for a new game. but im going to asume this is not intended and it will be corrected.

game realy feels "OUT-dated" after patch.
drenched 👌
blue blade flurry mtx plssss
also crystal earth shatter
This patch made this game unplayable for me. It literally dove performance per map to an average of 4/5 crashes (as opposed to no crashes before this patch). I even crashed once opening my stash from the Grove to attempt to craft an item. I do not know what you did specifically but it feels to me that you sacrificed your low-rig power players for placating high-rig players and their 'texture' loading issues. Please revert this patch.
You implemented insane memory leak with this patch, 10 mins of gameplay eats all free ram of my 16gb and game crashes!
GREAT WORK FOR WHAT? I understand fanboys that defend everything GGG does and like to use their lips for something.

But this patch made the game unplayable for me.

1. Random mini freezes and long freezes (that will kill you 100%)
possible cause? 90% the memory leak issue, POE is sitting at almost 6 GB ram consumed atm.
I can't even alt tab to do other things. It's THAT BAD.

2. Loading screens are now 10 sec~ sometimes, didn't have this issue before patch

Before this patch there were NO issues. I understand some people had trouble with the texture loading, my PC is like 6 years old and I never had those issues. The game ran okay, using an SSD, obviously.

Unplayable imo, unless I plan on losing all my exp. I feel bad for players playing Hardcore.
Now the game crash at the loading screen :/
I`m not very happy with this patch now.
Before the patch i had on every boss fight constant 40+ FPS now
my FPS drop under 10 or lower.
just did a awakener fight and saw nothing on the screen because i need to load way more particle as before.
The smooth feeling of the gameplay is gone most maps are wayto laggy and use more resources.

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