3.13.1b Patch Notes

while I personally do not have that issue, a friend of mine has now >1 minute loading screens because of this change

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Live searching unpriced items on trade site has been broken for almost a week now.
still crashing to desktop after 2-3 mins in a map....
Wadafac wrote:
This patch destroyed the memory PoE uses. As as side effect now when I alt tab out of the game, everything feels slow/frozen in my browser or anything I do. Before it was very smooth.

Another things I notice, random "freezes" that I never had before (not this often) and increased loading time, (I just had a 20 sec one).

1/10 Very bad. It was better before. I'll try DirectX I guess, probably won't help.

Exactly what i experience, game is beyond broken now. Just now my game CTD and PC was still unresposive for like couple of minutes.
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evovolvo wrote:
Did this fix the old Ryzen CPUs crashing ?

seams to fix the issue.
Ran 2 Maps so far without a crash, including legion, harvest, breach, ritual, crusader mobs. Ofc need do do some more testing.
Well done, thank you very much!
This is going to sound somewhat trivial but would it be possible to fix the gears on the loading screens so that they continue to move while waiting for the load to complete? Sitting and staring at a completely still screen makes me wonder whether or not my client has crashed. Again trivial but it would be a nice QoL for me.
BlackCrow wrote:
Do you have eta for the Arcane Surge fix?

Wait. What is wrong with arcane surge?
Well, so instead of fixing the bad implementation of crappy "Texture Streaming" or allowing to disable this feature for people who don't need it… you've sweept the issue under the rug with three-times-longer showing of a loading screen?
What innovative solution!

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